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Cam Newton keeps playing after three hits to head during Panthers-Broncos game
Carolina quarterback Cam Newton took three hits to the head from Denver Broncos defenders Thursday night, including one from safety Darian Stewart with 36 seconds left. Those watching on TV must have been thinking there was no way Newton could continue to play after a helmet-to-helmet hit like...
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Comedian Michael Jr. asks Content Marketing World attendees: "What's your punchline?" #CMWorld 2016
"What is your 'set-up'? Your set-up is what you have received. And your punchline is what you're called to do" with those talents, abilities and opportunities, comedian Michael Jr. said. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- When comedian Michael Jr. performed before one of his largest audiences early in his career, he told the Content Marketing World conference in Cleveland on Thursday, he basked in their applause and appreciation for his family-friendly jokes about life and fatherhood. He loved delighting them with stories like the time his four-year-old son told him he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up. Michael Jr. was ecstatic and proud, until his son added: "Or a dinosaur." Michael Jr. enjoyed being asked for hugs and high-fives after his shows, and that fans wanted to take selfies with him. But one time he noticed a homeless man across the street, "and I thought to myself, 'What about him?'" Comedian Michael Jr. urged the Content Marketing World crowd to find the 'why' to which they were called.Courtesy Wetzler Studios  "Me doing comedy, and doing all of these TV shows and making all these people laugh, is really just a set-up," he said. "My punchline is to make laughter commonplace in uncommon places." "Now I'm not looking to take; I'm looking for an opportunity to give. This changed everything." One time he performed at the Dolphin House, a Colorado home for abused and neglected children. A boy in the front row had been so badly tortured by his mother, he wore a Spiderman costume wherever he went. "Twenty-five minutes into [my routine], I hear a voice and the voice says, 'My name is Ronan,' and this little boy pulls off his mask," he said. "It was one of the most powerful moments in my entire comedy career." "If we could just stop asking the question 'What can I get for myself?' and start asking the question 'What can I give from myself?' I think people would learn that don't have to be a comedian to deliver a punchline," Michael Jr. said. "What is your 'set-up'? Your set-up is what you have received. And your punchline is what you're called to do" with those abilities and opportunities. "It's not really about 'what'; it's about 'why,'" he said. As a stand-up comedian, "I have a lot of opportunities for 'what,' but my 'why' doesn't change." Related Plain Dealer stories: #CMWorld 2016: Nine things to know about the Content Marketing World conference in Cleveland this week (photos, video) LEGO's global director of social media shares why kids love those plastic bricks: #CMWorld 2016 (video) He showed a clip from his "Michael Jr.'s Break Time" show, when he pauses in the middle of his stand-up routine to talk to someone from the audience, "and funny just happens." At a show in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, he met E. Daryl Duff, a musical director at Oak Ridge Military Academy, and asked him to sing a few bars of "Amazing Grace." Duff complied, but when Michael Jr. asked him to sing the "'hood version," and pretend that his uncle had just been freed from prison and that he'd been shot as a child, Duff sang a wondrously heartfelt rendition of the hymn that had the audience standing up and cheering. "That bro can sing, you know what I'm sayin'?" "So the first time I asked him to sing, he knew what to do," Michael Jr. told the CMWorld crowd. "But the second time I asked him to sing, he knew why he was singing, and the people around him felt like they needed to move." To have more impact and purpose in what you do, "the key is to understand why," he said. "The work that you're putting out there -- Is it causing people to get up and do something?" he asked. Content Marketing World founder Joe Pulizzi said he saw Michael Jr. performing in a video nine months ago and decided: "I want that message for this audience." "Comedy is like dating somebody you really, really like," Michael Jr. said. He likes to take his time, building his case, and win people over slowly, before delivering the punchline. "Comedy just kind of follows me. It just kind of shows up," he said.  