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Drug target identified that may increase social interaction in autism
Stephen FellerPHILADELPHIA, Sept. 9 (UPI) -- Compensating for a missing gene in the brain may help alleviate social avoidance symptoms in autism spectrum disorder patients, according to a new study.
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Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter Chelsea undergoing psych evaluation
Rosie O’Donnell’s teenage daughter Chelsea is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after being hospitalized in Long Island on Tuesday.
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South Carolina Vet Administration holds mental health summit
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - The South Carolina Veterans Health Administration is hosting its fifth community mental health summit and inviting those who assist veterans to attend. VA clinical psychologist Michelle Andra says the event scheduled for Friday focuses on suicide prevention efforts and ways to increase veterans' access to mental ...
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Rising homelessness and lack of psychiatric care beds are cited in surge of mental competency cases
A lack of psychiatric care beds and rising homelessness are fueling a dramatic increase in mental competency cases in Los Angeles County, a new study has found. The county launched a review after The Times reported on a surge in the number of competency cases in Los Angeles’ mental health court over...
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Hillary Clinton explains why she adopted ‘aloof’ persona
WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton said she takes responsibility for coming across as “aloof,” but explains she had to adopt a cool persona decades ago to “protect” herself. “I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions,” Clinton said in an interview for Humans of New York released Thursday. “And that’s a hard...
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Clinton tells Humans of New York: 'I don't view myself as cold or unemotional'
Campaign 2016 updates: Gary Johnson wonders what Aleppo is Sept. 8, 2016, 12:41 p.m. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaign in swing states after their town hall on military issues. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is widely mocked after asking, "What is Aleppo?"Voters are finding it harder...
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Kabul: Who cleans up after a suicide blast?
The firefighting unit in Afghanistan spends more time cleaning up after devastating blasts than extinguishing fires.
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Clinton talks about being 'walled off' to 'Humans of New York'
The piece was published the day after Clinton was criticized by the RNC chair for not smiling during the NBC Commander-in-Chief Forum.       
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Clinton says perception she is aloof is born of 'hard path' as a professional woman
"I don’t view myself as cold or unemotional. ... But if that sometimes is the perception I create, then I can’t blame people for thinking that.”
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Emily Ratajkowski called ‘attention seeking whore’ over politics
Model Emily Ratajkowski is consistently slammed by critics who think women can’t have both beauty — and brains.
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Ann Arbor writer’s stories hit tech’s effects on kids
The 13 stories look at the effects the internet has on social, emotional and psychological interactions, relationships.        
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Are the kids alright? ChildLine contacted by suicidal youngsters in Britain every 30mins
Children reporting suicidal thoughts in Britain have doubled in number over the last five years, according to the charity ChildLine, which says it receives calls from kids as young as 10 seeking support. Read Full Article at
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Las Vegas judge hears over 300 petitions a week for mental health commitments in Clark County
According to Nevada Revised Statute 433A, there are three ways to be admitted to a mental health facility or hospital in Clark County. Potential patients can seek help voluntarily, or a petition to commit an individual — a Legal 2000 — can be made in an emergency situation by a physician, psychologist, social worker, registered nurse or by any officer authorized to make arrests in Nevada.
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Receiving a degree in social work in Nevada requires extra schooling
When Lois moved here from California, she expected to get a therapist’s license with no problem. After all, she had a master’s degree in marriage family therapy (MFT) and art therapy. But the board denied her application. She needed more training to practice in Nevada.
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John Varvatos – Stay focused
The Daily FUEL: John Varvatos – Stay focused        
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Doing these two simple things can help you get motivated when you’re feeling stuck
When your "get up and go" has "got up and left," when there's no more "pep" left in your step, sometimes the best thing you can do is just stop trying for a while.
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My Turn: School choice and the future of intelligence
The 21st century is going to be interesting for our species. For millennia human minds (whether Denisov, Neanderthal or Sapiens) have been unchallenged on this planet. No competitor could outthink us. Our only existential threats were mindless: diseases and large-scale climate events like asteroid...
