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Why forecasters got Hermine's path so wrong

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Letter: Candidates aren’t clairvoyant
Candidates aren’t clairvoyantI get a big laugh watching political ads that interrupt my TV viewing.I especially get the biggest chuckle when one candidate tells how his/her opponent might act on this or that matter. Or by clever editing use that candidate’s own words against them.I’ve always felt th...
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Make your guess: How will the Republican health-care bill fare?
Yes, there's an option for “it won't happen."
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President Trump predicts Patriots will win Super Bowl by 8
Here’s one President Trump prediction that won’t generate much controversy: Patriots by 8.
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Polls may be making voters worse at predicting elections
And journalists are concerned too.
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Don’t trust a single forecast. The consensus all year has been that Clinton will win.
We combine forecasts from six different kinds of predictions, not just polls. And since it became clear that Trump would be the nominee in February, the forecast has remained remarkably stable.
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