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British society blamed for world’s lowest breastfeeding rate
Societal pressure to look good and go for a night out in the UK has resulted in the world’s lowest breastfeeding rate, according to a public health expert. Read Full Article at
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33 Bangladesh pilgrims die in Saudi Arabia before Hajj
Thirty-three Bangladeshis, including several women who are in Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj, have died from different ailments until now.
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Iranian oil output stagnates for third month amid OPEC bargaining
Iran's steep oil output growth has stalled in the past three months, new data showed, suggesting Tehran might be struggling to fulfil its plans to raise production to new highs while demanding to be excluded from any OPEC deals on supply curbs.
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Hajj 2016: Millions of Muslims start arriving in Mecca
More than 1.5 million people from across the world are expected to perform Hajj this year.
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5 things you need to know Friday
The biggest news to start your day.       
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Chaotic but unforgettable: Experiencing Hajj
'Tis the Hajj season again. Once a year, millions of pilgrims dressed in white descend on Islam's holiest site: Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
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The politics of Hajj
Hajj -- an annual pilgrimage of people, united in spite of sectarian beliefs, regional divisions and rivalries. But this year that chorus will be diminished, writes Nima Elbagir.
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House to vote on Sept. 11 legislation as veto threat looms
WASHINGTON (AP) - The House is slated to vote on a bipartisan bill that would allow families of Sept. 11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia, setting the stage for a showdown with President Barack Obama on the eve of the 15th anniversary of the attacks. The Senate ...
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Hajj rift: Iran calls Saudis ‘murderers,’ Riyadh accuses Tehran of ‘politicizing’ event
Iran has slammed Saudi Arabia for poor management of the annual hajj pilgrimage, citing last year’s event that saw hundreds killed. Tehran suggested that Riyadh be replaced as curator, while the Saudis accuse Iran of “politicizing” the sacred tradition. Read Full Article at
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Saudi FM to meet British MPs, make case for continued arms exports despite war crime claims
Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir will meet with British MPs on Wednesday in a bid to convince them not to ban UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia over concerns the Gulf kingdom is committing war crimes in Yemen. Read Full Article at
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Woman asks Obama: What happened to my husband?
In 1975, 14-year-old Barack Obama and 23-year-old Sombath Somphone were both living in Oahu, the future US president starting high school and the Lao exchange student on his way toward a bachelor's degree from the University of Hawaii.
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9/11 victims might be able to sue Saudi Arabia
The White House said the bill sets a bad precedent, but victims said it would let them investigate if Saudi officials were involved in the attacks.
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Haitian influx continues through Tijuana, straining shelters
With the city’s shelters full, migrant advocates in Tijuana say they are in crisis mode — and calling for more government help in coping with large numbers of Mexicans, Haitians, and others petitioning for entrance to the United States. “People are waiting in the streets,” Father Patrick Murphy,...
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As hajj nears, Saudi Arabia aims to avoid another disaster
Saudi officials prepped for the pilgrimage to Mecca with steps aimed at avoiding another disaster.       
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Syrians on haj pray for peace; Damascus says Riyadh plays politics
MECCA, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - Syrians from territory held by opposing sides in the civil war prayed together for peace as they flew to Mecca for the haj, even as President Bashar al-Assad's government accused Saudi Arabia of politicizing the annual Muslim pilgrimage.
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US calls for release of Bahraini activist Nabeel Rajab
Rajab might be facing charges of trying to "undermine the kingdom" after the New York Times published a letter by him.
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Yemen ‘war crime’ footage emerges day after Theresa May defends Britain’s Saudi arms deals
Just a day after Prime Minister Theresa May defended UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia, cell phone footage has emerged apparently showing a college in Yemen being bombed by Saudi jets. Read Full Article at
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Oil edges lower amid scepticism about output freeze
Oil prices inched has lower as market participants remain sceptical that producers will reach an agreement to freeze output to rein in a global supply glut.
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Crude prices rising on shrinking reserves, China demand
A sharp drop in US crude stockpiles, a weaker dollar, and an increase in Chinese imports have continued to boost recent gains in oil futures. Read Full Article at
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$115bn in US arms for Saudis should leverage reduction of civilian casualties in Yemen – think tank
The US has offered Saudi Arabia $115 billion worth of arms during Barack Obama’s two terms as president, an anti-war think tank counted, arguing that this should give Washington enough leverage to pressure Riyadh to prevent civilian casualties in Yemen. Read Full Article at
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House to vote on allowing Sept. 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia
The measure is likely to pass just in time for the 15th anniversary of the attacks.
