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Miners rally for bill to protect health, pension benefits
WASHINGTON — Thousands of unionized mine workers and supporters rallied at the Capitol on Thursday to push for a bill that would protect health-care and pension benefits for about 120,000 former coal miners and their families.
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EDITORIAL: Free to choose
Plan would let workers opt out of PERS
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Money trumps morals when Pa. invests your tax dollars
Pennsylvania's giant state pension fund is resisting calls to divest in a controversial pipeline project, even after guards sicced attack dogs on Native American protesters. Does money always have to trump morals when it comes to investing taxpayer dollars?
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Ohio mine workers seek pension relief on Capitol Hill (photos and video)
Thousands of retired mine workers who might lose their health care and pension benefits because of the coal industry's plight are seeking relief from Congress. Watch video WASHINGTON D.C.. - Thousands of retired coal miners spent hours under withering Washington heat Thursday at a rally for legislation ensuring they'll get pension and health care benefits that could be cut as the coal industry declines. Money to fund the retirement accounts of roughly 120,000 United Mine Workers of America retirees has dwindled as coal companies declare bankruptcy amid the rise of more environmentally friendly energy sources. Affected retirees live in states including Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Virginia and Alabama. "We are here to show solidarity and that we mean business," said retired miner Bob Sowers of Zanesville, as he waited for the rally to start. "These people are 60, 70, 80 years old. This is the time when you need these benefits and they're going to take them away. It is not something we want free, it is something we've earned."  Another retired miner, Larry Henry of Coshocton, said former President Harry Truman promised their union retirement benefits and "cradle to grave" health care as part of a 1946 agreement to avert a strike. A sign over the rally stage featured a photo of Truman and the words: "Keep the Promise." The bill the miners want to pass would require that the federal government use tax dollars and an abandoned mine reclamation fund to bolster their pension accounts. It is backed by U.S. senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman of Ohio, all the state's Democratic House of Representatives members, and Ohio Republicans including Dave Joyce of Russell Township, Jim Renacci of Wadsworth and Bob Gibbs of Holmes County. In a speech backing the bill, Brown accused Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell of keeping the legislation from coming up for a vote, and said Republican and Democratic senators need to "put the heat" on McConnell to secure its passage. "Congress shouldn't leave Washington until we keep the promises we've made to miners and their families," said Brown. McConnell's office didn't respond to a request for comment, but Portman told the crowd the bill will go to the Senate floor "like a torpedo" if the Senate Finance Committee passes it by a large enough margin when it comes up for a vote there next week. Portman says it makes sense for the government to keep the miners' pensions sound to avoid stressing the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, which could be endangered if it had to assist the large number of miners at issue. If the bill doesn't pass by itself, Portman said its supporters will try to include its language in an upcoming must-pass budgeting bill. House of Representatives members told the crowd their legislative body is prepared to pass the measure if the House acts. "This isn't some handout you're asking for, this was a decision you made when you were neogiting your contracts and we are going to fight to make sure you're going to get your money back," Niles Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan told the crowd.
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Emanuel’s utility tax survives test vote, but it got a bumpy ride
Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed 29.5 percent tax on water and sewer bills to save the largest city employee pension funds has cleared its first hurdle.
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Finance Committee OKs Emanuel’s utility tax but it wasn’t pretty
Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed 29.5 percent tax on water and sewer bills to save the largest city employee pension funds has cleared its first hurdle.
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5 best states to retire to that AREN’T Fla., Ariz.
South Dakota for retirement? Why not? And four other surprising but smart choices.         
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Finance Committee approves Emanuel’s utility tax
Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed 29.5 percent tax on water and sewer bills to save the largest city employee pension funds has cleared its first hurdle.
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Emanuel's new water tax easily passes key test vote
Mayor Rahm Emanuel's latest tax hike gained momentum Thursday as the City Council Finance Committee easily advanced a plan that would cost Chicagoans $226 a year by 2020 on their water and sewer bills. The 26-6 vote to send the new tax to the council next week came despite several aldermen saying...
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The 5 best states to retire to that AREN’T Fla. or Ariz.
South Dakota for retirement? Why not? And four other surprising but smart choices.         
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Peeps factory workers go on strike against Pennsylvania company
Hundreds of striking union workers at a Pennsylvania Peeps plant are saying it's not that sweet to work for their confection company.