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My Turn: How I became an advocate for full-day kindergarten
I am a full-day kindergarten convert. I have been a co-sponsor of legislation to fully fund extended-day kindergarten but after 40 years as an early childhood/child development professional and former kindergarten teacher, I had serious questions about the impact of the new curriculum expectations...
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Ohio GOP lawmaker seeks ban on suspending young students
State Sen. Peggy Lehner, a Kettering Republican plans to introduce legislation that would ban suspending K-3 students except in cases where a student threatens to harm COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- An Ohio lawmaker said she was stunned to learn that thousands of elementary students are suspended for disobedience or disruptions each school year and plans to introduce legislation that would ban such punishment except in cases where a student threatens to harm. State Sen. Peggy Lehner, a Kettering Republican who leads the education committee, said a better alternative is training for teachers on how to de-escalate misbehavior, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported. According to a state database, there were more than 17,000 suspensions or expulsions in preschool through third grade for disobedient or disruptive behavior during Ohio's 2015-16 school year. More than 2,000 kindergartners were suspended for fighting or violence. Lehner is seeking input from teachers and school officials before advancing her proposal. While local education officials agree early grade suspensions and expulsions should be rare, most oppose a state-imposed ban and prefer that discipline policies be left up school districts. "Students do need to be in school. We should not be pushing them out of school, particularly at those young grades," said Mt. Healthy Superintendent Reva Cosby. "But I don't think that we should take that option away. I think we are knowledgeable, and we should know when it rises to that level." Mt. Healthy City Schools had more than 600 suspensions and expulsions for kindergarten through third grade in the 2015-16 school year. Greg Landsman, a Cincinnati City Council candidate who ran an education nonprofit, said a student who is repeatedly suspended will "inevitably come to the conclusion that he or she does not belong there." "Dropping out becomes highly likely," he said. "And nobody wants that."Landsman said schools should attack the root of the problem rather than symptoms of the misbehavior by making therapists and counselors available to unruly children.
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Would you delete traumatic memories? Scientists have discovered how
Scientists in Canada have taken the idea of positive thinking to a whole new level – by discovering a way to target and erase bad memories from our brains. Read Full Article at
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EDITORIAL: Legislation to drop test scores from Nevada teacher evaluations is a bad idea
Those who ignore the relationship between teacher quality and achievement do not have the best interests at heart of either students or taxpayers.
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Tuxedoed Trudeau gives ironic but inspiring speech at elite banquet
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told an elite audience in Hamburg that it is time to “get real” about rising inequality which is causing anger among the middle class, urging businesses to “pay your taxes” and “pay a living wage.” Read Full Article at
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What Donald Trump's handshake might tell us about him
The psychology of handshakes, explained.
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AI can now identify objects it hasn’t seen before through ‘probability’
Computers are edging ever-closer to mimicking human intelligence with new technology that allows them to recognize objects based on the probability of what they should look like rather than on comparisons to an actual match. Read Full Article at
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‘Jackie’ Composer Mica Levi Joins Select Club of Female Scoring Oscar Nominees
British experimental-pop musician Mica Levi, composer of “Jackie,” is only the fourth woman in Oscar history to be nominated for an original film score. “Jackie” director Pablo Larrain liked her first score for 2013’s “Under the Skin,” and sought her out to bring what he called “a feminine sensibility” to his portrait of JFK’s widow... Read more »
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Millennials eclipse teens as worst drivers on the road, AAA study finds
Rookie teenage drivers have long been seen as the worst motorists on the road, but now there’s evidence that their older cousins - millennials - may be the most reckless people behind the wheel.
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Mental health crisis training grows in Detroit area
About 36,000 in Michigan have received the training offered by Mental Health First Aid USA        
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Sarah heals her wounds with the help of wolves
Sarah learned how to manage her PTSD with the help of wolves.       
