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Nigeria facing “a famine unlike any we have ever seen”
Nearly a quarter of a million children are severely malnourished because Boko Haram has disrupted trade and farming.
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‘Jungle’ camp must close to stop mass attacks by migrants – Calais mayor to RT
The mayor of the French port city of Calais is urging the government to completely dismantle the notorious ‘Jungle’ migrant camp as soon as possible. She has joined hundreds of protesters rallying for the closure of the troubled facility. Read Full Article at
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Humanitarian crisis looms as Afghan refugees pressured out of Pakistan
Afghanistan may soon experience a serious humanitarian crisis, as some 600,000 refugees are expected to return by year’s end from neighboring Pakistan, where they are facing increasing pressure, the International Organization for Migration warned. Read Full Article at
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Nigeria on brink of catastrophic famine
The whimpers from skeletally thin babies too weak to cry are a harbinger of worse things to come: A quarter of the children lucky enough to make it to this emergency feeding center are dying. They are the latest victims of Boko Haram’s Islamic insurgency.
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Nigeria facing 'a famine unlike any we have ever seen'
MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — The whimpers from skeletally thin babies too weak to cry are a harbinger of worse things to come: A quarter of the children lucky enough to make it to this emergency feeding center are dying. They are the latest victims of Boko Haram's Islamic insurgency. No ...
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Carr: Thank Teddy for steady flow of illegals into U.S.
I blame Ted Kennedy for the unprecedented national disaster that is illegal immigration into the United States.He isn’t solely to blame for this catastrophe, but Ted Kennedy was the frontman for the legislation that opened the floodgates — the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.Until 1965, the U.S. had a functioning, sane immigration policy. No. 1, we enforced the laws. No. 2, the law was to only accept immigrants who would not become burdens to the taxpayers, and who wanted to assimilate. There was no welfare for aliens — legal or illegal.
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100s of migrants evicted from makeshift camp in Paris, as city plans 2 new major refugee centers
A few hundred migrants have been removed from a makeshift camp in Paris amid growing public discontent with a flood of asylum seekers and the accompanying rise in crime, as well as the mayor’s decision to open two new refugee camps in France’s capital. Read Full Article at
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Nigeria's fight against ill-health and malnutrition
If we can put forward a state and non-state collaboration we can stop the risk of famine in the country.
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Most oppose Trump's wall, split on who is best on immigration
Donald Trump's immigration policies are highly unpopular, but voters are split over whether the Republican presidential nominee or his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, would better handle the issue, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll.
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No to multi-culturalism? Merkel’s Bavarian allies call for ‘dominant’ national, Christian values ens
The Bavarian ruling party and Merkel’s ally CSU has proposed a set of new measures aimed at toughening Germany’s refugee policy and fostering integration and particularly called for enshrining the priority of the German traditional and Christian values in the legislation. Read Full Article at
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France: Protesters demand 'Jungle' camp closure
Amid rising tension, lorry drivers, farmers and workers block traffic to demand closure of the Calais refugee camp.
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Ken Burns' 'Defying the Nazis: The Sharps' War' crisply portrays an American couple's heroism
Not everyone hears the drumbeat of war, but those who do, and turn it into life-saving action, often become some of the most memorable, affirming figures to emerge from the horrors of conflict. Such is the case of Waitstill and Martha Sharp, married Unitarians from Massachusetts who heeded their...
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We can't let Afghanistan slide backwards
The civil war in Afghanistan is raging again. After almost 40 years of near-consecutive conflict -- from the Soviet invasion to the US-led war against the Taliban for its sheltering of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda post-9/11 -- Afghanistan is once again on the international emergency watch list.
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War has uprooted 28 million kids worldwide, UNICEF estimates
Some 28 million children around the globe have been driven from their homes by violent conflict, with nearly as many abandoning their homes in search of a better life, UNICEF said in a report.
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Promised land? For Sudan family, Detroit is like another planet
They were Sudanese refugees given a new home in Detroit. But how do you survive in a land you don't understand?        
