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White Lake garden is this week’s winner
When Sandra Bosca developed vertigo, she had to get creative with her gardening. She succeeded.        
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Gardening: Start planning to transfer plants indoors
When night temperatures are in the 50s, begin bringing houseplants indoors and decide which perennials to overwinter        
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Mondelez unit opens food plant in southern Indiana
Enjoy Life Foods on Thursday opened its new gluten-free, allergy-friendly food manufacturing plant in southern Indiana.
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Colorado hits another cannabis 1st with certified hemp seed
FRUITA, Colo. (AP) - Colorado is expected to reach another national first on cannabis Wednesday when state agriculture officials show off the first domestic certified hemp seeds. The Colorado Department of Agriculture has been working for years to produce hemp seeds that consistently produce plants low enough in the chemical ...
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Yosemite expanding by 400 acres
The Trust for Public Land purchased Ackerson Meadow and donated it to the national park.
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A farm without sun, soil or water
What do you get if you cross a tech entrepreneur with a farmer?
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Pioneer marijuana business closed for not paying taxes
BREMERTON, Wash. (AP) - Kitsap County's first marijuana business has been shut down by regulators who alleged the recreational pot grow operation had repeatedly failed to pay its taxes. Agents with the state Liquor and Cannabis Board seized about 2,000 plants and clones from Nine Point Growth Industries on Thursday. ...
-2 points by The Washington Times | Cannabis Kitsap County Washington Hemp Hashish Washington Global Marijuana March Plant Legality of cannabis by country
When and how to start seeds for your Colorado garden
It's not that complicated to start seeds for your Colorado garden. Here's everything you need to know, from getting started to planting.
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Parker latest community to impose 12-plant limit per household on pot grows
Parker this week became the latest Colorado community to place a cap on the number of pot plants that can be cultivated at a residence, a move town officials said is necessary to reduce odor complaints and ensure grows do not cause electrical overloads and dangerous chemical storage.
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Community garden plots available at Oregon Ridge Nature Center
About a dozen plots remain available for the 2017 season in the Oregon Ridge Nature Center's community garden in Cockeysville, according to center officials. The garden, which is situated near Shawan Road and Beaver Dam Road, includes 81 10-by-10-foot plots available to interested gardeners who...
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How trees 'talk' to each other using fungi
Nature might not be all about a ruthless "survival of the fittest". Research suggests that trees don't just compete for survival, but also cooperate and share resources using underground fungi networks.
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Flesh-eating plants thousands of miles apart turned carnivorous in similar ways – study
A new study examining the evolution of flesh-eating plants has found striking similarities in different species despite the fact that they live continents apart. Read Full Article at
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Punch List: What to do outdoors in your garden in February, plus tips on seeds
We’re only seven Mondays away from the spring solstice on March 20th.
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Genetically-modified wheat to be grown in Britain despite environmentalist opposition
The British government has given the green light for a new experimental crop of genetically-modified (GM) wheat to be grown, despite strong opposition from around 30 green groups. Read Full Article at
2135 points by Russia Today | Agriculture Photosynthesis Carbon dioxide Harpenden Wheat Plant Risk Poverty
Weed 101 classes held and Colorado officials are the teachers
Colorado agriculture officials this week briefed officials from about a dozen states — some that have legalized weed, others that joked their states will legalize pot “when hell freezes over” — to go over the basics of marijuana farming and swap stories about regulating a crop that the federal government still considers illegal.
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Earth’s evolution delayed by 2bn years due to low oxygen levels - study
Evolution was held back two billion years as a result of low oxygen levels during the Earth’s middle ages, according to the findings of a new study, which uncovered a delay in the development of plant life. Read Full Article at
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Coal ash pits: Duke Energy tells neighbors to waive claims
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Neighbors living near Duke Energy Corp's coal ash pits in North Carolina are being told they have to give up the option of suing over any future water problems if they want extra compensation from the…
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Las Vegas horticulturist found ‘dream job’ in Bellagio Conservatory
Five times a year, Jerry Bowlen’s staff moves 60,000 to 80,000 plants and another 35,000 flowers for topiaries into the Bellagio Conservatory.
498 points by Las Vegas Review-Journal | Las Vegas Strip Flower MGM Mirage Plant Water The Mirage Fern Flowering plant
Nurturing nature at Bethlehem's Hoover-Mason Trestle
BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) - Not everything is coming up roses at the Hoover-Mason Trestle at Bethlehem's SteelStacks. Ironweed, sumac, switch grass, black birch, blue asters, Virginia creepers and other plants are also growing along the elevated walkway that takes visitors over the narrow-gauge rail that Bethlehem Steel once used to ...
1 points by The Washington Times | Gardening Birch Garden Lehigh Valley Plant Invasive species National Wildlife Federation Bethlehem Pennsylvania
Scientists aim to feed the world by boosting photosynthesis
A little extra light goes a long way. By fixing a glitch in plants’ ability to use sunlight to make sugar, scientists have managed to improve the efficiency of photosynthesis by about 15% — an upgrade that could be used to raise agricultural crop yields. The findings, described in the journal Science,...
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Legal pot brings temporary tax break for some medical users
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Some California medical marijuana users are getting a tax break.
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Power plant fire causes massive blackout in Puerto Rico
The fire left nearly 1.5 million across the island without power.         
2419 points by Arizona Republic | Puerto Rico Failure Electricity generation Electricity Power outage Power Plant Struggle
Fire leaves nearly 1.5M in Puerto Rico without power
The fire left nearly 1.5 million across the island without power.         
2419 points by Arizona Republic | Puerto Rico Failure Electricity generation Electricity Power outage Power Plant Struggle
DC medical marijuana patients could soon get more pot
WASHINGTON (AP) - District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser wants to double the amount of medical marijuana that qualified city residents can buy each month. Bowser announced Wednesday that she will propose allowing patients to buy 4 ounces of pot a month, rather than 2 ounces. The regulatory change requires ...
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Colorado Springs orders 9 cannabis clubs to “cease and desist”
Nine Colorado Springs cannabis consumption clubs received cease-and-desist letters from the City Clerk's Office last week in the first crackdown under a ban on the clubs enacted by the City Council on March 22.
107 points by The Denver Post | Cannabis License Plant Recreational drug use United Kingdom Law
Bringing back the bison
What happens when the once almost extinct bison is reintroduced into the over-farmed prairie ecosystem?
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Think you know giraffes? Think again
For centuries, scientists believed all giraffes fell under one species.
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Police destroy 812 cannabis plants in Beecher
Law enforcement officials destroyed more than 800 cannabis plants Thursday afternoon in south suburban Beecher.
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