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S. Californian faultline has power to trigger earthquakes, tsunamis - study
New research has revealed that a fault in Southern California which was only identified as active in the 1980s has the potential to trigger devastating earthquakes and tsunamis along America’s south west coast. Read Full Article at
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'The air. It smells different. Like freedom.' Man freed after 39 years in prison for murder police now say he didn't commit
Authorities have freed a South Carolina man who served 39 years in prison for a murder that they now say he didn't commit. "I am free," The Herald of Rock Hill quoted James Robert McClurkin as saying. "The air. It smells different. Like freedom." McClurkin, 61, left Broad River Prison on Thursday...
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Massive drills in California, Nevada simulate the aftermath of devastating earthquakes
Cracked hunks of concrete are all that remain of a six-story hotel after a catastrophic magnitude 7.8 earthquake that has left hundreds of thousands of people dead. Nearby, a three-story garage has collapsed into itself and is littered with cars so badly damaged that the make and model of one is...
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