Content Marketing World attendees appreciated Michael Jr.'s gentle brand of humor and storytelling on Thursday morning, Sept. 8.Courtesy Wetzler Studios  "Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day," Michael Jr. said. "If you teach him how to fish, you've got to buy him a fishing pole, bait, tackle, and drive that dude back and forth to the lake. Just give that dude a fish sandwich, and show him a reason for fishing." The father of five said family portraits are so expensive, he just puts everyone in the front seat of his car, looks both ways and runs a red light. "Two weeks later, a picture comes in the mail," he said. "But my son blinked, so we had to do it again." "Recently, some people took me 'ball-hunting.' Some people call it 'golf.' First of all, it took all day. I shot a 121. Then we had lunch," and his friends wanted to go back out and shoot the other nine holes. When they told him the greens would be awesome, he said he showed up with some corn bread. Michael Jr. said just as in comedy, there's a set up and then a punchline. And if delivered well, "there's revelation, fulfillment, and joy, expressed through laughter." Life is like that, too. The challenges you face are practice and preparation for what you're supposed to be doing. "The set-up is your talents, resources, and opportunities that seem to be moving you in one direction, and the punchline is when you change that direction," he said. "What about your story? What is your 'why'?" he asked the audience. "Or are you too busy jumping from 'what' to 'what' to even ask that question?" Some of Michael Jr.'s other observations: -- On going on vacation in Mexico: He thought everyone was calling him the N-word. "The third day, I realized they were saying, 'Amigo,' and it was all cool." -- On major league baseball players being able to summon a pinch runner: He said he would love to be able to call in a sub when his wife asks him something he can't answer, such as: "Does this dress make me look big?" -- On waking up early: Michael Jr. said he is mystified by sayings like: "The early bird catches the worm," because "the worm got up early, too, and look what happened to him." -- On those who are obsessed with social media: "Get off social media for a little while, so you can have regular conversations with people," he said. A fan once came up to him after a show and asked: "Michael Jr., can you 'like' me?" "Does anybody like you?" Michael Jr. asked. "Not as many people as I'd like," the man said. "Hey, it may be your approach," Michael Jr. suggested. "Well, can you 'like' me when you go home tonight?" the man persisted. "If I don't like you now, why would I like you after I go home? Are you going to follow me home or something?" Michael Jr. asked. "I will if you 'like' me," the man chirped back. Follow @janetcho
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South African victim-blaming textbook blasted for rape question
A South African school textbook that has been in circulation for the past five years has come under fire for including a question about a rape victim suggesting she was to blame for the assault. The harshly criticized publisher has promised a re-issue. Read Full Article at
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An unforgettable sale: 9/11 mattress TV commercial catches heat
It’s been 15 years since the September 11, 2001 attacks, but a commercial from a San Antonio mattress store may prove it’s still “too soon.” As part of its “Twin Towers sale,” Miracle Mattress offered to sell any sized mattress for the price of a twin. Read Full Article at
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Critic's Notebook: Matt Lauer Loses the War in a Battle Between the Candidates
NBC’s presidential military forum exposed Mr. Lauer’s weaknesses as an informed interviewer.
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Hillary Clinton finally gave a news conference. What took so long?
Painless. And not surprising.
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Judge: Elliott can participate in pension board meetings
FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - A judge has ruled ousted Kentucky Retirement Systems board member Thomas Elliott can still participate in meetings, but he won't have a vote. Republican Gov. Matt Bevin is trying to remove Elliott from the board. Elliott sued Bevin, one of several pending lawsuits testing the limits ...
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Matt Lauer was tougher on Ryan Lochte than on Donald Trump
Clearly Lauer is capable of confronting and correcting misinformation. He just didn't do it with Trump.
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Editorial: Clinton should face the press
Clinton should provide frank answers to questions presented by a press that serves the interests of the public        
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How to talk to kids about Donald Trump: Column
Look to philosophy. It's part of all our lives, and a great guide to debating the big questions.         
