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State probing after bears kill 2 goats in separate attacks
SHERMANS DALE, Pa. (AP) - State officials are warning pet owners and parents in central Pennsylvania to watch for bears after two goats were killed in separate attacks over a two-day period. WHTM-TV reported ( ) Friday the state Game Commission is investigating the attacks, which happened about 15 miles ...
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Health perks of pet ownership
Living with an animal can help people mentally, physically and emotionally.        
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Nevada wildlife officials issue warning about coyotes
The Nevada Department of Wildlife is issuing a warning to Northern Nevada residents about potential conflicts with coyotes. Urban Wildlife Coordinator Jessica Heitt tells The Nevada Appeal that coyote pups leave ...
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Southwest-area couple’s pet shop provides healthy food and treats for pups
Jeremiah Richardson and Christie McLean have made it their mission to spare other pet parents the pain they’ve gone through.
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Deal in works in guinea pig’s pre-game killing
Wednesday hearing rescheduled so talks can continue, assistant Wayne County prosecutor says        
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Adopting a shelter pet is good for your wallet and your soul
Adopting shelter pets saves lives and money, but it can also improve your health and wellness.
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Detroit dogs: living in the city
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Lakewood couple indicted in stabbing death of dog
Charles Hobbs and Cassandra Biddulph face charges of having weapons while under disability, receiving stolen property, endangering children, cruelty against companion animal and cruelty to animals. Hobbs also faces a charge of domestic violence. LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- A couple accused of stabbing their dog to death in Lakewood has been indicted on multiple charges in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court. Charles Hobbs, 30, and Cassandra Biddulph, 33, both of Lakewood, are charged with cruelty to a companion animal. Hobbs is due in court to answer to the charges on Tuesday. Biddulph's arraignment date is March 2. WEWS News 5 reported the charges stem from an incident that happened just before 10:30 p.m. Feb. 10 on Idlewood Avenue. Police responded to a call that a woman had been shot at, according to the news station's report. Officers learned that a dog had been stabbed to death, and that Hobbs and Biddulph claimed the dog had bitten their daughter, according to the news report. Police found no evidence that the child had been bitten, according to WEWS. In addition to  cruelty against a companion animal, Hobbs is charged with animal cruelty, domestic violence, having weapons while under disability, receiving stolen property and endangering children, according to court records. Biddulph faces the cruelty against a companion animal charge as well as charges of animal cruelty, endangering children, receiving stolen property and having weapons while under disability, according to court records. If you'd like to comment on this story, visit Saturday's crime and courts comments section.
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Cage-escaping Siberian husky leads 'prison break' attempt at veterinary hospital
Ben HooperFeb. 15 (UPI) -- A Siberian husky at a Chinese veterinary hospital staged a "prison break" by escaping from its cage, freeing two other dogs, and trying to chew through a door.
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Life with Westminster dog show's big breeds
They're pets that need a few accommodations, like a minivan with the seats pulled out, a bed that can approach the size of a twin mattress and a household that doesn't mind when an animal that weighs in triple digits wants to "share" the sofa.But owners of some of the Westminster Kennel Club dog...
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Woman, terrier attacked by 2 escaped dogs in Riverside
A woman and her dog were attacked by two dogs that escaped from a neighbor’s yard earlier this month in west suburban Riverside.
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Catering to pets is big business for builders, designers
Dear Gail: This is more of just a general question versus a decorating problem. I’m just curious what trends you’re seeing in pet products for our homes. — Stephanie
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Two coyotes attack dog in backyard of Riverside home
Two coyotes jumped a fence and attacked a large dog Thursday in Riverside, but were scared off by a woman yelling and throwing things at them.
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Officials urge Cook County dog owners to vaccinate for canine flu
Animal control officials are urging Cook County dog owners to get their pets vaccinated as several cases of canine influenza have reemerged.
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Thug jailed after feeding pet hamster LSD & cannabis (VIDEO)
A British man who fed hallucinogenic drug LSD and cannabis to his pet hamster ‘Mr. Chow’, has been jailed for animal cruelty. Read Full Article at
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Do not touch that fluffy white seal on the beach, NOAA says
ROCKLAND, Maine (AP) - Federal authorities are reminding people to keep away from baby seals they might see on the shore, however great the temptation may be to pet the fluffy critters. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says gray seals give birth on islands and shoreline areas of Maine, ...
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Dog food recalled after euthanasia drug detected
WASHINGTON — A pet food company is recalling several lots of dog food because it may be contaminated with a euthanasia drug.
