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Audit: Unit inspecting Mich. school buses understaffed
Review says state inspectors relied too heavily on school districts to say problems were fixed       
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Britain's May tackles education, appeals to Brexit voters
LONDON (Reuters) - Setting her sights on making Britain "the world's great meritocracy", Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled reforms to widen opportunity in schools on Friday in an appeal to "frustrated" Britons who voted to leave the EU.
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Letter: Volinsky is a fighter
Volinsky is a fighterBack in the days when it seemed like a fool’s errand to take on the school funding issue in this “local control”-obsessed state, one man stepped into the breach. Andru Volinsky spent literally thousands of hours spearheading the Claremont school funding suit, fending off a hosti...
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Trial set for substitute teacher charged in student sex case
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) - A November trial has been scheduled for a substitute teacher accused of having sexual contact with a Cedar Rapids student. Court records say Mary Haglin pleaded not guilty on Wednesday. She's charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee. Authorities say she had a sexual ...
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Audit: Unit inspecting Michigan school buses understaffed
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) - An audit says the Michigan State Police division that inspects school buses is understaffed and has failed to ensure problems are fixed. The Michigan Office of the Auditor General looked at the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division, which keeps tabs on the condition of thousands of ...
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Aussie kid awarded for Hitler costume in front of Jewish students
A private school in Australia apologized for an incident in which a kid was allowed to dress as Nazi leader Adolf Hitler for book week, and was even awarded a prize for the costume in front of some Jewish exchange students. Read Full Article at
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Everything ITT students need to know now that the for-profit school has closed
The abrupt closure of ITT Technical Institutes on Tuesday left 35,000 students without degrees that many took on debt to complete. None of the options available to those students are simple and each comes with its own set of drawbacks.
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More districts experimenting with four-day school week
JASPER, Mo. (AP) - Faced with a tight budget, the Jasper School District made cuts. Summer school and pre-kindergarten programs were discontinued. When a Spanish teacher left the district, her class was replaced with online coursework. Now Jasper is trying another experiment to save money: No school on Mondays. Starting ...
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Jacques: Is this the dream team for DPS board?
One cohort running for Detroit’s school board shows a lot of promise        
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Let doctoral candidates teach science to kids: Column
Mediocre U.S. test scores would rise if we deployed hard-science grad students to elementary schools.         
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News Analysis: Crux of Connecticut Judge’s Grim Ruling: Schools Are Broken
A decision that threw out the state’s education financing system as unconstitutional spoke to a larger nationwide truth.
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College students are running one Fashion Week show
Kelly Cutrone is teaching the students at Marist College how to produce, manage and direct the show.
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California's schools won't be judged only by their test scores, school board votes
California is officially done with telling parents that schools are only as good as their test scores. The state Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday to rate schools using an evaluation that includes many more factors — among them academics, graduation rates, college preparedness and the...
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Threat of strike looms over start of Chicago school year
CHICAGO (AP) — Teachers in the nation's third-largest school district will vote this month on whether they want to strike as contract talks with Chicago Public Schools ramp up again.
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Teachers approve union at King of Prussia cyber school
Teachers at the Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School in King of Prussia have unionized. After a long wait that included a controversial decision by the full National Labor Relations Board, ballots counted on Wednesday showed that teachers at the school had voted 57 to 15 in favor of being represented by the PA Virtual Education Association, an affiliate of the Pennsylvania State Education Association.
