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Attacks have killed 44 Pakistanis working on China corridor since 2014
KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) - Militants trying to disrupt construction of an "economic corridor" linking China with Pakistan's coast have killed 44 workers since 2014, an official said on Thursday, a rising toll likely to reinforce Chinese worry about the project's security.
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Pakistan: Women trained in motorcycling for mobility
Provincial project aims to boost female empowerment and independence by training women to ride and defy taboo.
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Spate of terrorist bombings tests Pakistani resolve
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Humiliated by a spate of suicide bombings that shook the nation and shattered official claims of winning the war on terrorism, Pakistani authorities have launched a sweeping retaliatory offensive across the country since Friday, hunting and killing more than 100 suspected Islamist militants, pledging to “liquidate” all terrorists, and placing security forces on high alert.
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Wailing, anger at Sufi shrine in Pakistan after bomber kills 77
SEHWAN SHARIF, Pakistan (Reuters) - Wailing Sufi devotees thronged a blood-stained shrine in southern Pakistan on Friday, shouting at police a day after a suicide bomber killed at least 77 people in an attack claimed by a regional branch of Islamic State.
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Islamic State Claims Southern Pakistan Bombing That Killed at Least 70
Islamic State claimed responsibility for a deadly bombing at a Sufi Muslim shrine in southern Pakistan on Thursday that killed at least 70 people and wounded hundreds, the second such attack the group has claimed in three months.
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Suicide blast at famed Sufi shrine in Pakistan kills at least 73
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — At least 73 people were reported killed and up to several hundred injured today when a suicide bomber struck inside a famous Sufi shrine in southeastern Pakistan while devotees were performing a weekly ritual dance, police and medical officials said.
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Blast hits Pakistan's Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Sufi shrine
At least 72 dead, including children and women, as ISIL claims attack at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine in Sindh province.
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IS attacks Pakistan shrine, killing at least 39
KARACHI, Pakistan — An Islamic State suicide bomber targeted worshippers at a famous shrine in southern Pakistan on Thursday, killing at least 39 people and wounding over 100 others, officials said, in one of the deadliest attacks the country has seen in recent months.
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Suicide blast at shrine: At least 30 killed

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Suicide attack kills five in Mohmand Agency's Ghalanai
The bomb was detonated when two suicide bombers were stopped from entering the tribal headquarters in Mohmand Agency.
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Pakistan mourns victims of Lahore rally blast
Shops and businesses close and flags at government buildings fly at half-mast, following Monday's attack that killed 13.
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Pakistan: Deadly bomb blast rips through Lahore rally
Bomb blast in the centre of the Pakistani city of Lahore kills at least 11 people and wounds dozens, officials say.
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Ministry of Silly Stunts? Bizarre Pakistani school for razor wire tricks seeks govt funding (VIDEO)
A school in a war-torn region of Pakistan helping lionhearted stunt artists to master outlandish tricks, such as eyelid weightlifting and nail walking, wants the government to provide it with funding. Read Full Article at
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Could India and Pakistan go to war?
Could India and Pakistan really go to war? It almost seems an absurd question to ask.
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Sikh man discovered US bombing suspect
What Harinder Bains did isn't unusual: He saw something suspicious and called police.
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India weighs response to deadly Kashmir attack it blames on Pakistan
SRINAGAR, India/NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India stepped up patrols along its de facto border with Pakistan on Monday after gunmen killed 18 soldiers at a nearby army base, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi's administration weighed its response to an attack India blames on its neighbor.
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55 Sikhs arrested following wedding protest at UK temple
Police arrested 55 protesters at a Sikh temple in Leamington Spa on Sunday. They said numerous “bladed weapons” had been seized at the scene. Read Full Article at
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Tragedy of Bangladesh is repeated in Balochistan, alleges Baloch activists
The Pakistan army is committing horrendous atrocities in Balochistan province, allege local human rights activists.
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