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Philly Clout: Rick Mariano — now with ponytail — returns to Council chambers
RICK MARIANO - you know, former city councilman, did about five years in the clink for bribery, tried his hand at stand-up comedy, learned Krav Maga, says whatever he damn well pleases these days - made a surprise visit to City Council's chambers on Thursday for its first session back from summer vacation.
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Trump touts school choice in Cleveland
CLEVELAND — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump rolled out his $20 billion plan for “school choice” in an appearance at a charter school in a predominantly black area on Cleveland’s east side.
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Teachers approve union at King of Prussia cyber school
Teachers at the Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School in King of Prussia have unionized. After a long wait that included a controversial decision by the full National Labor Relations Board, ballots counted on Wednesday showed that teachers at the school had voted 57 to 15 in favor of being represented by the PA Virtual Education Association, an affiliate of the Pennsylvania State Education Association.
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State school board to vote on Fayette County consolidation
CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - The West Virginia Board of Education is set to vote this week on a consolidation plan for Fayette County's public school system and a policy waiver that would again stop the requirement that teachers be evaluated based on their students' standardized test scores. The Charleston Gazette-Mail ...
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Trump pitches $20 billion education plan at Ohio charter school that received poor marks from state
The Republican nominee faced questions about his visit before he even arrived.
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New Ohio schools Superintendent Paolo DeMaria must advocate for children: editorial
Ohio's new schools Superintendent Paolo DeMaria has a chance to show that he can stand up to political pressure, unlike some of the state's recent superintendents, and that he will be a committed advocate for our children, writes the editorial board. Ohio's new schools superintendent, Paolo DeMaria, might have a hard time filling the shoes of some of his predecessors -- not because they were so big, but because they were so small.  More on Ohio's new school chief This gives DeMaria an opportunity to show that his key concern is ensuring that Ohio's children get a top-notch education and that their parents and the public have a permanent seat at the table for any decisions. In particular, DeMaria needs to work hard to keep the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) insulated from political pressure. His predecessors did not achieve those goals. Richard Ross, who retired last year, was sandbagged by former school choice director David Hansen's deliberate omission of the failing grades of online charter schools. Hansen resigned from ODE soon after. He is the husband of Beth Hansen, Kasich's chief of staff and former presidential campaign manager.   Before that, schools Superintendent Stan Heffner handed in his retirement papers in 2012 after Ohio Inspector General Randall Meyer said he lobbied the state on behalf of an education company he had agreed to work for -- which shows he had little consideration for the needs of Ohio's children or its taxpayers.  DeMaria ought to set the bar higher for the Ohio superintendency than it has been for some time.  There are clear signs that DeMaria is willing to do the job -- especially given his crackdown on inadequate reporting by publicly funded charter schools in Ohio -- but to ensure that DeMaria has a clear field for reform, there needs to be a change in the governor's office as well. About our editorials Editorials express the view of the editorial board of and The Plain Dealer -- the senior leadership and editorial-writing staff. As is traditional, editorials are unsigned and intended to be seen as the voice of the news organization. * Talk about the topic of this editorial in the comments below. * Send a letter to the editor, which will be considered for print publication. * Email general questions or comments about the editorial board to Elizabeth Sullivan, opinion director for // $('.floatingSeries').css({'font-family':'arial,helvetica,sans-serif','font-size':'14px','line-height':'20px','color':'#333333','width':'255px','margin':'10px','margin-right':'0px','float':'right','border-bottom-color':'#dadada','border-bottom-style':'solid','border-bottom-width':'1px','padding-bottom':'2px'});$('.floatingSeries h3').css({'text-transform':'uppercase','color':'#363636','font-size':'30px','line-height':'28px','padding-bottom':'7px','border-bottom-color':'#363636','border-bottom-style':'solid','border-bottom-width':'4px'}); $('.floatingSeries ul').css({'list-style-type':'none','list-style-position':'outside','list-style-image':'none','margin':'0px','padding':'0px'});$('.floatingSeries li').css({'font-family':'arial,helvetica,sans-serif','font-size':'14px','font-weight':'normal','color':'#333333','font-weight':'bold','line-height':'20px','border-top-width':'1px','border-top-style':'solid','border-top-color':'#cccccc','margin':'0px','margin-top':'6px','margin-bottom':'6px','padding':'0px','padding-top':'6px','padding-bottom':'4px','color':'#333333','text-decoration':'none'});$('.floatingSeries