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Donald Trump proposes expanded 'school choice' during visit to Cleveland charter school
Donald Trump looked back to the Baby Boomer generation and earlier during a Thursday afternoon speech at a Cleveland charter school, where he argued for an expansion of "school choice." CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Donald Trump looked back to the Baby Boomer generation and earlier during a Thursday afternoon speech at a Cleveland charter school, where he argued for an expansion of "school choice." "If we can put a man on the moon, dig out the Panama Canal and win two World Wars, I have no doubt that we can provide school choice to every disadvantaged child in the country," Trump said during his 40-minute speech, which focused on education issues. Trump spoke to a small, invitation-only crowd in the cafeteria of the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy, run by Accel Schools, an Arizona-based, for-profit operator of charter schools. He unveiled an education plan that included expanding merit pay, and creating a program to award $20 billion in grants for impoverished children to pursue "school choice" -- a catch-all phrase that refers to anything but traditional, government-run schools. The appearance at the school, in the heavily African-American Woodland Hills neighborhood, was part of Trump's ongoing effort to smooth over his "politically incorrect" political persona that many black voters and others have perceived as racist. Trump, speaking quietly and reading from a teleprompter, spoke of his intention to expand opportunities for inner-city residents and others. "My job will be to ensure that any American, African-American, Hispanic, anyone, will be placed on the ladder to success," Trump said. "I define that as a great education and a great job." He added: "You cannot have prosperity without safety. This is the new civil rights agenda of our time." Charter debate ongoing Trump's speech touched a nerve of the charter-school debate -- opponents argue that diverting public money toward charter schools does so at the expense of traditional ones, which are more accountable. Last year, lawmakers passed a series of reforms meant to improve oversight of charter schools, some of which have been particularly troubled in Ohio. And, a state government effort is ongoing to audit the $108 million in state funding sent to ECOT, the largest online school in the state, to see whether the school inflated the hours students actually spent taking online courses. "In Ohio, we've seen more than enough of the 'solutions' Donald Trump is selling, but we're not buying," Melissa Cropper, president of the Ohio Teachers Federation, said in a statement. "Unregulated, unaccountable for-profit charter schools--like the one Trump is visiting today--have destabilized our public districts, defrauded taxpayers, and left our kids and educators worse off, not better." Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's published education plan includes increasing federal funding to modernize school buildings, improving teacher training and pay and working to end the "school to prison pipeline" by reforming laws and disciplinary policies and putting money toward behavioral interventions. Clinton has made supportive statements about charter schools in general, although she has criticized those operated by for-profit companies like the one that owns the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy. Trump insists he opposed Iraq war from the start Trump dedicated much of the beginning of his speech to doubling down on his frequent claim, which independent fact-checkers have found to be false, that he opposed the 2003 war in Iraq from the very beginning. He acknowledged telling Howard Stern in September 2002, the month before Congress voted to authorize the invasion, that he "guessed" he was in favor of invading Iraq. But he also cited instances in 2004 where he was quoted opposing the war, claiming that his subsequent statements "superseded" his earlier ones. Trump summed up his claims about the Iraq War: "Had I been in Congress at the time, I would have cast a vote in opposition." Trump also declared that had he would have been "tougher on terrorism." "Osama bin Laden would have been "caught a long time ago before he was ultimately caught... prior to the demolition of the World Trade Center," Trump said. Trump meets with students, school officials Before Trump's speech, he met for 20 minutes for a "roundtable" discussion in one of the school's classrooms with a group of students, charter-school officials and others. Seated to Trump's right was Debroah Mays, the head of the school. To his left was Ron Packard, the CEO of ACCEL schools. Packard, a prominent figure in the charter-schools market, in 2015 bought the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy and other schools as part of an expansion into the Ohio education marketplace, The Plain Dealer has reported. Trump asked the students what they thought of how the school compared to a traditional public school. He also asked school officials and State Rep. Andrew Brenner, the Republican chair of the Ohio house's education committee, about charter-school funding in Ohio. Among the school officials who participated was Chris Delk, a school board member who is a Cleveland police detective. Delk said he is passionate about the charter-school movement because it provides an opportunity for him to show children that "not all police are bad." Trump responded by praising Cleveland police for their performance during the Republican National Convention. "Say hello to your commissioner... your chief. They were absolutely fantastic. You know, for weeks they were ohh, there's going to be riots," said Trump, who himself in March predicted "riots" if he were to have been blocked from receiving the nomination. "But they kept it down. It was so an incredible job. Really professional. So thank you." In an interview, Mays said she didn't want to speculate why her school was chosen. But she said while Trump's visit complicated the school day, it provided the school an opportunity to talk to him about charter-school funding issues. "For the children who were exposed to [the visit], I definitely think it was a wonderful educational experience. You turn on the news, and you see politics every day. But for our [students] who were exposed to it, this was a chance to see it up close and personal," she said. Later Thursday, Trump headed to a pair of private fundraisers -- one at the TownHall restaurant in the Ohio City neighborhood organized by Cuyahoga County Republican Party Chairman Rob Frost and Tony George, a politically active local businessman, and another at the home of Ed Crawford, an industrialist who is the state finance chair for Trump's presidential campaign. Trump was last in Cleveland on Monday, when he participated in a "roundtable discussion" with a few organized-labor figures before dropping by the Canfield Fair in Mahoning County.
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Baltimore County schools without air conditioning to close Friday
Baltimore County public schools without air conditioning will close Friday when temperatures are forecast to hit 93 degrees and the heart index could reach 101. School officials announced Thursday afternoon the second-straight day of closures for the schools without air conditioning. Temperatures...
