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Hospitals inflate price of some services by 20 times or more, study says
Stephen FellerBALTIMORE, Sept. 9 (UPI) -- Huge price markups at hospitals, with some as large as 20 times the actual cost, are based on increasing revenue simply because they can, researchers say.
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Mount Sinai patient tests positive for Legionnaires’ disease
The legionnaires' bacteria that plagued the city last summer has returned again — this time in Mount Sinai Beth Israel.
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Vote on hospital contract approved
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - New Hampshire's Executive Council has approved a three-year, $36 million contract to Dartmouth-Hitchcock for psychiatric hospitals to the state, including at the state hospital. New Hampshire Public Radio reports ( Wednesday's vote came as an independent investigation gets underway concerning a former patient's suicide. The patient ...
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Former physician assistant faces federal charges in opioid kickback scheme
A former physician assistant was paid more than $41,000 by a drug manufacturer in exchange for writing hundreds of prescriptions for a powerful fentanyl spray in New Hampshire, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.Christopher Clough, 43, of Dover was arrested Friday and charged with conspirac...
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Letter: Support single-payer
Support single-payerI write to thank Mike Bradley for his letter (Monitor Forum, March 18) in support of single-payer medical coverage for all. It is important for those who see this imperative to know we’re not alone, that we can and must keep the idea prominently in front of decision-makers. Even...
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License of pot-friendly Illinois doctor placed on probation
CHICAGO (AP) - An Illinois physician has reached an agreement with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation that limits his ability to make pot recommendations. In 2015, Illinois regulators contended Dr. Bodo Schneider charged patients for pot recommendations at offices in southern Illinois and suburban Chicago without a ...
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State board to consider sanctions against Houston cancer doctor
The Texas Medical Board will decide next month whether to accept a staff recommendation to place a controversial Houston cancer doctor on probation and fine him $360,000 for violating state medical rules.
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New home health rules should help patients, but will they be delayed?

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Portable heart assist pump working fine
The portable battery pack is the main difference between Templeton's situation and that of the others who have used a heart assist pump to help them survive until a donor heart was available for transplant. The left ventricular assist pump is surgically inserted into the patient's abdomen and is attached to the cardiovascular system, leaving the natural heart in place. Previous models of the device required that the patient be connected to the pump's pneumatic power source, an external console on wheels. The pump itself, called HeartMate and produced by Thermo CardioSystems Inc., has been used in 12 patients who later received heart transplants at Texas Heart Institute. The eventual goal is to develop an implantable, portable heart assist device that patients could wear on a long-term basis. Bud Frazier, director of heart institute's transplant program, said Templeton's size, (he once weighed close to 220 pounds) may make it difficult to find him a donor heart. Templeton would become the longest surviving recipient of an experimental battery-powered heart assistance pump at the time, a poster child for the technology's promise. Under the FDA's requirements for the trial, any patient receiving the HeartMate device had to stay in the hospital until a donor heart could be found, the best possible place should an emergency develop. In September, Templeton got his wish when the FDA gave approval for patients with the pump to leave the hospital while awaiting a transplant.
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Parker latest community to impose 12-plant limit per household on pot grows
Parker this week became the latest Colorado community to place a cap on the number of pot plants that can be cultivated at a residence, a move town officials said is necessary to reduce odor complaints and ensure grows do not cause electrical overloads and dangerous chemical storage.
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Surgeons remove live cockroach from inside woman's skull
Ben HooperFeb. 7 (UPI) -- Doctors at a hospital in India removed a live cockroach from inside a woman's skull after the insect crawled up through her nostril.
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Hopkins to share surgical care methods with 750 other hospitals
The Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality will work with 750 U.S. hospitals to improve surgical care for patients under a federal contract that could be worth up to $16 million.Doctors at Johns Hopkins Medicine will share with other hospitals how they provide care to...
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Poll shows nurses rank the highest at earning our trust
At the private practice where Susan VanBeuge works as a nurse practitioner, she and the practice’s physician complement each other. The physician, who often takes on a more clinical demeanor, introduces the nurse as the patient’s advocate and champion.
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Heart device, now in testing stage, could reduce risks for transplant patients
Rob Gentile was dead for more than three minutes. At least, that's what he was told. He doesn't remember anything about the night he had a massive heart attack. Gentile, 57, slipped into a coma for four days after being resuscitated. He does remember waking up in the hospital last year and being...
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Man labeled 'just fat' by doctors actually had 130-pound tumor
It's not not a tumor.
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First patients of revived program get heart transplants
KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) - As a young man lingered near death - his heart barely pumping, other organs also failing - about two dozen members of the University of Kansas Health System's multidisciplinary team debated what to do. Was he too sick for anything but palliative care? No one ...
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Thousands of seniors die within a week of ER discharge every year, study says
HealthDay News Each year, about 10,000 generally healthy U.S. Medicare patients die within seven days of discharge from a hospital emergency department, a new study contends.
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AHN developing new model for diabetes care with grant
Allegheny Health Network will use a $6 million grant from the Richard King Mellon Foundation to try to build a new healthcare model of care for diabetes that is more effective for the patient and economically more efficient for the insurers and providers, hospital officials said Friday at a news conference.
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New technique keeps donor lungs viable longer: Study
HealthDay News A technique that allows lungs destined for transplants to be preserved longer works well, a new Canadian study finds.
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Matter CEO: Chicago could become premier place for health care innovation
When Steven Collens looked at the health care scene in Chicago several years ago, he saw a place brimming with some of the biggest names in the business. The Chicago area has major pharmaceutical and device companies, hospitals, medical schools and associations. But he didn't see a community to...
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Chase Brexton CEO leaves position after summer of discord
Richard Larison will step down as CEO of Chase Brexton Health Care at the end of the year. He said Tuesday that he would not renew his contract.His departure follows the recent acrimony between the community health care provider and its employees, which culminated in the unionization of its workforce....
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Air Force Academy medical clinic patients notified of potential health risks
More than 250 patients of the U.S. Air Force Academy's GI Clinic are being notified of potential health risks associated with recent procedures.
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Doctor accused of operating on wrong part of patient's body, officials say