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Sen. Al Franken admits concerns about Trump's mental health
Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) suggested Sunday that he thought President Trump was suffering from poor mental health.
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Berlin Film Review: ‘Devil’s Freedom’
Don’t be fooled by his film’s slim running time: Everardo González, Mexican documentarian and laureate of various international festivals, can pack an awful lot of bleakness into 74 unhurried minutes. But thanks to a simple, chillingly inspired device, “Devil’s Freedom” — a mournful investigation into the phenomenon of Mexico’s “disappeared” from the perspectives of those... Read more »
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Letter: Politics and splinters
Politics and splintersThe current political and social divide is alarming. Our minds and souls are as splintered as our governmental bodies. Splinters fester if not treated with care, kindness, patience and empathy.Stop polarizing friends. The stakes are too high for those of us working in the trenc...
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Vince Li, perpetrator of grisly Greyhound beheading, granted absolute discharge
A Canadian man who killed, decapitated and partially consumed the flesh of a fellow Greyhound passenger during a 2008 bus ride was granted an absolute discharge Friday, effectively reestablishing his freedom following several years of treatment at a Manitoba mental heath facility. The Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board agreed Friday ...
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Rapid City Hospital makes second major policy change
RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) - The Rapid City Regional Hospital has announced that is no longer taking in certain types of mentally ill patients and will instead contact the Pennington County Sheriff's Office to take those individuals in to custody. This is the second major policy change recently made by ...
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Woman who pushed girl in train's path tells why she did it
Autumn Matacchiera knew something was wrong before she found herself on a train platform in Burlington City, N.J.       
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Where you live affects your personality
When people move across state lines, they usually think about what their new place will be like, their new neighbors, their new town -- in short, all the other changes that come with a change of address. But what most people don't consider is the way that the move will change them, too.
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Your annoying habits are actually good for your health
From humming to talking to yourself, some of our stranger quirks can be beneficial to our health: Daydreaming Many regard this as the sign of a short attention span but letting your mind wander can boost your problem-solving abilities. A study at the University of British Columbia found that when participants’ minds wandered, the parts...
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Ditch humans or cooperate? Google’s DeepMind tests ultimate AI choice with game theory
DeepMind, the London-based artificial intelligence unit of Google’s parent Alphabet Inc. has been running a series of simulations aimed at answering a key AI question once and for all: will the robots play nice, or will they try and kill us all? Read Full Article at
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Stop yelling at your kids right this instant
If you want your child to do well at school, stop being so hard on them. Children exposed to harsh parenting are more likely to have poor outcomes at school, according to experts. That is because their interpersonal needs are not being met at home, so they are more likely to become reliant on friends....
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Psychology board investigating murder suspect Gregory ‘Brent’ Dennis
The head of the Nevada Board of Psychological Examiners said Tuesday the agency is investigating the actions of Boulder City psychologist Gregory “Brent” Dennis, who is accused of killing his wife.
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Martellus Bennett sends out inspirational tweets
"This is important. I'm important. You're important."         
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Psychologists group lobbying to tweak Nevada reading initiative
The Nevada Association of School Psychologists is lobbying legislators to eliminate the retention requirement for third-graders under the state’s Read by Grade Three initiative.
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Scientists find new brain target for treatment of autism
Amy WallaceFeb. 7 (UPI) -- Researchers have successfully induced empathy-like behavior in rodents by manipulating a brain circuit as a new treatment for autism spectrum disorder.
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Boulder City psychologist charged in wife’s death released on $250K bail
Psychologist Gregory “Brent” Dennis has been released from custody on $250,000 bail stemming from a murder charge in the 2015 death of his wife, attorney Susan Winters.
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Organization that manages Baltimore's mental health services hires a new CEO
Behavioral Health System Baltimore, the nonprofit that manages the city's mental and behavioral health programs, has promoted an executive within the organization to become its new president and CEO. Crista M. Taylor, the organization's current vice president for programs, will take the lead role...