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‘Just wrong’: Walmart & Coke remember 9/11 with controversial display (IMAGES)
Coca-Cola and Walmart chose to remember the victims of 9/11 with a display of the Twin Towers in front of the US flag made entirely from cans. Read Full Article at
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Mike Pence just upped the pressure on Donald Trump to finally renounce birtherism
Trump's position on this issue hasn't really changed.
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Pitt on Trump: 'What does he even mean, take our country back?'
"Where'd it go?"         
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Richard Simmons' brother discusses fitness guru's personal life
The hummingbirds are sooo worth it!
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Trump’s ‘fake news media’ accountability survey gets trolled & ridiculed
In his quest against ‘fake news’, Donald Trump has launched a Mainstream Media Accountability Survey asking Americans to “fight back against the media’s attacks and deceptions.” The unprecedented poll was met with much trolling online. Read Full Article at
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Fox host Shepard Smith slams president, Trump supporters call for his head
"It's crazy what we're watching every day," Smith said.       
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'Sit down': Trump calls Jewish magazine reporter a liar
In response to a question Thursday about threats to Jewish centers nationwide, President Donald Trump called a Jewish reporter a liar, told him to sit down and later said anti-Semitism was coming from "the other side."
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Here are some of the puzzling moments from Trump's first solo news conference
On his 28th day in office, President Trump held his first solo news conference. It lasted about 90 minutes and left viewers with a number of moments that were, well, out of the norm for presidential briefings. But, of course, those norms were set before Trump was elected president. The appearance...
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Journalists React to President Trump’s ‘Crazy’ Press Conference
Shepard Smith, the Fox News anchor, on Thursday afternoon seemed to have had enough of Donald Trump’s slams at the media as peddlers of “fake news” — or, when it comes to CNN, “very fake news.” “It is crazy what we are watching every day, it is absolutely crazy,” Smith said. “He keeps repeating ridiculous... Read more »
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Man steals prescription meds from elderly Aberdeen woman
Aberdeen police are asking for the public's help in regard to a home invasion last weekend involving an elderly woman. Around 8 p.m. Sunday, a woman was outside walking her dog in the first block of Market Street, according to Sgt. Will Reiber of Aberdeen Police Department. When she returned to...
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Donald Trump was asked a question about anti-Semitism. His answer was about the electoral college.
"I think a lot of good things are happening and you're going to see a lot of love. You're going to see a lot of love. Okay?"
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What happens when your bank asks strange questions to verify identity?: Money Matters
Chase called me and said they were sending me a new credit card because of some suspicious activity. The bank started asking me to verify personal information and it was obvious it was information from my credit report, which they were using without my approval. They were asking things about like the cars that I'd own previously. Q: Not long ago, Chase called me and said they were sending me a new credit card because of some suspicious activity. The bank started asking me to verify personal information and it was obvious it was information from my credit report, which they were using without my approval. They were asking things about like the cars that I'd own previously. Why are they going to credit reports, which I assume they buy so they can sell us higher interest rates? M.X., Cleveland A: There is so much weird about your question. First, I question whether the call you got was actually from your bank. I've received calls about suspicious activity before on my credit card and they always focus on wanting to verify specific transactions, naming the merchant and dollar amount. From there, it's, "Yes, these transactions were legitimate." Or, "No they weren't," and the account gets closed and a new account number and cards are issued. I've never been asked during one of these calls (I've gotten maybe six or eight over the years) for any personal information, such as the account number, my Social Security number or anything about what cars I owned in the past or other loans or accounts I had. The credit card company has called and said, "This is Jamie from XYZ Bank, calling to verify a couple of transactions on your credit card account . . . " And then the person states a merchant and date and transaction amount. I always tell people to never provide or confirm personal information of someone supposedly calling from a financial institution, unless the call was expected. If someone calls and says they're from XYZ Bank and want to confirm a couple of transactions: $212 at Best Buy and $137 at Main Street Restaurant in Orlando, Fla. You say, "Yes, those are genuine," or "No, those