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Teaching 9/11: It's history, just like Pearl Harbor
From mock drills to airplane seating for students who weren't born on Sept. 11         
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ACLU suing Kansas City Public Schools for handcuffing boy
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - The American Civil Liberties Union is suing Kansas City Public Schools on behalf of a young child whose hands were cuffed behind his back two years ago when he was a 7-year-old second-grader. The lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Kansas City claims ...
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Donald Trump proposes $20 billion school voucher education plan
Eric DuVallWASHINGTON, Sept. 8 (UPI) -- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump unveiled a $20 billion initiative to enable children from poor families to choose which school they will attend.
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All in one speech: Donald Trump complains about the media, repeats false Iraq claim, unveils education policy
Campaign 2016 updates: Gary Johnson wonders what Aleppo is Sept. 8, 2016, 12:49 p.m. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaign in swing states after their town hall on military issues. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is widely mocked after asking, "What is Aleppo?"Voters are finding it harder...
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Teacher allegedly assaults father of Bangladesh U-16 girls' team goalkeeper Taslima
A teacher of a school, where most members of Bangladesh’s triumphant Under-16 girls' team study, has allegedly assaulted the father of goalkeeper Taslima Akter in Mymensingh's Kalsindur.
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Teaching 9/11: 'To them, it’s history, just like Pearl Harbor'
From mock drills to airplane seating for students who weren't born on Sept. 11       
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Democrats say Republicans have let down rural schools
MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Assembly Democrats say Republicans haven't done enough to address funding cuts and teacher shortages in Wisconsin's rural schools. Democratic Assembly members said at a news conference Thursday that Republicans have no idea how to address the problem. The Democratic news conference came the day after Republicans ...
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School exit exams urged in Connecticut, despite US trend
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - In ordering Connecticut to overhaul its education system, a state judge suggests making exit exams a requirement for students to graduate from high school. It's a strategy some states first implemented in the 1970s, as a way to set a standard for measuring student performance. But ...
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State school board approves Fayette Co. consolidation plan
CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - The West Virginia Board of Education has approved a consolidation plan for Fayette County public schools. Local news organizations report that the Comprehensive Education Facilities Plan, which was approved Wednesday, seeks to reconfigure, redistrict and renovate several county schools. The plan would drop the number of ...
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New Ohio schools Superintendent Paolo DeMaria must advocate for children: editorial
Ohio's new schools Superintendent Paolo DeMaria has a chance to show that he can stand up to political pressure, unlike some of the state's recent superintendents, and that he will be a committed advocate for our children, writes the editorial board. Ohio's new schools superintendent, Paolo DeMaria, might have a hard time filling the shoes of some of his predecessors -- not because they were so big, but because they were so small.  More on Ohio's new school chief This gives DeMaria an opportunity to show that his key concern is ensuring that Ohio's children get a top-notch education and that their parents and the public have a permanent seat at the table for any decisions. In particular, DeMaria needs to work hard to keep the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) insulated from political pressure. His predecessors did not achieve those goals. Richard Ross, who retired last year, was sandbagged by former school choice director David Hansen's deliberate omission of the failing grades of online charter schools. Hansen resigned from ODE soon after. He is the husband of Beth Hansen, Kasich's chief of staff and former presidential campaign manager.   Before that, schools Superintendent Stan Heffner handed in his retirement papers in 2012 after Ohio Inspector General Randall Meyer said he lobbied the state on behalf of an education company he had agreed to work for -- which shows he had little consideration for the needs of Ohio's children or its taxpayers.  DeMaria ought to set the bar higher for the Ohio superintendency than it has been for some time.  There are clear signs that DeMaria is willing to do the job -- especially given his crackdown on inadequate reporting by publicly funded charter schools in Ohio -- but to ensure that DeMaria has a clear field for reform, there needs to be a change in the governor's office as well. About our editorials Editorials express the view of the editorial board of and The Plain Dealer -- the senior leadership and editorial-writing staff. As is traditional, editorials are unsigned and intended to be seen as the voice of the news organization. * Talk about the topic of this editorial in the comments below. * Send a letter to the editor, which will be considered for print publication. * Email general questions or comments about the editorial board to Elizabeth Sullivan, opinion director for // $('.floatingSeries').css({'font-family':'arial,helvetica,sans-serif','font-size':'14px','line-height':'20px','color':'#333333','width':'255px','margin':'10px','margin-right':'0px','float':'right','border-bottom-color':'#dadada','border-bottom-style':'solid','border-bottom-width':'1px','padding-bottom':'2px'});$('.floatingSeries