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Belarus: Will new elections yield new results?
Parliamentary elections to take place on September 11 in Belarus, Europe's "last dictatorship".
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A pro-Clinton super PAC raised more than $21 million in August
Priorities USA Action has best fundraising month of cycle.       
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Juba League leader killed in Feni attack
Miscreants have killed a Juba League leader in Feni.
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French foreign minister warns Russia on election meddling
PARIS — France's foreign minister is denouncing possible Russian meddling in the French presidential campaign as "unacceptable."Jean-Marc Ayrault, in an interview published Sunday in newspaper Journal du Dimanche, said Russia appears to be targeting centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron, while favoring more pro-Russia candidates such as conservative Francois Fillon and nationalist Marine Le Pen.
-2 points by Boston Herald | Russia United States Nicolas Sarkozy President of the United States Socialist Party Moscow Preselection National Assembly of France
Julian Assange may soon be booted from Ecuadorian embassy
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange could be kicked out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London. If candidate Guillermo Lasso wins Sunday’s election, he will give Assange, an Australian citizen, 30 days to move.
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Las Vegas judge wins seat months before election day
Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge Susan Roger will retain her seat because no challengers emerged for the spring municipal elections.
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Explaining the Somali election process
A short explainer on how the 2017 elections in Somalia will work.
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Aberdeen inches closer to new way to break ties
Aberdeen, which discussed the issue again Monday night, is one step closer to adopting runoff elections as the mandated way to decide between two candidates who are tied after all the votes are counted and recounted. Mayor Patrick McGrady and the City Council met with the three members of Aberdeen's...
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Jordan set for 'historic' vote
New electoral law aims to fix a political system with which many voters have grown disenchanted.
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More than $4 billion has been spent on federal campaigns so far this cycle
About $858 million has been spent by presidential candidates.
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