aren't legitimate." Beyond that, a consumer shouldn't confirm any information or offer any personal information. I would never provide or confirm information beyond that to someone calling out of sky blue. Never Ever. If you get a call supposedly from your bank and they want to confirm personal information, you say, "Thank you, I'll call you back." Then you call the phone number that's on the back of your credit card or your account statement, or that you look up independently. You don't call a number they give you. Now, to your real question: I've never heard of banks or credit card companies using more obscure information from someone's credit report to try to verify someone's identity, such as what kinds of cars they had in the past. I just have difficulty believing a bank would have that kind of information on their verification checklist. (That's why I wonder whether the caller was from your bank.) I asked another bank, KeyCorp, Cleveland's largest bank, how it handles issues like this. "Key does not access credit reports to verify client identity,"said spokewoman Drez Jennings. Have a question or comment? Murray is The Plain Dealer's personal-finance writer. Because of the volume of requests, she cannot help everyone who contacts her. To reach Murray: [email protected] columns online: Facebook: MurrayMoneyMattersOn Twitter: @teresamurray ------------------------------------------- In this type of situation, say if you call your bank to discuss your account, the bank may try to verify your identity by asking for your Social Security number, date of birth, the amount of your last deposit or payment or the answers to any "secret questions" you've provided, such as your mother's maiden name. As I've said before, you should never provide truthful answers to any "secret questions," because these answers are easily obtained or know. Don't provide your mother's maiden name or the city where you got married or the middle name of your youngest sibling. You make up answers, and then remember them. You mention that you think it's inappropriate for a bank to look at your credit report. Honey, they have your credit report. Banks and credit card companies that you have an existing account with can pull your credit report information every single month under what's called "an account review."
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‘Do you like camping?’ FBI uses 48 questions to calculate a person’s terrorism risk
Determining whether someone will carry out a terrorist attack is a struggle for governments across the globe. However, the FBI uses a survey of 48 questions to help them decide – and one of the indicators is apparently if a person likes to go camping. Read Full Article at
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No questions for Trump about Michael Flynn, North Korea at White House news conference
The president avoided potentially uncomfortable topics when the reporters he called on chose not to ask about them.
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Americans aren’t rejecting Trump’s immigration ban outright, but it has a tough road ahead
Early support is closely tied to Trump's approval rating, but voters may be swayed by different arguments
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SEE IT: Beyoncé’s trippy Grammy performance full of birth symbols
In case you missed it, Beyoncé’s pregnant.
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Newall: In stepping aside, Seth Williams tears up over the wrong things

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For some, popping the question is a destination
It’s courtin’ time and that still means going down on one knee for many proposers of marriage. Only now, more are choosing a special destination to do the asking.Traditionally, the highest concentration of marriage proposals starts in November and stretches to Valentine’s Day, with December as the...
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Time Inc. still has no takers
One magazine-CEO panel at the American Magazine Media Conference had all the potential for excitement, since the single question that was hanging over everyone there on Wednesday was who, if anyone, is going to buy Time Inc. But no real answers emerged. Moderator Linda Thomas Brooks, the MPA chief executive, opened the discussion by asking...
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Sean Spicer lashes out at 'silly' reporters during press briefing
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer took a page out of the President Trump playbook Thursday.
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Here’s what each state has Googled most since the election
“Can Obama run again?” Since the election, that question was Googled more by people living in New York than in any other state in the country, according to search data. Researchers from the real estate company, Estately, have used Google Trends to “measure search traffic for hundreds of terms, names, and questions” from all fifty...
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Trump lawyers ask court to reinstate extreme vetting order
The Justice Department urged the federal courts to back off Tuesday and let President Trump's extreme vetting executive order go back into effect, saying he made national security decisions that are best left to the political branches, not to unelected judges. But a three-judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit ...
