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Dustin Moskovitz, Facebook co-founder, donates $20 million to Democrats, liberal causes
Arguing that the 2016 election cycle is a "referendum" on the direction of American society, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz said he and wife Cari Tuna are endorsing Hillary Clinton for president and will contribute $20 million to Democratic campaign groups and liberal causes this year. Mr. Moskovitz made the announcement ...
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California's voter guide comes with 224 pages and a $15-million price tag
Good morning. It is Friday, Sept. 9. Peet’s Coffee will donate $250,000 to UC Davis for coffee research. Here's what else is happening in the Golden State: TOP STORIES Bank settlement Wells Fargo’s practice of aggressive sales goals, which led thousands of employees to open as many as 2 million...
28 points by Los Angeles Times | Orange County California California Long Beach California Los Angeles Coastal California Referendum Ventura County California San Francisco Bay Area
This 224-page California voter guide is heftiest one ever, thanks to 17 ballot measures
In a season replete with clothing catalogs and campaign flyers, the biggest item stuffed in mailboxes this fall may be the Nov. 8 statewide voter guide, coming in at a record-setting 224 pages. The information booklet covers all 17 statewide ballot propositions, a document that election officials...
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AP PHOTOS: Editor sections from Latin America, Caribbean
This week Latin America welcomed the first U.S. commercial flight to Cuba in decades and said goodbye to musical icon Juan Gabriel.
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Nicolas Maduro's opponents, supporters hold recall rallies in Venezuela
Andrew V. PestanoCARACAS, Venezuela, Sept. 8 (UPI) -- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's opponents and supporters held rallies in which some violence occurred as part of recall referendum efforts.
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Why marijuana legalization in liberal Mass. might be a tough sell
Deep-blue Massachusetts has a recent history of marijuana-friendly votes. In 2008, voters turned out in droves at the ballot box to decriminalize possession of less than an ounce of pot. Four years later, advocates were rewarded with a landslide victory to legalize medical marijuana in the state. The third act is set for November, when Massachusetts voters will […]
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Bulgarian activists erect border fence to deter Turkish ‘election provocations’
Bulgarian volunteers have begun erecting a fence on the country’s border with Turkey without authorization from the government to “prevent Turkish provocations" during elections, RIA Novosti reports. Read Full Article at
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Dutch populist leader: Moroccan immigrants 'scum'
Dutch populist leader Geert Wilders said "there is a lot of Moroccan scum in Holland who make the streets unsafe" while speaking in Spijkenisse, Netherlands.
32 points by CNN | Populism Referendum Europe Party for Freedom Geert Wilders Arabic language Asia Middle East
Political Road Map: California campaign spending broke records in 2016 — expect more of the same in 2018
Baseball fans are cheering the arrival of spring training, the first chance to see what’s in store for the long season ahead. And there’s another big-money enterprise limbering up: California statewide political campaigns. Candidates and ballot measure supporters alike know that a strong message...
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'California is a nation, not a state': A fringe movement wants a break from the U.S.
About 15 people huddled in a luxury apartment building, munching on danishes as they plotted out their plan to have California secede from the United States. "I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of an independent California," Geoff Lewis said as he stood in a glass-walled conference room adorned...
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“California is a nation, not a state”: A fringe movement wants a break from the U.S.
Bolstered by the election of President Donald Trump, the group, Yes California, is collecting the 585,407 signatures necessary to place a secessionist question on the 2018 ballot. Its goal is to have California become its own country, separate and apart from the United States.
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Swiss ease citizenship for 'third-generation' foreigners
BERLIN — Voters in Switzerland decided Sunday to make it easier for young "third-generation foreigners" to get Swiss citizenship, agreeing to extend to about 25,000 people under age 25 access to the fast-track process now available to foreign spouses of Swiss nationals.A "naturalization of third-generation immigrants" measure passed in a national referendum with 60.4 percent of the vote, Swiss broadcaster SRF reported. The measure gives young people whose parents and grandparents have lived in Switzerland for years a simplified path to citizenship.
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Swiss ease citizenship for foreigners, reject tax reform
BERLIN — Swiss voters decided Sunday that they want to make it easier for "third-generation foreigners" to get Swiss citizenship. They rejected a complex tax reform initiative aimed at getting Switzerland in line with international standards.The "simplified naturalization of third-generation immigrants" measure passed in a national referendum with 60.4 percent of the votes, Swiss broadcaster SRF reported. It simplifies applications for anyone under 25 whose parents and grandparents have lived in Switzerland for years.
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Swiss referendum on citizenship after anti-Muslim row
Vote decides whether to make it easier for third-generation immigrants to become citizens amid anti-Islam campaign.
1591 points by Al Jazeera English | Switzerland Islam Referendum Minaret Swiss People's Party Direct democracy Voting Swiss nationality law
Italy's fake news battle
Who's responsible for spreading fake news in Italy? The populist Five Star Movement, mainstream media or both?
-2 points by Al Jazeera English | Mass media Populism Referendum Election Silvio Berlusconi Marco Travaglio Italy Populist Party
Lawmakers push proposal to raise minimum wage in Nevada
Nevada’s minimum wage would increase 75 cents per hour in each of the next five years under a bill introduced Tuesday in the state Senate.
255 points by Las Vegas Review-Journal | United States Constitution United States Senate Minimum wage Employment United States Congress United States Referendum Legislatures
Facebook, Google, others launch drive against fake news in France
(Reuters) - Social media companies Facebook, Google and a group of news organizations launched an initiative on Monday to tackle fake news stories in France, with the media in the spotlight as the country's presidential election approaches.