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House to vote on ‘sue the Saudis’ bill before 9/11 anniversary
A bill allowing Americans to sue Saudi Arabia over 9/11 will be up for a vote in the House of Representatives before the attack’s 15th anniversary this month. The Senate adopted it unanimously in May, but the White House is threatening a veto. Read Full Article at
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Obama administration arms sales offers to Saudi top $115 billion: report
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama's administration has offered Saudi Arabia more than $115 billion in weapons, other military equipment and training, the most of any U.S. administration in the 71-year U.S.-Saudi alliance, a report seen by Reuters has found.
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Yemen foreign minister urges more support for fight against militia foes
BERLIN (Reuters) - Yemeni Foreign Minister Abdel-Malek al-Mekhlafi on Wednesday urged the international community to step up its support of his government in its fight against the armed Houthi movement, and to help combat arms smuggling from Iran and elsewhere.
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Iran and Saudi Arabia Squabble as Millions of Muslims Begin Pilgrimage
The two nations traded barbs over which one best represents Islam and which one ought to control the religious sites at Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.
1244 points by The New York Time | Iran Mecca Ali Khamenei Ruhollah Khomeini Medina Saudi Arabia Supreme Leader of Iran Muhammad
Khaleda leaves for Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj with Tarique 
Khaleda Zia has left for Saudi Arabia where she will perform this year’s Hajj with her family members including eldest son Tarique Rahman.
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British Parliament attacker used WhatsApp minutes before rampage
British terrorist Khalid Masood used the WhatsApp messaging service on his cellphone minutes before launching his attack that left four dead near Parliament, according to reports. Masood checked the app at 2:37 p.m. Wednesday — just three minutes before police received reports of chaos and carnage on the Westminster Bridge, the Guardian reported. Authorities are...
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U.S. imposes sanctions on China, North Korea entities
A group of 11 entities and individuals were sanctioned for transfers of items to Iran’s ballistic missile program        
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British police release image of Westminster terrorist attacker Khalid Masood
Police have released an image of Westminster attacker Khalid Masood. Read Full Article at
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Infant deformities in Yemen linked to Saudi-led bombardment (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
Doctors in Yemen have reported an increase in children born with deformities as a result of the two-year war that has left the country on the brink of famine. Read Full Article at
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‘Defeating ISIS No.1 US goal’: Tillerson at coalition summit
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is hosting a meeting of the 68-member US-led coalition against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). The Washington, DC summit is the first meeting of the full coalition since December 2014. Read Full Article at
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Europe won’t follow US & UK gadget ban on flights from Middle East
European countries are not going to adopt the new safety regulations prohibiting electronics on flights from some Middle East airports, imposed by the US and Britain earlier this week. Read Full Article at
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Brazil smells something rotten in world's biggest meat producer
The world’s largest meat processing and sales company JBS faces a crisis with Brazilian authorities investigating the firm for bribery of government officials willing to approve the sale and export of tainted meat. Read Full Article at
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Yemenis ‘pay the price’ for UK and America’s ‘brazenly hypocritical’ arms deals – Amnesty
Amnesty International has condemned the US and Britain for supplying arms to Saudi Arabia, arms which have then been used to kill hundreds of civilians in Yemen. Read Full Article at
-1 points by Russia Today | Saudi Arabia Amnesty International Human rights Arabian Peninsula Middle East Yemen Iraq United States
In an ad featuring Jennifer Aniston, Emirates Airlines asks: 'Who needs tablets and laptops anyway?'
Emirates Airlines, one of several foreign carriers affected by a new restriction on electronics on flights to the United States, is responding to the directive with the help of “Friends” actress Jennifer Aniston. A security directive from the United States bars passengers from bringing any electronic...
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Laptop ban: What it's going to cost you
It's happening. Already reports of passengers facing enhanced security and early enforcement of the electronics ban have reached social media.
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Timeline of attacks in Turkey
Bombings since start of 2015 have mostly been blamed on ISIL and armed Kurdish groups.
