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‘Populists & political fantasists:’ Senior UN official compares Wilders, Trump, Farage to ISIS
A top UN official has launched a broad attack on a mix of US and European politicians, beginning with Netherlands’ Geert Wilders and progressing as far as Nigel Farage and Donald Trump, while covertly comparing them to Islamic State terrorists. Read Full Article at
683 points by Russia Today | Populism Malcolm Pearson Baron Pearson of Rannoch President of the United States Geert Wilders Republican Party Donald Trump United Kingdom Independence Party Nigel Farage
Man, 55, shot in Morgan Park
A 55-year-old man was shot in early Thursday in the Far South Side Morgan Park neighborhood.
2 points by Chicago Sun-Times | Blue Island Illinois Political spectrum Centre-right Silver Line Populism
UN rights chief blasts 'demagogues' Trump and Wilders
Zeid Raad al-Hussein says rhetoric of Trump and Wilders, among others, "can descend rapidly into colossal violence".
1062 points by Al Jazeera English | Populism Geert Wilders Donald Trump Iraq Islam Malcolm Pearson Baron Pearson of Rannoch Abuse Violence
Dutch populist leader: Moroccan immigrants 'scum'
Dutch populist leader Geert Wilders said "there is a lot of Moroccan scum in Holland who make the streets unsafe" while speaking in Spijkenisse, Netherlands.
32 points by CNN | Populism Referendum Europe Party for Freedom Geert Wilders Arabic language Asia Middle East
Man found shot in Chatham
A man was found shot early Sunday in the Chatham neighborhood on the South Side.
2 points by Chicago Sun-Times | Polish American Police Political spectrum Centre-right Religion Cook County Illinois Chicago Populism
Italy's fake news battle
Who's responsible for spreading fake news in Italy? The populist Five Star Movement, mainstream media or both?
-2 points by Al Jazeera English | Mass media Populism Referendum Election Silvio Berlusconi Marco Travaglio Italy Populist Party
Man shot in Brainerd
A man was shot Friday morning in the Brainerd neighborhood on the South Side.
-2 points by Chicago Sun-Times | Polish American Political spectrum Centre-right X-Force Populism Cook County Illinois Brother Rice High School Chicago
‘He had the emotional connection,” said Pelosi of President Trump
House Democrats grapple with their economic policies and message.
19 points by The Washington Post | Democratic Party Nancy Pelosi Congressional Progressive Caucus Populism Bill Clinton Party leaders of the United States House of Representatives Party leaders of the United States Senate Donald Trump
Top Trump adviser: 'Darkness is good'
Steve Bannon has no regrets.
65509 points by CNN | Democratic Party William Jennings Bryan Populism Working class Ronald Reagan Populist Party Woodrow Wilson Republican Party
Can Europe survive the Trump effect?
As President Obama, comfortably aboard Air Force One, went wheels up from Berlin Friday, he left behind not just a cold and damp Germany, but a gloomy Europe.
265 points by CNN | France Populism Left-wing politics Election Right-wing politics Political spectrum Elections United Kingdom
Two shot in Roseland
Two people were shot Thursday afternoon in the Roseland neighborhood on the Far South Side.
951 points by Chicago Sun-Times | Polish American English-language films Political spectrum Centre-right Cook County Illinois Elbow Populism Chicago
Bannon's white nationalism should scare America
Anyone who is surprised at the appointment of right-wing guru Steve Bannon as the Donald Trump administration's chief strategist and counselor has been living in an alternate universe, the universe in which President-elect Trump would "pivot" into something resembling a mainline GOP conservative.
9578 points by CNN | Ku Klux Klan Racism Southern Poverty Law Center 2016 Populism Fascism Donald Trump Far right
Far-right Sweden Democrats neck-and-neck in poll with 2nd most popular party
The far-right anti-immigration party Sweden Democrats are tying for second place with the center-right opposition, a new poll shows. It comes as right-wing parties across Europe see Donald Trump’s victory as a welcome defeat for the establishment. Read Full Article at
2221 points by Russia Today | Sweden Election European Union Stockholm Moderate Party Populism Centre-right Elections
Clinton: 'Don't take knife to gun fight'
John McTernan: If I learned one lesson from the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union that I would like to teach Hillary Clinton, it's this: don't take a knife to a gun fight.
2023 points by CNN | President of the United States Populism Election Hillary Rodham Clinton Barack Obama Donald Trump United States presidential election 2008 Democratic Party
Austrian Presidential Election Delayed
Three weeks before a scheduled presidential election that could crown postwar Austria’s first right-wing populist head of state, the country’s top elections official said the vote needed to be postponed.
-1 points by The Wall Street Journal | Voting system Elections Voting Election Democracy Populism Austria Presidential election
Man shot in Belmont Cragin
A 20-year-old man was shot in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood Sunday evening on the Northwest Side.
23 points by Chicago Sun-Times | Chicago Illinois Transport Political spectrum Centre-right Relative direction Midwestern United States Populism
Boy, 17, wounded in Far South Side shooting
A 17-year-old boy was shot and wounded Saturday night in Roseland on the Far South Side. He was shot in the back and the right hand by someone who drove up as he stood outside in the 10900 block of South Eberhart Avenue around 6:30 p.m., according to the police, who said he was taken […]
-1 points by Chicago Sun-Times | Political spectrum Centre-right Polish American Populism The Police Grammy Award for Song of the Year