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Large majority of Russians want equal role for women in politics, research shows
Almost four-fifths of all Russians welcome women’s participation in national politics, citing the qualities of intuition, calmness and a good grasp of social problems as major benefits of female politicians, according to a recent public opinion poll. Read Full Article at
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New poll: Colorado voters favor minimum wage hike and presidential primary
Colorado voters support increasing the minimum wage to $12 an hour and recreating a presidential election primary, according to a new public opinion poll, but appear skeptical of a state-run universal health care system and an effort to make it harder to amend the constitution.
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Germany's SPD moves ahead of Merkel's party in poll
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's center-left Social Democrats (SPD) have moved ahead of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) in an opinion poll by the Emnid institute for the first time since 2006, Bild am Sonntag newspaper said.
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French polls pile pressure on scandal-hit Fillon
PARIS (Reuters) - Seven out of 10 French voters want conservative presidential candidate Francois Fillon to step down, an opinion poll showed on Friday, as the scandal over alleged "fake work" by his wife continued to blight his campaign.
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The 2016 Race: Hillary Clinton’s Lead Has Shrunk: How to Assess the Polls
She’s no longer leading by seven or eight points, but we’ll get a clearer picture soon of where she stands as high-quality polls roll in.
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President Trump's simplistic, illogical worldview, in one tweet
By telling his supporters to doubt all negative polls, Trump is asking for complete autonomy.
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Trump gives 'fake news' sneer at polls critical of travel ban order
Trump tweets takes aim at critics even as executive order is locked in legal battle.
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The 2016 national polls are looking less wrong after final election tallies
The vast majority of polls were close to the result — but they tended to miss in one direction.
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33% of Americans see Russia as ‘unfriendly,’ 22% as ‘enemy’ – poll
The perception of Russia in the US appears to be close to that of the Cold War era, according to a recent YouGov poll. A third of respondents said they viewed the Russian Federation as “unfriendly,” while a fifth regard it as an “enemy.” Read Full Article at
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Do Americans support Trump's immigration action? Depends on who's asking, and how.
Three polls tell three different stories on the immigration ban.
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Foreign agent: Leading Russian independent pollster Levada Center loses court bid
A district court in Moscow has rejected a lawsuit by NGO the Levada Center, which had sought to cancel its inclusion in the register of ‘foreign agents’ – groups engaged in politics that receive sponsorship from foreign organizations and individuals. Read Full Article at
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Polls may be making voters worse at predicting elections
And journalists are concerned too.
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Battleground Cuyahoga - Baldwin Wallace partnership with offers insight into local public opinion
Explaining how the Battleground Cuyahoga polls were conduction, in a partnership between, Advance Ohio, and Baldwin Wallace University's Community Research Institute. CLEVELAND, Ohio - Baldwin Wallace University and today released the first polling results from a new partnership aimed at providing insight into the thoughts of Cuyahoga County voters. The initial polls - Battleground Cuyahoga - focus on the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - augmenting statewide and national polling data widely available from other sources. Poll results in detail Going forward, the partnership will provide an opportunity to identify local opinions on any number of other issues important to Cuyahoga County residents. The Community Research Institute at Baldwin Wallace has been conducting scientific polls for the last 10 years. BW used the same methods for its Battleground Cuyahoga poll. As part of its partnership with Advance Ohio, which operates, BW also ran an identical online survey of readers in Cuyahoga County. That poll did not employ scientifically random methods of accepting participants, but otherwise relied on widely accepted survey methods. The two polls focused on the presidential race in Cuyahoga County because of the potential the county has of playing a big role in the selection of the next president. Clinton is heavily favored to win Cuyahoga County - the most Democratic county in Ohio - but the margin of victory may turn out to be very important. Why Cuyahoga County matters In 2012, Mitt Romney would have won Ohio if he could have persuaded 83,000 Barack Obama voters in Cuyahoga County to instead vote for him. He lost Cuyahoga County by 250,577 but won the combined vote in the rest of the state. Obama's statewide victory margin was 166,000 votes. About the new polls BW's Community Research Institute designed an online survey tool, tabulated the results and analyzed the data for both polls. Questions were formulated jointly by the institute and Scientific methods traditionally used by BW were used for the BW poll. Respondents were randomly chosen from a pool of volunteers provided by Qualtrics, a research firm. With 800 respondents, the margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points. Identical questions were made available for the survey of readers. Some 1,859 responses were received. Since this group was not randomly chosen, a margin of error could not be calculated. Adjustments were made to the polling samples and results to reflect Cuyahoga County's race, gender and age makeup. This is a common practice in polling when particular groups may be under represented. Only likely voters were considered in each case. The two polls were conducted simultaneously to test whether the results from a survey of readers would be similar to those from a scientific poll. Test results Tom Sutton, director of the Community Research Institute and a professor of political science at BW, said that using readers for polling appears to be a reliable method of gauging opinions within the county. "Comparing the results to what we did (with the scientific random method), it's a valid indicator," Sutton said. Sutton said the poll benefited by the large number of responses - nearly 1,800 -  which help to offset some concerns about the respondents not being randomly chosen. But there were differences in the makeup of the two groups completing the surveys, key among them that the readers had higher incomes and were more highly educated than the random sample obtained separately by BW. People completing the survey from BW's random sample also were more likely not to express an opinion between Trump and Clinton. "I would speculate," said Lauren Copeland, associate director of the Community Research Institute, "that (in the random sample) we have a higher percentage who answered neither or unsure because the people who were selected into our sample did not necessarily have a high interest in the election. The people who chose to take the poll had an opinion that they wanted to express." The results in a question involving a head-to-head race between Trump and Clinton - without third-party options - indicates that may be the case. With BW's random sample, 10.2 percent said they were unsure whom they would vote for. Among the group taking part in the survey, only 1.8 percent said they were unsure. Election history, by county Yet, among those expressing a preference specifically for Trump or Clinton, the shares were nearly identical in each poll - close to 70 percent to 30 percent in Clinton's favor. When factoring in "neither" on the same question, Clinton's strength was a little stronger in the poll than in the random sample from BW. "We launched into this with the data experts at Baldwin Wallace with hopes we could draw on the massive audience to create an accurate, in-the-moment polling tool," said Chris Quinn, vice president of content at  "At first blush, it looks like we have had some success, and I'm glad the folks at Baldwin Wallace want to continue working with us to refine it."  Rich Exner, data analysis editor for, writes about numbers on a variety of topics. Follow on Twitter @RichExner or see previous stories at
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Who Hates Trade Treaties? Surprisingly, Not Voters
Support for trade agreements in general, and the pending Pacific pact in particular, stands in notable contrast to the toxicity of trade this election season.
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Donald Trump campaign email: 'We're winning!' (He is not winning.)
Breaking down Trump's numbers.
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Real-Time Election Day Projections May Upend News Tradition
VoteCastr, a Silicon Valley company, plans to report early election results in key states, raising concerns about an effect on how people vote.
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Which types of polls you should pay attention to and which you should ignore, ranked
Please forward this to your cousin on Facebook.
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