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Just me and the iron: Using weightlifting as meditation
When I think of meditation, I picture an image of serenity - a wide-open room, a person sitting cross-legged on a mat, eyes closed and mind relaxed. Meditation, to me, conjures up peacefulness, calmness, quietness and stillness. Which is why the sight of bulging biceps, dripping sweat and a barbell...
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New study finds screen time for kids not that bad
Amy WallaceFeb. 7 (UPI) -- A new study from Stetson University in Florida has found that limiting screen time for children and teens is not as necessary as previously thought.
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Chemical switch may lessen schizophrenia symptoms
Amy WallaceFeb. 7 (UPI) -- Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine discovered adjusting levels of kynurenic acid can have significant effects on schizophrenia.
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Dog that snaps at kids must be kept away from little ones: Ask Dog Lady
Dog that snaps at kids must be kept away from little ones: Ask Dog Lady. When you adopt a rescue puppy, you may have to address behavior issues that arise from past abuse. Thomas Ondrey / The Plain Dealer  Dear Dog Lady, My husband and I have two rescue dogs, one of which we named Stranger. He is a large Labrador/bullmastiff mix. The first six months of his life are a mystery, but he showed up in our yard three years ago as a malnourished puppy with a shattered hind leg and we worked very hard to rehabilitate and train him. He is a beautiful and well-behaved dog, but he has a deeply troubling and dangerous issue around young children and we're at a loss. Recently, our neighbor's 8-year-old daughter was lightly petting his head and all of a sudden he growled and snapped at her. Thankfully, he did not bite her and she and her parents were very understanding, but this is unacceptable behavior in our family-oriented neighborhood. This is not the first time he has done this, and it seems it only happens with children under 12-13 years old. After he growls and/or snaps, he immediately cowers and sometimes relieves himself involuntarily. I suspect he was possibly tormented by children as a puppy - even beaten - but we don't know how to begin to correct this behavior. Is there something we can do, or do we need professional help? -- Worried A: Just by asking you do the right thing. Too many people would ignore warning signs of their beloved dog's aggression by rationalizing or denying. Dog Lady applauds you because you care about Stranger -- and Stranger danger. Having your dog evaluated by a dog behaviorist is the best idea. You can find a professional dog trainer in your area by going to the Web site of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers ( Be advised that a "Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist" (the initials C.A.A.B. after a name) is the highest designation for a trainer. Until you have your very strong and powerful dog evaluated, you should keep him away from all children. You must be vigilant. To allow him near children is irresponsible. Adopting two shelter dogs was a wonderful act of kindness. However, as you found out, you also assume responsibility for the mysterious back story of canine fears and behavior. Dear Dog Lady, When my nephew and his fiancee went on vacation, they left their pet parrot, Jambalaya, with me. They said it would be easy as pie to take care of this bird, but it's been terrible for me and for Sherman, my West Highland white terrier. I believe Jambalaya's squawks torment Sherman because the dog follows me around constantly with his ears at half-mast. He tried climbing up to swat or attack the cage, and I had to move it higher. Also, the bird has disrupted my life. My nephew seems to think I will take care of chatterbox Jambalaya whenever he and his fiancee are out of town. I'm the only family member who lives nearby. I am going to have to tell him "no." Do I blame it on the dog? -- Patrick A: The dog will never know what's fair and fowl. Your terrier with the flattened ears can't understand when blame is unjustly pinned on him. So, sure, fault the dear dog. But why not do the brave thing and blame it on yourself? Tell your nephew you love him and he's family, but Jambalaya is foul. She disrupts your household and you must ask him to find another place to park the bird. Write [email protected] and go to to read "Shorty Knows" on the new blog.
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'Honest' photos of most famous faces

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This app helps you develop a closer bond with your sex robot
Want to develop a more personal bond with your sex robot? There’ll be an app for that. Realdoll plans to release the Harmony AI app, which will tap into artificial intelligence to turn the world of automatonic sex assistants on its head. “We are developing the Harmony AI system to add a new layer to...
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