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After Edward Snowden Fled U.S., Asylum Seekers in Hong Kong Took Him In
At least four people seeking refuge in the city have come forward to describe how they secretly hosted the former National Security Agency contractor in June 2013.
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Merkel paying price for refugee crisis?
Not long ago, Angela Merkel's dominant position in Germany and her status as the most influential leader in Europe seemed secure.
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'Women like us': On Women and war in Yemen
Four Yemeni women share their experience of the war, their struggles and aspirations.
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Welcome to Germany: Cafe Waldluft
In the pristine Bavarian Alps, Mama Flora's hotel - once a popular tourist destination - is now a home for refugees.
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Welcoming refugees to the pool — in a most German way
German swimming pools are seen as a metaphor for Germany — and for the challenge of integrating newcomers.
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Fleeing Syria as a refugee is tough. Now imagine doing it in a wheelchair
Strapped onto either side of a horse, 30-year-old Alan Mohammad and his 28-year-old sister Gyan crossed craggy mountains from Iraq into Turkey.
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UK slated over planned anti-refugee wall in Calais
Officials say construction of UK-funded four-metre high, 1km-long wall in the French port will start this month.
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UNICEF: 50 million children uprooted by crises
Youngsters driven from their homes by crises they are not responsible for or have little influence over, says UN agency.
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U.S. judge grants Singaporean blogger's asylum request
CHICAGO (Reuters) - A U.S. immigration judge in Chicago on Friday granted asylum to a Singaporean blogger, saying he was persecuted for his political opinions in the Southeast Asian city-state.
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By not taking refugees, the U.S. may make them more dangerous
Militants recruit unsettled refugees who have no other hopes or opportunities.
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2 Brits & 1 French volunteer arrested for giving food to migrants in Italy-France border town
Three volunteers, two Brits and one French citizen, were arrested while distributing food among migrants in the Italian town of Ventimiglia, near the French border. The three were charged with violating a city order prohibiting food donations to refugees. Read Full Article at
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7mn people face starvation as Yemen heads towards man-made famine – Oxfam
The situation in war-ravaged Yemen is starting to resemble a man-made famine, with almost seven million people “knowingly” pushed towards starvation, the latest report from the international humanitarian organization Oxfam says. Read Full Article at
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Week in pictures: From Rohingya exodus to Peru floods
From floods in Peru and fighting in Mosul to Nowruz celebrations, here is the week in photos.
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Churches answer call to offer immigrants sanctuary in an uneasy mix of politics and compassion
The protesters screamed into bullhorns every Sunday for a year after Liliana Sanchez de Saldivar moved into the United Church of Christ in Simi Valley. They told her to go home. It was 2007 and U.S. immigration agents had shown up at her home in Oxnard to take her away. But when they saw the baby...
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West Mosul displacement surges 22% amid ongoing coalition offensive – UN
The total number of displaced civilians in the western part of the Iraqi city of Mosul has increased 22 percent week-on-week as Iraqi forces keep battling Islamic State militants, the United Nations says. Read Full Article at
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Austria doubles cash offer for migrants to leave country
As part of a campaign to speed up the repatriation of around 50,000 asylum seekers, Vienna said it would double the amount of money paid to migrants who voluntarily return home. Read Full Article at
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Judge blocks Louisiana law that kept refugee from marrying
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A judge presided, and the beaming couple embraced teary-eyed well-wishers when it was over. It wasn't a wedding, but it brought Viet Anh Vo and Heather Pham a bit closer to marriage.
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Afghan snowstorms death toll jumps
At least 25 killed in country's north, more than week after over 100 died from avalanches and heavy snowfall.
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Trump widens a generation gap in Vietnamese community: Older hard-liners vs. liberal youths
Steve Tran lifted the lid on the news rack along Little Saigon’s Moran Street and exclaimed: “Great man!”  “I tell you, this idea he has of keeping out Muslims is the right thing to do,” said the 80-year-old, a refugee of the Vietnam War. “We are the good refugees. They’re not political refugees...