a:link').css('color','#333333');$('.floatingSeries h3').css('margin-bottom','2px'); // ]]> Gov. John Kasich must be more outspoken and explicit in showing his support for DeMaria in his fight with politically connected charter school interests. Admirably, DeMaria has resisted legislative efforts to defang House Bill 2, Ohio's tough new charter school reform law that requires improved ODE evaluations and oversight. That's critical, since some Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly already have blocked a new rule prompted by HB 2 that required charter school sponsors to prove to the state that they are complying with all of its rules - about 300 in all. Instead, lawmakers sent the rule to a rule-making committee to evaluate, a delaying tactic that could take months. The evaluations are supposed to be done by Oct. 15. DeMaria, in response, decided to take a random sample of 10 percent of each of the sponsors' schools to meet the requirement and complete the evaluations by the deadline. That was smart. But Kasich should have spoken up and told meddlesome legislators to follow the law. Speak up for charter school reform, Gov. Kasich ODE under DeMaria has also been fighting a legal battle to get student attendance records from ECOT, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, an online school that has been criticized by the state for failing to show that its students have the required 920 hours of active learning in an academic year. DeMaria also has to make sure that the 19-member elected state board of education -- his immediate bosses -- and the public are in the loop.  That didn't happen under Ross, who engaged, with the help of some Mahoning County officials and others, in a top-secret state takeover of the underperforming Youngstown schools without the knowledge of either state school board members or the city. Ross' lack of full transparency poisoned politics on the board and tainted his reputation. DeMaria needs to learn from his predecessors' mistakes and make sure he is an honest advocate who sees his job as working on behalf of Ohio's children and being open and honest with the public. If he can achieve those goals, he could be one of the best superintendents that Ohio has had in some time. Have something to say about this topic? Use the comments to share your thoughts, and stay informed when readers reply to your comments by using the Notification Settings just below.
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Maryland schools could trim spring break to meet Hogan executive order
School administrators across the state say they will consider shortening spring break to meet the requirements of Gov. Larry Hogan's new executive order to start the school year after Labor Day beginning next year.From Allegany County to the Eastern Shore, Maryland school systems will be ripping...
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U.S. Department of Education awards grant to Renaissance Academy
Federal education officials will send more than $350,000 to Baltimore's Renaissance Academy High School to help students and staff recover from the stabbing death of a student in a classroom last year.The U.S. Department of Education said the Project School Emergency Response to Violence grant...
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A nontraditional school opens in Kensington
The Rev. Michael V. Marrone, a former Catholic high school teacher, dreamed of opening a school for students who struggled in traditional classrooms and were behind in reading and math.
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2 ex-Detroit principals sentenced in school fraud case
DETROIT (AP) — Two former Detroit principals will spend time in prison for taking kickbacks from a vendor in a scheme that defrauded the city's public school system of $2.7 million.
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Hogan blasts bill that would limit education reforms
Gov. Larry Hogan on Friday blasted an education reform bill that's moving through the General Assembly, calling it "misguided and horrible."Hogan said the bill — known as the "Protect Our Schools Act" — would thwart "an exciting opportunity to move beyond outdated practices" for reforming schools....
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After proposals to plug city schools deficit, principals face new decision: What can they expect to restore?
Baltimore principals have agonized over their next budgets, cutting arts classes, tutors and librarians to prepare for an impending $130 million deficit across the city school district. Now they face another decision: What can they expect to restore? School district administrators are calculating...
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Bill curbing suspensions, expulsions of youngest Maryland students nears final approval
Shirl Struck says her son, Noah, was getting suspended so often for acting out at Baltimore's Patterson Park Public Charter School that she had to quit her job.Noah is 6. He has autism."It didn't seem to me that suspension should ever be an option for them," the 49-year-old nurse said. "I mean,...
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Hogan pledges veto of bill that would limit Maryland school reforms
Gov. Larry Hogan is pledging to veto a bill moving quickly through the General Assembly that would prevent Maryland from enacting controversial reforms for struggling schools.The bill would prevent the state from creating a new district to govern the lowest-performing schools. It would also prohibit...