h3').css({'text-transform':'uppercase','color':'#363636','font-size':'30px','line-height':'28px','padding-bottom':'7px','border-bottom-color':'#363636','border-bottom-style':'solid','border-bottom-width':'4px'}); $('.floatingSeries ul').css({'list-style-type':'none','list-style-position':'outside','list-style-image':'none','margin':'0px','padding':'0px'});$('.floatingSeries li').css({'font-family':'arial,helvetica,sans-serif','font-size':'14px','font-weight':'normal','color':'#333333','font-weight':'bold','line-height':'20px','border-top-width':'1px','border-top-style':'solid','border-top-color':'#cccccc','margin':'0px','margin-top':'6px','margin-bottom':'6px','padding':'0px','padding-top':'6px','padding-bottom':'4px','color':'#333333','text-decoration':'none'});$('.floatingSeries a:link').css('color','#333333');$('.floatingSeries h3').css('margin-bottom','2px'); // ]]> Gov. John Kasich must be more outspoken and explicit in showing his support for DeMaria in his fight with politically connected charter school interests. Admirably, DeMaria has resisted legislative efforts to defang House Bill 2, Ohio's tough new charter school reform law that requires improved ODE evaluations and oversight. That's critical, since some Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly already have blocked a new rule prompted by HB 2 that required charter school sponsors to prove to the state that they are complying with all of its rules - about 300 in all. Instead, lawmakers sent the rule to a rule-making committee to evaluate, a delaying tactic that could take months. The evaluations are supposed to be done by Oct. 15. DeMaria, in response, decided to take a random sample of 10 percent of each of the sponsors' schools to meet the requirement and complete the evaluations by the deadline. That was smart. But Kasich should have spoken up and told meddlesome legislators to follow the law. Speak up for charter school reform, Gov. Kasich ODE under DeMaria has also been fighting a legal battle to get student attendance records from ECOT, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, an online school that has been criticized by the state for failing to show that its students have the required 920 hours of active learning in an academic year. DeMaria also has to make sure that the 19-member elected state board of education -- his immediate bosses -- and the public are in the loop.  That didn't happen under Ross, who engaged, with the help of some Mahoning County officials and others, in a top-secret state takeover of the underperforming Youngstown schools without the knowledge of either state school board members or the city. Ross' lack of full transparency poisoned politics on the board and tainted his reputation. DeMaria needs to learn from his predecessors' mistakes and make sure he is an honest advocate who sees his job as working on behalf of Ohio's children and being open and honest with the public. If he can achieve those goals, he could be one of the best superintendents that Ohio has had in some time. Have something to say about this topic? Use the comments to share your thoughts, and stay informed when readers reply to your comments by using the Notification Settings just below.
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No water in a hot Cleveland school? Depends who you ask
Water bubblers in one sweltering Cleveland school ran out of water Wednesday thanks to lead testing, but teachers and the district disagree over whether kids went without CLEVELAND, Ohio - Cleveland teachers were buzzing Wednesday on social media about the Newton D. Baker School of the Arts - one of 20 Cleveland schools without air conditioning - staying open even after reportedly running out of water. The school is one of 69 in the Cleveland school district whose water fountains have been shut off while the district awaits results of lead testing. In their place, the district has contracted with Culligan to provide water bubblers at the schools. With heat and humidity skyrocketing so high that the district had to close 10 schools early, those coolers ran out. Teachers and the district, though, differ on whether the school ever fully ran out of water amid temperatures approaching 90 degrees. Teachers say students had no water available until early afternoon, while the district insists that it provided bottled water that morning. "The water stations are all empty," one teacher said in an anonymous complaint that others sent out on Twitter. "We're not sure when more will be delivered. Toilets and everything flush. Just nothing to drink in this sauna of a building." "Know what's awesome?" another said online Wednesday morning. "It's 10 a.m., the heat index in my preschool room is 90* and there is no water at Newton D. Baker. Premier." "Why is a school with no drinking water even open?" that teacher asked. Errol Savage, the Cleveland Teachers Union representative for the building, also emailed district CEO Eric Gordon to alert him to the problem. "I know you don't micro manage district deliveries," Savage wrote. "However maybe you can pull some strings. It's 10:15 Newton D. Baker ran out of drinkable water yesterday.  The principal and custodian have both called for a water delivery.  But we don't have any and this building is already hot." District spokesperson Roseann Canfora said the online complaints are not true. "Newton D. Baker did not run out of water," she said, adding, "I was not aware of any school that was out of water." She said the district sent bottles of water to the school when it learned water supplies were low. She said Culligan came to replenish the bubblers by 1 p.m. "Did they run out of water in their water coolers? Yes," Canfora said. "Did they run out of water? No, because bottled water was brought in." Savage said teachers never saw any bottled water before Culligan came at 1 p.m. and instead had to stop students from using water fountains closed for the lead testing. "When the heat's over 90, you've got to have drinking water for the kids." There won't be any issues with water at the school today. It's one of the more-than-20 schools the district closed for the day because of the heat.