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CTU sets dates for 2nd strike authorization vote
The Chicago Teachers Union on Wednesday set dates for a second strike authorization vote later this month. CTU officials said its House of Delegates approved a "strike re-authorization" vote that will be taken through petitions beginning Sept. 21 and running through at least Sept. 23. The vote...
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Civic Federation questions Emanuel’s utility tax plan
The Civic Federation wants proof that the mayor's tax on water and sewer bills will be enough to save the largest of Chicago’s employee pension funds.
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The 5 best states to retire to that AREN’T Florida or Arizona
South Dakota for retirement? Why not? And four other surprising but smart choices.         
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Army ‘waited’ for media reports on ‘swinging’ general before suspending his security clearance
An Army general who was fired for his role in a ‘swinging’ sex scandal, in which he used a government cellphone and email to conduct an affair, kept his security clearance for five months until the revelation emerged in the media, USA Today reports. Read Full Article at
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Emanuel tries to prove tax plan sufficient to save pension fund
It didn’t work with the anti-Emanuel Progressive Caucus that demanded the study of the plan for the Municipal Employees Pension Fund weeks ago.
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Rauner vetoes bill to shore up Chicago municipal workers pensions
'The legislation will create another pension funding cliff that the city does not have the ability to pay,' the governor said Friday.
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Bill would put cops, firefighters in control of pension plan
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Legislation passed by lawmakers this week would let New Jersey police and firefighters control their $26 billion pension fund instead of the state. The legislation passed in the Democrat-controlled state Assembly on Thursday and now goes to Republican Gov. Chris Christie's desk to consider. An independent ...
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Database reveals state employees' salaries — but numbers may be wrong
Open-government advocates posted their own database of Michigan employee's salaries.        
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Police, firefighters would control own pension plan under N.J. bill
TRENTON — Police and firefighters would manage their own pension plan, taking control from the state, under a bill that passed the Legislature Thursday. It now heads to Gov. Christie’s desk.
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Could you retire in 5 years?
If you plan to retire five years from now, then you need to have your finances in order. Review this checklist to see whether your retirement plan is on track.         
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Retirement can be a drag. Here’s how to fix that.
Then reality sets in: Retirement can be kind of a drag. And there may be 20-plus years of it ahead of you.
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Multi-billion dollar investors urge bankers to divest from #DAPL
More than 120 investors with over $650 billion in assets in banks financing the Dakota Access Pipeline have called on the financial institutes to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s call to have the pipeline rerouted from Native American land. Read Full Article at
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If you make $100,000 or more, here are 3 tax breaks you don't want to miss
Those who bring in six figures should look closely at these lucrative tax provisions.         
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Republicans propose modernizing Maryland pension plan
Maryland Republican lawmakers are proposing some options to modernize the state pension system. Legislation discussed Thursday would give employees the ability to move all retirement benefits to a new job after three years. Sen. Andrew Serafini, a Washington County Republican, says the proposals...
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Retirement can be a drag. Here's how to fix that
We spend decades dreaming of the day when life won't be dictated by alarm clocks, commute times, meeting schedules and office politics.Then reality sets in: Retirement can be kind of a drag. And there may be 20-plus years of it ahead of you.While traditional retirement planning covers financial essentials — expected returns, inflation, withdrawal rates, portfolio rebalancing, tax planning — most plans won't prepare you for the emotional challenges of post-work life.WHAT'S MISSING FROM RETIREMENT? WORK
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Ask Kim: Who qualifies for the retirement savers' tax credit?
Q: I retired from my career a few years ago but still earn a little money working part-time at a golf course. Can I qualify for the retirement savers' tax credit? A: You may qualify for this frequently overlooked tax credit. However, the type of income used to determine eligibility for the savers'...
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Letter: For universal care
For universal careI am very grateful to the taxpayers of the Merrimack Valley School District.A defect in my heart was repaired successfully and I was able to afford the diagnosis, surgery and the overnight in the hospital. Without good insurance our retirement savings would be gone. Without the sur...
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Chicago sues Illinois, governor over school funding formula
City school system alleges that funding system violates minority students civil rights.         
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Blowback: More government may not be the answer to boosting retirement savings
The Times’ Feb. 10 editorial, “House Republicans side with Wall Street against the little guy,” sadly resorts to worn out rhetoric and attacks about motive rather than engaging in an honest debate about ideas. If we were to respond in kind, we would question the L.A. Times’ enduring faith in big...