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Hogan visits Montgomery County school with U.S. Education Secretary DeVos
Gov. Larry Hogan popped into a Montgomery County elementary school Thursday morning to read some Dr. Seuss. He shared the job with one of the Trump administration's most divisive figures: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.The Republican governor and DeVos greeted second graders from Carderock Springs...
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With few students in an aging building, a Camden school is closing
District officials say declining enrollment and a crumbling building led to decision to close Sumner Elementary School.
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Split SRC approves plan to spend $2.9 billion in 2017-18

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Hogan steps back from harsh comments on Montgomery’s handling of alleged rape
The governor and U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos read to students at a Bethesda school Thursday morning.
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NYC Schools Chancellor ready to work with Betsy DeVos
Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña urged Trump's new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos not to cut funding for the city's public schools.
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Education Secretary DeVos criticized teachers at D.C. school she visited — and they're not having it
Newly minted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had a hard time getting inside the District of Columbia's Jefferson Middle School Academy last week when protesters briefly blocked her from entering. But at the end of her visit -- her first to a public school since taking office -- she stood on Jefferson's...
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Evers faces Humphries, Holtz for state superintendent
MADISON, Wis. (AP) - The race for Wisconsin's top education official pits a two-term incumbent backed by public school advocates and Democrats against two more conservative opponents who want to expand the private voucher program and undo the Common Core curriculum. Incumbent Tony Evers faces John Humphries, a former administrator ...
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Immaculate Conception school in Towson closed due to illness, parents told
Immaculate Conception School in Towson was closed today, and will remain closed Friday, as a number of students and teachers have become ill, according to messages sent to parents. A woman who answered the door at the 500-plus student private school Thursday morning confirmed the school was closed...
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Baltimore schools CEO: No commitments yet from State House, City Hall to close funding gap
Baltimore school officials are asking state and city lawmakers for $65 million to shrink their $130 million budget deficit and avert more than 1,000 layoffs. But schools CEO Sonja Santelises said she has "no firm commitments" from the State House or City Hall. Even with additional money, Santelises...
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In her first public speech, DeVos focuses on magnet schools' attractions
Essential Education: Restorative justice for parents Feb. 15, 2017, 4:02 p.m. Welcome to Essential Education, our daily look at education in California and beyond. Here's the latest: L.A. Unified is looking at a way to smooth conflict between parents and schools. U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy...
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Snyder proposes cut for private, homeschooled students
Snyder’s plan would cap yearly spending on “shared-time” programs at $60 million, down from $115 million this year        
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Principal, DFT: Detroit needs sanctuary schools
At Western International High School — on the city's southwest side — the big topic is immigration.        
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Bancroft's new, Mount Laurel campus begins to take shape
As new buildings go up, the school plans to relocate from Haddonfield in early 2018.
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Feds cite D.C. charters for high suspension rates, particularly for black students
A new Government Accountability Office report says suspension and expulsion rates for charters in Washington, D.C., are double the national rates and disproportionately high for black students and those with disabilities.
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Teacher plans to shame mayor, SRC, superintendent with I-95 billboard

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Andru Volinsky: Edelblut’s extreme views would harm state’s public school children
New Hampshire’s Executive Council is a unique institution specifically designed as a check on the power of the governor. As part of that check, the job of an executive councilor includes a responsibility to dissent. I recently challenged the nomination of Frank Edelblut to be our next education comm...
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Letter: Full-day kindergarten support is bipartisan
Kindergartensupport bipartisanI want to thank Gov. Sununu for including funding for full-day kindergarten in his budget. As the opportunity gap in our state widens and our student population becomes increasingly diverse, expanding access to high-quality early education programming is vital to the su...
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Public schools step up fight to win back charter students

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At Meredith, a kindergarten lottery stirs worries - and larger issues

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Protesters briefly block Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s visit to a D.C. school
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos encountered protesters Friday morning outside a D.C. middle school and found her way barred as she tried to enter through a side door, forcing her to retreat into a government vehicle as a man shouted "Shame!"