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Assemblyman’s joke may be primer for Nevada gambling law change
Assemblyman Jim Wheeler got some chuckles out of fellow legislators with a lighthearted question on Tuesday about the biggest industry in Nevada that most residents already know.
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An Irish magazine weighs the pros and cons of assassinating Trump
The cover of Village features a target on the president's temple.
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Will Richman join SRC in charter-school vote?

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Flight attendant says she rescued girl from human trafficking
"Something in the back of my mind said something is not right," Shelia Frederick told WTSP-TV.       
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Rubin: Would you take $1M to spend 20 years in prison?
Released after winning a new trial, Lamarr Monson could benefit from a 2016 state law — but at a horrendous cost        
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Ex-Seattle port CEO speaks out after resignation
SEATTLE (AP) — The ex-Port of Seattle chief executive said Monday he wants to "clear the record and his good name" in the first public comments he made since he resigned last week.
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Woman gets year in prison for hitting trooper's car while driving drunk on I-355
A mother of four who'd drank as many as a half-dozen tequila shots before driving her van into a parked state police squad car on Interstate 355 and injuring a trooper was sentenced Monday to a year in prison. Natahsa Mister, 31, of Maywood, tearfully apologized for the crash and said she would...
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How to stand out in a group interview
When Sherman Julmis interviewed at Goldman Sachs in Jersey City last October for an internship, he was outnumbered three to one. Although the Pace University Lubin School of Business finance major wasn’t aware of the arrangement ahead of time, the 21-year-old kept his cool, maintaining eye contact with each of his interviewers. “What was going...
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Police question person of interest in slaying of Wheaton woman
Police on Sunday were questioning a relative of a Wheaton woman found slain in her apartment Saturday night and asking for the public's help finding two cars tied to the killing. Authorities were called to a four-unit building in the 1300 block of Woodcutter Lane about 6:45 p.m. Saturday and found...
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De Blasio ducks immunity questions in federal probe
Mayor de Blasio on Friday ducked questions on whether he’s seeking immunity from federal prosecutors in their ongoing probe of his fund-raising operations. “I want you to report accurately I am not answering the question because I want to defer to lawyers to answer the question,” de Blasio told reporters during an unrelated press conference...
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Do Americans support Trump's immigration action? Depends on who's asking, and how.
Three polls tell three different stories on the immigration ban.
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Beware of Facebook ‘cloning’ scam
Some hackers steal your Facebook name, add your friends and use your photos to clone your account. Then they use the fake account to approac...       
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Editorial: Reasons to reject Edelblut
Frank Edelblut, the governor’s choice to lead the state’s Department of Education, faced tough questions during an Executive Council hearing on Tuesday – from some members anyway – and that’s just as it should be. There are several red flags.Edelblut may consider himself an “implementation guy,” but...
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Alabama men who started wildfire get 2 years work release
BOULDER, Colo. (AP) - Two Alabama men who pleaded guilty to starting a July wildfire that destroyed eight homes in Colorado will have to work for two years and spend their time off in jail and pay restitution that could reach over $1 million. Twenty-year-old Jimmy Andrew Suggs and 26-year-old ...
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Smarts, nasty side keeps Lions' OL Robinson in mix
The 2015 seventh-round pick impresses coaches with his blocking acumen and overall intelligence.        
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Elizabeth Gilbert thinks new girlfriend is the best thing in her life
“I met a girl and I’m in love,” the “Eat, Pray, Love” author gushed during a talk at the Airbnb Open conference in Los Angeles on Friday.
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Is French secularism feeding Islamophobia?
We discuss France's use of emergency powers, and debate if the country has a secular double standard on Islam.
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‘Arrival’ highlights how language can divide us
Is a hammer a tool or a weapon? That’s “Arrival’s” most intriguing question (and one of the only intriguing things in the movie).“Arrival” follows Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams), a linguist recruited by the military to figure out how to talk to the aliens who have parked their spaceships at 12 locatio...
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