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Dog that snaps at kids must be kept away from little ones: Ask Dog Lady
Dog that snaps at kids must be kept away from little ones: Ask Dog Lady. When you adopt a rescue puppy, you may have to address behavior issues that arise from past abuse. Thomas Ondrey / The Plain Dealer  Dear Dog Lady, My husband and I have two rescue dogs, one of which we named Stranger. He is a large Labrador/bullmastiff mix. The first six months of his life are a mystery, but he showed up in our yard three years ago as a malnourished puppy with a shattered hind leg and we worked very hard to rehabilitate and train him. He is a beautiful and well-behaved dog, but he has a deeply troubling and dangerous issue around young children and we're at a loss. Recently, our neighbor's 8-year-old daughter was lightly petting his head and all of a sudden he growled and snapped at her. Thankfully, he did not bite her and she and her parents were very understanding, but this is unacceptable behavior in our family-oriented neighborhood. This is not the first time he has done this, and it seems it only happens with children under 12-13 years old. After he growls and/or snaps, he immediately cowers and sometimes relieves himself involuntarily. I suspect he was possibly tormented by children as a puppy - even beaten - but we don't know how to begin to correct this behavior. Is there something we can do, or do we need professional help? -- Worried A: Just by asking you do the right thing. Too many people would ignore warning signs of their beloved dog's aggression by rationalizing or denying. Dog Lady applauds you because you care about Stranger -- and Stranger danger. Having your dog evaluated by a dog behaviorist is the best idea. You can find a professional dog trainer in your area by going to the Web site of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers ( Be advised that a "Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist" (the initials C.A.A.B. after a name) is the highest designation for a trainer. Until you have your very strong and powerful dog evaluated, you should keep him away from all children. You must be vigilant. To allow him near children is irresponsible. Adopting two shelter dogs was a wonderful act of kindness. However, as you found out, you also assume responsibility for the mysterious back story of canine fears and behavior. Dear Dog Lady, When my nephew and his fiancee went on vacation, they left their pet parrot, Jambalaya, with me. They said it would be easy as pie to take care of this bird, but it's been terrible for me and for Sherman, my West Highland white terrier. I believe Jambalaya's squawks torment Sherman because the dog follows me around constantly with his ears at half-mast. He tried climbing up to swat or attack the cage, and I had to move it higher. Also, the bird has disrupted my life. My nephew seems to think I will take care of chatterbox Jambalaya whenever he and his fiancee are out of town. I'm the only family member who lives nearby. I am going to have to tell him "no." Do I blame it on the dog? -- Patrick A: The dog will never know what's fair and fowl. Your terrier with the flattened ears can't understand when blame is unjustly pinned on him. So, sure, fault the dear dog. But why not do the brave thing and blame it on yourself? Tell your nephew you love him and he's family, but Jambalaya is foul. She disrupts your household and you must ask him to find another place to park the bird. Write [email protected] and go to to read "Shorty Knows" on the new blog.
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New adoption website aims to keep pets out of shelters

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Hopkinton boy to build dog park for Eagle Scout project
Ambitious is just one way you could describe Cooper Otis. You could say he’s community-driven; conscientious too. Don’t forget “dog lover,” especially when it comes to Brenna, his mom’s two-year-old rescue mutt he got last year. And, with the Hopkinton community’s help, all these traits will soon be...
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This granny lives with two bears and a tiger
Bonnie Hart, a 62-year-old truck driver who lives in Texas, is no cat lady. The widowed grandmother keeps company with two bears, Pebbles and Bam-Bam, and a tiger, Anushka. “Me and Anushka, I’m mama and she’s baby, and I can hand feed her and I can pat her,” Hart told Barcroft. “I can do whatever...
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SEE IT: Polar bear caught petting dog in Canadian wilderness
He polar cares.
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Police: Provo man arrested after cats found tortured
PROVO, Utah (AP) - Police say a Provo man has been arrested after several dead cats were found with injuries indicating they'd been tortured, including one animal lit on fire. The Daily Herald reported Thursday ( the kitten had to be euthanized after it was found on October 15. Officers ...
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Billionaire's son gives his dog 8 iPhone 7s, backlash ensues
The only son of a Chinese billionaire is famous for posting his extravagant purchases on social media. Has Wang Sicong gone too far? 
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Dog-friendly outdoor seating? It could happen
Diners in the Blue Water Area may be able to add one more to their party — their dogs — in the future when they sit outside at restaurants.         
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Pet cemetery may contain more human remains
For second time, evidence of possible human remains has been discovered at Delaware site.       
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Here's what dogs see when they watch TV
Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, University of Central Lancashire How dogs watch TV is very different to the way humans do.
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