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Nevada medical marijuana card processing moves online
Would-be medical marijuana users in Nevada will no longer have to endure a trip to the DMV when seeking a patient card ...
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Russian health minister saves woman's life on New York-bound flight
An airplane en route from Moscow to New York was forced to land in St. Petersburg after one of the passengers suffered a stroke. The woman was aided by the Russian health minister, who happened to be on the same flight. Read Full Article at
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Editorial: State must step up hospital safety
Regulators’ failure to find DMC problems shows state oversight of hospital safety isn’t working        
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Dentist charged with inappropriately touching patients
A Worcester dentist already charged with sexually assaulting one patient is facing allegations from two additional patients
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After layoffs, N.H. Hospital chief medical officer will resign early next year
Following the recent news of layoffs at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, New Hampshire Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Folks announced he is leaving the hospital in Jan. 2017.Folks has been chief medical officer at the state psychiatric hospital since 2008 and is a Dartmouth-Hitchcock em...
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Walgreens offers dermatology consultations online
Walgreens customers can now get dermatologists' opinions on their bumps, lumps and red spots without leaving their homes.The Deerfield-based drugstore chain announced Monday that it's offering so-called teledermatology services — dermatological consultations done through technology.Customers can...
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Study suggests women, minorities may be undertreated for ischemic strokes
If you’re having an ischemic stroke, it’s crucial that you get to a hospital fast so you can be treated with a clot-busting medicine. And to improve your odds of getting that medicine, it helps to be a white man.
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Man reports being drugged, raped, and marginalized

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Militants Dressed as Doctors Attack a Kandahar Hospital
The hourlong firefight was the latest incident in a hospital in Afghanistan, one of the most dangerous countries for aid workers.
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Tongi disaster exposes a weakness in Bangladesh’s health sector
The Tongi factory disaster has exposed a serious weakness in the government’s health system in Bangladesh.
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Writing a ‘Last Letter’ When You’re Healthy
A Stanford University project guides people — healthy or not — to write a letter to their loved ones so they won’t have regrets at the end of life.
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Federal appeals court upholds Las Vegas urologist’s conviction for reusing medical devices
A federal appeals court Friday upheld the conviction of Las Vegas urologist Michael Kaplan for reusing equipment meant for single use in medical procedures.
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