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Dispute intensifies over Gabon presidential election
LIBREVILLE, Gabon — The dispute over Gabon's presidential election intensified Thursday as opposition candidate Jean Ping mounted a legal challenge, accusing the incumbent leader of fraud.The filing at the constitutional court was lodged by the Thursday deadline, according to a Ping lawyer, Jean Remy Bantsantsa.Ping, who seeks to unseat the family that has ruled this oil-rich Central African country for more than four decades, already has publicly declared himself the winner.
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Gabon says African Union's mediation mission is delayed
LIBREVILLE (Reuters) - Gabon's political crisis deepened on Thursday after the postponement of a planned mission by the African Union (AU) to mediate between two opposing candidates who both claim to have won last month's presidential election.
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Gabon: EU monitor flags 'clear anomaly' in vote results
Election observers say "integrity" of result has been compromised by "clear anomaly" in country's Haut-Ogooue province.
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