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Allergan is buying CoolSculpting provider Zeltiq for $2.48 billion
Botox maker Allergan is spending about $2.48 billion to buy Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc. and its CoolSculpting system for reducing fat. Allergan said it will pay $56.50 for each share of Zeltiq in a deal it expects to close in the second half of this year. That represents a 14% premium to Zeltiq's Friday...
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Beloved Camden pastor J.A. Jones, 81, says farewell

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Tips for evaluating a job offer; salary and benefits aren’t the only factors
Closely evaluating a job offer can be the difference between taking a job you run to and realizing you made a huge mistake. Consider the salary itself, working conditions and experience you'll gain as well as traditional make-or-break items such as health benefits, opportunities for bonuses and vacation time.
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Civic Federation plan mirrors some of Senate ‘grand bargain’
The Civic Federation on Friday released a report recommending that the state raise its income tax rate to 5.25 percent as part of a five-year plan.
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Civic Fed: Raise income taxes but lower sales tax to fix Illinois
The nonprofit Civic Federation released a five-year plan for stabilizing Illinois' finances.
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10 things that cost retirees a ton of money
You'll probably spend more in retirement than you think. Here are a bunch of expenses that might shock you.         
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Retirement planning? Couples, mind the age gap
An age difference in your relationship doesn’t just mean your favorite bands are from different decades.As you approach retirement together, that age gap becomes a factor in decisions about when you retire and when you take Social Security, and in planning how much money you need to save and how it...
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Despite fear-mongering, PERA is in good shape
PERA has more than enough money in the bank and coming in to pay for all the benefits promised to members.
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Army general used government credit card at strip club: IG report
A former three-star U.S. Army general and aide to Defense Secretary Ash Carter was demoted and will retire as a one-star general after an investigation revealed he used a government credit card to pay bar tabs at strip clubs in Rome and Seoul. The move against Maj. General Ronald Lewis, who was formerly a three-star...
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House Republicans side with Wall Street against the little guy
With an aging population and a growing number of people nearing retirement, it’s scary to think of how little the typical American family has set aside in savings. According to a report last year by the Economic Policy Institute, half of the families with workers in their prime have amassed $17,000...
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General from Chicago loses two stars at retirement due to scandal
A former three-star Army general from Chicago who used his government credit card to pay four-figure bar tabs at clubs in Rome and Seoul, South Korea, will retire as a one-star general, the Army said Thursday. Ronald Lewis was profiled in a front-page story in the Tribune in January 2015 and later...
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Can Congress swiftly kill the landmark retirement program California spent years designing?
Trump attacks senator after Supreme Court nominee's criticism Feb. 9, 2017, 8:33 a.m. This is a look at President Trump's administration and the rest of Washington: Trump: Senator 'misrepresents' nominee's comments Jeff Sessions will face multiple challenges as attorney general, including his boss...
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Concerns over budgets’ tax impact at Pittsfield hearing
With significant bumps in the tax rate and layoffs expected out of the school district and town’s proposed budgets, Pittsfield residents packed the middle school’s cafeteria for the town’s public hearing on Wednesday night.“The tax rate – we can’t do it. My family, and my husband actually makes pret...
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The first thing you should do with every paycheck
As part of GOBankingRates’ Best Money Expert 2017 competition, we asked America’s top personal finance experts, “What is the first thing people should be doing with their paycheck?”
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State controller stands in the rain with striking plant workers
Icy rain didn’t keep State Controller Thomas DiNapoli from joining striking union workers outside an upstate chemical plant Tuesday.
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City Hall's CPS blame game: Why isn't Claypool pounding on his fellow Democrats to fix their fiasco?
Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool is scrambling because the district's budget is seriously out of whack and a huge teachers pension payment looms in June.On Monday, Claypool announced a $46 million "spending freeze" that will force principals to scramble themselves to rejigger their budgets...
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How much do you need to fund retirement? More than you think
A new study indicates those saving for retirement need to raise dramatically how much they save        
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Brazil's new government buffeted by pension fund scandal
BRASILIA (Reuters) - The government of Brazil's new President Michel Temer scrambled on Tuesday to distance itself from a multibillion-dollar corruption scandal that broke less than a week after he took office, involving fraud in the country's largest pension funds.
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Steep public pension costs push California cities toward the brink
When the state auditor gauged the fiscal health of California cities in 2015, this port community on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay made a short list of six distressed municipalities at risk of bankruptcy. Richmond has cut about 200 jobs — roughly 20% of its workforce —  since 2008. Its...
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The budget speech Gov. Wolf could give

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