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Iran accused of undermining Middle East security
Foreign minister backs dialogue with 'brothers in Islam' but Saudi counterpart urges 'red lines' to halt Iran's actions.
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Defense Secretary James Mattis says US air forces heavily involved in Mosul operation
ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — U.S. special forces are operating near the front lines in the battle to retake western Mosul from Islamic State, but Defense Secretary James N. Mattis said Sunday during a visit to Arab allies here that there has been no change to rules of engagement regarding U.S. forces’ role in the Iraqi operation since President Donald Trump took office.
-2 points by Boston Herald | United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Saudi Arabia Al-Qaeda Dubai United States Army Iran United States
Jeddah: Sci-fi fans flock to first ever Comic Con expo
Colourful event in Jeddah comes as Saudi Arabia boosts its entertainment sector amid economic and social reform.
7 points by Al Jazeera English | Saudi Arabia Manga Fantastic Four Stan Lee Film Red Sea Jeddah Middle East
One contractor killed in oil pipeline leak in Saudi Arabia
Allen ConeFeb. 19 (UPI) -- A pipeline oil leak killed one contractor and injured three other workers in the eastern Saudi Arabian city of Abqaiq, state-owned Aramco said.
11 points by UPI | Petroleum Saudi Arabia Arabian Peninsula United Arab Emirates Saudi Aramco Jeddah United Press International Iraq
Israel's defense minister says Iran wants to undermine Saudi Arabia
MUNICH (Reuters) - Israel's defense minister said on Sunday Iran had an ultimate objective of undermining Saudi Arabia in the Middle East and called for a dialogue with Sunni Arab states to defeat "radical" elements in the region.
-2 points by Reuters | Reuters Middle East United Arab Emirates Iraq Saudi Arabia Thomson Reuters Arabian Peninsula News agency
‘Without MSM fake news filter’: Trump briefs Florida rally on US security, NATO & Syria safe zones
Rich NATO members must pay their fair share for its security, while Gulf states should cough-up for the creation of “safe zones” amid the mess the US left in Syria, Donald Trump told supporters in Florida, where he once again blasted MSM for their ‘fake news’ campaign. Read Full Article at
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Electronic media searches at border crossings raise worry
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Watchdog groups that keep tabs on digital privacy rights are concerned that U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents are searching the phones and other digital devices of international travelers at border checkpoints in U.S. airports. The issue gained attention recently after at least three travelers, including ...
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Weeks later, Syrian woman allowed in to visit ailing mother
But Friday evening was a different story for Sahar Algonaimi, with her sister and niece, meeting her at the arrival gate.
4 points by Chicago Sun-Times | United States Pakistan Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Donald Trump Arabian Peninsula Islam Cancer
Tillerson forced to stay at… sanatorium after failing to make timely G20 hotel reservation
Rex Tillerson has learned the importance of reserving hotel rooms in advance, especially during G20 ministerial meetings, media report. The new secretary of state was forced to stay at a sanatorium 30 minutes from the event after waiting too long to book. Read Full Article at
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Saudi Arabia says four ISIL cells broken up
At least 18 arrested for providing shelter and funds to ISIL fighters and for recruitment in different parts of kingdom.
1226 points by Al Jazeera English | Saudi Arabia Arabian Peninsula Iraq Arabic language Jordan Medina United Arab Emirates Jeddah
U.S. Orders Slowdown of Refugee Resettlements
The U.S. State Department has ordered embassies to slow resettlement of refugees for the next few weeks and temporarily suspend it completely after March 3 as the numbers approach the annual cap of 50,000 set recently by President Trump.
34 points by The Wall Street Journal | United States President of the United States Iran Immigration Federal government of the United States Saudi Arabia Australia Jordan
Tribal leader who supported U.S.-backed government among dead in Yemen raid
The main figure killed in last month's U.S. raid in Yemen targeting al-Qaida was a tribal leader who was allied to the country's U.S.- and Saudi-backed president and had been enlisted to fight Yemen's Shiite rebels, according to military officials, tribal figures and relatives. The government connections...
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Put Saudi-led coalition back on UN list of child rights abusers, HRW says
A Human Rights Watch probe into a Saudi-led airstrike in Yemen that killed school children has renewed calls to place the coalition back on the UN secretary-general’s ‘list of shame’ for children’s rights abusers, after it was removed from it last year. Read Full Article at
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