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Sorry dudes, California ain’t seceding from the US
California is thinking about leaving us. The “Calexit” movement got underway less than a week after the inauguration of President Trump, when a group called Yes California started gathering signatures for a petition to add a referendum to the state’s ballots in 2019. If the group gets enough valid signatures, Californians will vote on whether...
1900 points by New York Post | United States California Referendum Voting President of the United States George W. Bush U.S. state Democratic Party
Outside Washington, the Democratic resistance to Donald Trump is building
From state legislatures to ballot initiatives, a look at an under-the-radar resistance that could be a significant roadblock to President Trump
3106 points by The Washington Post | Minimum wage Initiative Direct democracy Party leaders of the United States Senate Democratic Party Referendum Elections United States Senate
South Dakota Republicans just got rid of the state's first independent ethics commission
The move is similar to what congressional Republicans tried — and failed — to do in January. Except with very different results.
9430 points by The Washington Post | South Dakota Referendum Democratic Party Republican Party Law Native Americans in the United States United States Initiative
More Mainers voted on 4 referendums than presidential race
Mainers may be more passionate about guns, marijuana and the minimum wage than about the nation's next leader
21 points by The Boston Globe | Election Voting Elections Minimum wage Poll Referendum President of the United States Employment
Groups ease off events for lawmakers under new lobbying law
PIERRE, S.D. (AP) - Some organizations that attempt to influence public policy are backing off events for state lawmakers because of new lobbyist gift limits included in an anti-corruption initiative that took effect this week. The incoming Senate GOP leader sent an email to caucus members saying top Republicans aren't ...
-2 points by The Washington Times | United States Senate Bribery United States House of Representatives Referendum Elections Voting system Lobbying Legislator
Letter: Better use for PAC money
Better use for PAC moneyAs the votes of the election have been tallied and our future representatives are now known to all of us, there is one more tally that should be given some more thought.The tally I am talking about is the amount of money that has been put into these elections. Since the Supre...
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Is Italy about to feel Trump effect? Matteo Renzi's referendum and the populist threat
Martin J. Bull, University of Salford The election of Donald Trump to the American presidency is causing turmoil in Italian politics in the run-up to a Dec. 4 constitutional referendum.
7 points by UPI | Referendum Election Elections Voting Voting system Silvio Berlusconi Italy Barack Obama
Does 'cage-free' mean a better life for chickens?
Massachusetts is the latest state to vote on a ballot initiative to increase the amount of space that animals are allowed in industrial food production systems.
347 points by CNN | Chicken Bird Egg Animal welfare Meat Eggs Referendum Egg
Analysis: This blunder on California marijuana Prop. 64 could cost state millions
The voter-approved Proposition 64 had addressed taxes for recreational and medical marijuana, but the omission of a date has eliminated the tax on medical marijuana from now through the end of 2017.
716 points by The Denver Post | Tax Indirect tax Tax exemption Taxation Initiative Use tax Consumption tax Referendum
Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce opposing casinos measure
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - The Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce says it's opposing a ballot measure that would legalize casinos in three counties. The chamber on Thursday said its executive committee voted earlier this week to oppose the proposed constitutional amendment that would allow the casinos in Boone, Miller ...
1 points by The Washington Times | Arkansas Referendum Voting system Elections John Grisham Poker Little Rock Arkansas U.S. state
Venezuela Electoral Council Sets High Bar for Maduro Vote
The alliance that opposes President Nicolás Maduro must collect 20% of all voter signatures in each state during a three-day period, making it highly unlikely the government will change.
154 points by The Wall Street Journal | Voting Elections Democracy Venezuela Election Referendum Voter turnout Poll
In Cranes’ Shadow, Los Angeles Strains to See a Future With Less Sprawl
An economic resurgence has prompted a debate about height and neighborhood character, and, most of all, what the city should look like a generation from now.
1294 points by The New York Times | Los Angeles City Initiative Downtown Los Angeles Chicago Referendum Los Angeles Police Department Los Angeles County California
Rome Mayor Gets Rocky Start
The new mayor’s debut has been marked by chaos and paralysis. Opponents of her antiestablishment 5 Star Movement party have pounced on the mayhem.
75 points by The Wall Street Journal | Election Rome Democracy Italy Referendum Voting Prime minister Elections
Gun lobby lies about Question 1
Recently, the Secretary of State’s Office released ballot language for the statewide ballot initiatives. As a longtime gun owner and a military veteran, I was looking forward to reading the specifics …
11 points by Las Vegas Sun | Firearm Gun politics in the United States Law Gun Handgun Suppressor Firearms Referendum
Don't believe lies; gun rights aren’t going anywhere
Hillary Clinton cannot get rid of the Second Amendment, as Donald Trump claims, and neither could all the liberal judges she …
1 points by Las Vegas Sun | United States Constitution U.S. state United States Liberalism Constitution United States Congress Referendum Donald Trump
Taxpayers will shell out almost $15 million for California's biggest election guide ever
Essential Politics: California lawmakers remember 9/11 attacks, Gov. Brown signs law to crack down on fake celebrity autographs Sept. 9, 2016, 2 p.m. Welcome to Essential Politics, our daily feed on California government and politics news. Here's what we're watching:The U.S. House of Representatives...
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