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Arrested militants planned attack on Paris railway station, France says
PARIS (Reuters) - Three women arrested in connection with a car loaded with gas cylinders found in a side road near Notre Dame cathedral had been planning an attack on a Paris railway station, the French interior ministry said.
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Mystery Surrounds Car With Gas Containers Found in Paris Near Notre Dame
The car did not contain detonators, but the police have arrested four people — all suspected of being Islamist extremists — in connection with the case.
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Several arrested after car with gas cylinders found in Paris: sources
PARIS (Reuters) - French police investigating the abandonment of a car packed with gas cylinders near Paris's Notre Dame cathedral have arrested several suspects and also established that the vehicle contained 3 jerry cans of diesel fuel, judicial and police sources said.
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GM weighs sale of money-losing European division to French automaker
General Motors is considering a sale of its perpetually money-losing European division to a French automaker.        
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Volvo experiments with app to deliver fuel, car washes, rides to the dealer
L.A. Auto Show 2016 live updates: The Chevy Bolt EV wins Green Car of the Year Nov. 17, 2016, 9:40 a.m. The Los Angeles Auto Show opens to the public Friday and ends Nov. 27. Take a look through our coverage from the four days of press previews and keynotes, known as AutoMobility L.A., to see photos...
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Suspected militant abandoned car filled with gas canisters near Notre-Dame Cathedral
A suspected militant may have been conducting a dry run for a planned terror attack when he left his car packed with gas cylinders near Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, authorities said Wednesday. The vehicle’s owner, who’s on an intelligence watch list of suspected religious fanatics, has been taken into custody and a possible associate...
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Woman from intel watchlist arrested in Paris over car with gas canisters near landmark Notre Dame
At least two people, including one on the French intelligence services’ watchlist, were taken into custody after police found several gas canisters in an abandoned vehicle next to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, officials said, as cited by French media. Read Full Article at
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Suspicious vehicle containing gas canisters found near synagogue in Marseille – report
A suspicious vehicle containing two gas canisters has been found near a synagogue in Marseille, France, just a week after a similar incident near Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral led to the arrest of several Islamic State sympathizers, local media report. Read Full Article at
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