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DeVos backlash: Parents threaten to homeschool kids after appointment
Betsy DeVos’s confirmation as education secretary has prompted parents to threaten to homeschool their children, in response to the billionaire’s lack of education experience and her support for the privatization of education. Read Full Article at
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With historic tiebreaker from Pence, DeVos confirmed as education secretary
The education nominee squeaks through as vice president breaks a Senate deadlock
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Maryland Democrats blast Hogan's education agenda, likening it to Trump's
Maryland Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday made their case against a series of state education bills that they say push a "privatization agenda" also championed by President Donald Trump and his controversial new education secretary, Betsy DeVos. Dozens of Democrats joined the state teachers union...
-2 points by Baltimore Sun | Public school High school School types Independent school Private school Charter school Teacher United States
Betsy DeVos: Fighter for kids or destroyer of public schools?
There were strong, mixed opinions Wednesday after Donald Trump appointed Betsy DeVos as education secretary        
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Senators vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as education secretary
Many voters expressed outrage at DeVos' potential appointment in the weeks leading up to the confirmation vote, citing her work in Michigan to expand voucher programs - which see tax-payer money follow typically lower-income students to private schools - as well as her statements lambasting public education.
4 points by The Houston Chronicle | Democracy Voting United States Senate Private school Texas Independent school Public school United States Cabinet
Betsy DeVos confirmed Education secretary; Pence casts deciding vote
Democrats said she had no experience as an educator, administrator or even as a parent or student in public schools.         
-2 points by Arizona Republic | Party leaders of the United States Senate Mitch McConnell High school United States Senate Education Democratic Party Charter school Public school
Betsy DeVos confirmed Education secretary in historic vote
Democrats said she had no experience as an educator, administrator or even as a parent or student in public schools.         
-2 points by Arizona Republic | Party leaders of the United States Senate Mitch McConnell High school United States Senate Education Democratic Party Charter school Public school
Column: School choice boosts civil rights
Parents should have the freedom and ability to send their kids to a school of their choice, Brice writes        
-2 points by The Detroit News | Education Teacher High school Public school Charter school Education in the United States Martin Luther King Jr. School choice
U.S. Senate must reject DeVos appointment
DeVos is unqualified in every respect to serve as head of this critical department.        
24346 points by Detroit Free Press | Charter school Dick DeVos Public school Minnesota Michigan Charter Republican Party Lobbying
Sen. Kamala Harris joins Democratic senators in 24-hour floor session to sink DeVos' confirmation
Betsy DeVos lacks basic knowledge of American schools and should not be confirmed as secretary of Education, Sen. Kamala Harris said Monday night as Democrats made a last-ditch effort to sink DeVos’ nomination. “Our country needs a secretary of Education who has demonstrated basic competency when...
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Now Cuomo and de Blasio are squabbling over school funding
Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are waging a nasty food fight over education funding. Cuomo delivered a shot at City Hall, claiming he and state lawmakers have done more to aid New York City schools than the mayor and the City Council. Cuomo’s budget office said the state increased education aid to the city...
57 points by New York Post | New York City Charter school Public school School Mayor of New York City New Orleans Charter Education
My Turn: Choice is what education needs most
In her My Turn essay “School choice is dismantling America” (Monitor Forum, Jan. 26), Jane Hunt tries to connect economist Milton Friedman to anti-desegregation forces reacting to 1954’s Brown v. Board of Education. She must have hoped that her audience hasn’t read Friedman’s work. He consistently...
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Teachers, students rally to prevent Detroit school closings
Twenty-five schools in Detroit are on the list of 38 Michigan schools that could close.        
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Baltimore lawmakers quiz state budget secretary over proposed cuts
Going in front of Baltimore lawmakers to pitch a budget that would cut the amount of cash the state puts into the city's coffers, Budget Secretary David R. Brinkley tried Friday to paint a rosy picture. Republican Gov. Larry Hogan's fiscal policies will attract jobs to Baltimore, he said, and a...
17 points by Baltimore Sun | Private school School voucher Public school Independent school High school Charter school William Rehnquist Alternative education
The popular uprising that threatens the Betsy DeVos nomination

9 points by The Houston Chronicle | Private school Independent school Public school Individuals with Disabilities Education Act High school United States United States Senate United States Congress
Betsy DeVos and the twilight of public education
Are parents nationwide about to confront the same dubious choices the parents of Detroit's schoolchildren face?       
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