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Germany aims to deport record number of rejected asylum seekers in 2017
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany deported a record 80,000 migrants denied asylum last year and that figure will rise again in 2017, a top official said, as Chancellor Angela Merkel seeks to win back conservative voters before elections in September.
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Trump suggests Sweden troubled by refugees after Fox News report
Nothing happened "last night in Sweden" quite like President Trump suggested during his campaign-esque speech Saturday.
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160,000 join pro-refugee protest in Barcelona
Eric DuVallFeb. 18 (UPI) -- Tens of thousands marched through the streets of Barcelona on Saturday, demanding the Spanish government honor a 2015 pledge to take in more refugees.
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Being an immigrant in the US today means ...
The United States has a long and proud history as an immigrant nation. But those communities have been left paralyzed by fear following President Donald Trump's sweeping immigration reforms.
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Dunbarton refugee community fundraiser reaches its goal
The community side of a fundraising campaign to make sure a farm tended by refugees stays fertile reached its goal in just two months.The Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success, along with the Russell Foundation, launched the Our Story Hill effort on Nov. 15, 2016 with the goal of raising $2...
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Building peace through video games in South Sudan
In a country ravaged by war and tribal rivalry, software engineer Lual Mayen promotes unity with video and board games.
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Italy secures backing of Libyan mayors to curb human trafficking
Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti has met with the mayors of ten towns in Libya’s southern desert region to convince them to overcome differences and back the struggle against migrant smuggling through Libyan territory into Europe. Read Full Article at
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'A Day Without Immigrants' movement spurs march, business closures in Baltimore
Hundreds gathered to parade and demonstrate Thursday in Patterson Park, while elsewhere in Baltimore notable restaurants ceased serving, businesses in Hispanic neighborhoods were closed and children of immigrant families stayed home from school. The moves were part of an effort in cities across...
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Denver schools mull resolution protecting immigrant students
DENVER (AP) - Denver's school board will consider a resolution aimed at protecting students who might be affected by President Trump's efforts to strengthen immigration policy. Board members Lisa Flores and Rachele Espiritu plan to introduce a resolution Thursday night that calls on the district to continue its practice of ...
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Businesses across state close in support of immigrants as protesters rally
Restaurants across Houston and Texas closed Thursday in solidarity with a nationwide rally in support of immigrants and hundreds of protesters marched in Austin against President Donald Trump's recent policies. The protests come just days after highly-publicized immigration raids across the country, including Austin and San Antonio, that lead to the arrest of 680 people who Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said in a statement were public safety threats.
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Rubin: Detroit’s Freedom House may close
Freedom House helps asylum-seekers who’ve been beaten or tortured or raped or threatened in their home countries.        
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Plan to scrap child refugee resettlement scheme condemned by UK children’s commissioners
Britain’s four children’s commissioners have written to Tory Home Secretary Amber Rudd expressing their “deep concern” after the government announced it is scrapping a scheme to resettle refugee children. Read Full Article at
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Detroit’s Freedom House may close
Freedom House helps asylum-seekers who’ve been beaten or tortured or raped or threatened in their home countries.        
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Paris installs boulders under bridge to prevent makeshift migrant camps – activists
Paris authorities placed huge boulders under a bridge where asylum-seekers set up a makeshift camp, local activists say, claiming some migrants who are waiting to be resettled have nowhere else to go and have not slept for days. Read Full Article at
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Chicago chefs band together to make soups to benefit immigrant groups
Since President Donald Trump signed restrictive executive orders on immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries a few short weeks ago, many Americans have expressed their dismay, frustration and anger through a series of protests and demonstrations. Likewise, area restaurants have picked up...
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Exclusive: Australia increases pressure, cash offers for PNG asylum seekers to return home
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Officials at an Australian immigration center in Papua New Guinea are increasing pressure on asylum seekers to return to their home countries voluntarily, including offering large sums of money, amid fears a deal for the United States to take refugees has fallen through.
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