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Goldman Sachs bans employee donations to Trump’s election campaign
Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs has changes its regulations prohibiting top employees from making political contributions to now include the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, reports online magazine Politico. Read Full Article at
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Van Hollen camp jumps gun on outside group
Political fundraising solicitations are notoriously loose with the facts, but a recent blast email from Rep. Chris Van Hollen's campaign for Maryland's open Senate seat has received some attention for its claims — even with that low bar in mind. The Aug. 26 email reports that a "shadowy dark money...
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Morning Spin: Emanuel's new water tax faces key City Council vote today
Welcome to Clout Street: Morning Spin, our weekday feature to catch you up with what's going on in government and politics from Chicago to Springfield. Topspin Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s new water and sewer tax for city worker pensions faces a key test vote on Thursday when the City Council Finance Committee...
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Marijuana organizations given green light on political donations
The decision by U.S. District Judge John Z. Lee came three and a half years after a state law banned those contributions.
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Pittsburgh teachers union endorses Sala Udin for school board seat
The Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers announced Thursday that it will back former city councilman Sala Udin in his bid for a city school board seat in the May 16 primary election.
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New Trier seminar controversy reignited by film
A Wilmette filmmaker's documentary purporting to reveal the machinations behind protests of New Trier High School's recent civil rights seminar day has been put on hold due to legal threats, but the filmmaker vowed it will ultimately come out.Paul Traynor said he was set to screen the film Wednesday...
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In his words: What DA Seth Williams has said about ethics lapses
Here's what Williams has had to say over time about the ethics issues.
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Philadelphia DA Seth Williams to make announcement today

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Save consumer protector: Our view
Richard Cordray deserves to stay director of CFPB.         
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Hillary Clinton says 'future is female' in new video
Clinton spoke for the first time since Trump's inauguration         
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Hillary Clinton delivers first remarks on women's issues
Clinton spoke for the first time since Trump's inauguration       
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Trump says he would 'totally destroy' a barrier to pulpit politicking
President Donald Trump vowed to “totally destroy” a 63-year-old curb on pulpit politicking — even as he considers an executive order that would favor of religious groups and businesses in conflicts with LGBT persons and reproductive rights.
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Trump vows to ‘totally destroy’ restrictions on churches’ support of candidates
Critics warn such a move would effectively turn houses of worship ‘into super PACs.’
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City removes artwork showing Trump slogan and civil rights photo
“Make America Great Again,” the banner reads on top of civil rights protesters during the Bloody Sunday march in Selma, Ala.
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Former Philly managing director Rich Negrin mulling run for DA
Rich Negrin, Philadelphia's managing director under Mayor Nutter, is exploring a challenge to District Attorney Seth Williams in the 2017 Democratic primary election.
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How John McCain and Russ Feingold are riding the big money wave in their campaigns
The campaign finance crusaders are now benefiting from the largesse they once fought so fiercely against.
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Sweet: Chicago mega-donor Ken Griffin spends on Senate, not Trump
Ken Griffin has declined so far to say whether he supports Trump. He contributed $5M to the super PAC backing Sen. Marco Rubio's presidential bid.
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State agency under fire for pressuring open-government groups it regulates to change position on legislation
A rare and heated dispute has erupted between California’s campaign finance regulators  and open-government groups that have accused the watchdog agency of pressuring them to rescind their support for legislation designed to show who is funding political ads.  Supporters of the bill criticized...
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Snyder non-profit airs ads to boost GOP hopefuls
TV ads telling the Michigan "comeback story" will support six Republican state House candidates.        
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Anti-Vaccine Activists Take Offense at Texas Rep's Tweet About Playboy Bunnies
A series of late-night tweets in which a Texas lawmaker promised to support tightened legislation on vaccines and referenced "playboy bunnies" has drawn the ire of a political action committee that supports loosening vaccine laws.
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Pols’ support could steer pot vote
Gov. Charlie Baker is a couple of $20 bills short of $4 million in his campaign account. Mayor Martin J. Walsh has set the annual fundraising record by an incumbent mayor — twice. And Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo set his own fundraising record this year, eclipsing the mark set by ... Robert A. DeLeo.Three of the most powerful people in Massachusetts politics are, not surprisingly, three of its best fundraisers.
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How a congressional race in Santa Barbara became one of the most expensive in the country
The political mailers piled up at David Rowan’s Paso Robles home this spring as nine different candidates sought to escape the June primary for a shot at replacing retiring Democratic Rep. Lois Capps.  One flier stood out to Rowan, a 69-year-old Republican and semi-retired private investigator....
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More than $4 billion has been spent on federal campaigns so far this cycle
About $858 million has been spent by presidential candidates.
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