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Ex-ITT students face limited options
Lone Star College set up a special website listing its programs that may be connected to ITT students' degree path, and plans to host transfer fairs on Friday.
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California's parents don't know they have a voice in school spending decisions
Parents in California have a right to help decide how their schools spend money, but many in the state may not know that. Researchers from the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education and Stanford University’s Policy Analysis for California Education found that more than...
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Complaint filed against Bothell teacher accused of lying
BOTHELL, Wash. (AP) - A Seattle-area school district has filed a misconduct complaint against a high school shop teacher accused of lying about being attacked on campus. The Northshore School District says it has evidence that 63-year-old Cal Pygott "deliberately misrepresented" facts about the May 19 attack. The Seattle Times ...
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EXCLUSIVE: Student arrested for bringing gun to Brooklyn school
A student was arrested with a loaded gun at a Brooklyn school on the first day of classes Thursday, officials said.
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Oklahoma superintendent vows to fight for $5K teacher raises
OWASSO, Okla. (AP) - Oklahoma State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister says the issue of teachers' salaries should have been addressed by the Legislature, rather than a ballot issue that seeks a tax increase to fund the pay bump. But speaking Wednesday in Owasso, Hofmeister said she'll keep fighting for a $5,000 ...
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High Court asks authorities why they should not cancel JSC, equivalent tests
The High Court has asked the authorities why the order introducing Junior School Certificate and its equivalent examinations six years ago should not be declared to have been issued beyond their jurisdiction.
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Rich-poor divide widening in school districts here and nationally
Consider Waukegan and Stevenson, two Illinois school districts separated by 20 miles — and an enormous financial gulf.
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Philly schools Superintendent Hite optimistic about new school year
When 130,000 students report to Philadelphia public-school classrooms Wednesday, they will be greeted by a novelty in city schools: brand-new textbooks.
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Teen accused of threatening teachers, students

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A nontraditional school opens in Kensington
The Rev. Michael V. Marrone, a former Catholic high school teacher, dreamed of opening a school for students who struggled in traditional classrooms and were behind in reading and math.
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DPS teachers say proposed pay hike overdue
The contract must be approved by the union’s 2,900 members, who are beginning to vote Tuesday        
-1 points by The Detroit News | Detroit High school School Teacher Contract Detroit Free Press Education Negotiation
Mixed reaction to tentative teachers' deal
Teachers will vote school-by-school on the tentative agreement by Sept. 14        
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Atlanta school board to superintendent: “Good job, good buddy”

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Turner urges rejection of 'offensive' textbook
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner on Tuesday called on the Texas State Board of Education to reject a controversial textbook on Mexican heritage that the board is considering for use during the 2017 school year.
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Past needles and pitbulls, Edison's teachers walk the walk
Dena Bassett-Scott stepped over a discarded hypodermic needle and glanced at a pitbull barking urgently against a chain-link fence inches away.
860 points by The Philadelphia Inquirer | Teacher School Neighbourhood Education Edison Walking Walk This Way Edison Schools
Suit: $12M for nine struggling schools in New York
Parents and advocates are suing to force state officials to cough up more than $12.4 million in extra funding for nine struggling schools.
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New York schools must test lead levels in water under law
Schools must test their drinking water for lead contamination by no later than Oct. 31 under legislation signed Tuesday by Gov.
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New Vicksburg high school offers college credits at no cost
VICKSBURG, Miss. (AP) - A new public high school has opened in Vicksburg that is offering students the opportunity to take college courses as part of their high school curriculum at no cost. The Vicksburg Post ( ) reports that River City Early College High School, housed in a building ...
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Baltimore County schools without air conditioning to close Thursday; city schools to end the day early
Baltimore County public schools without air conditioning will close, and all city schools will finish three hours early, on Thursday when temperatures are forecast to hit 94 degrees. School officials announced the closures Wednesday afternoon. Temperatures are forecast to spike this week as much...
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Bells ring as summer ends for 130K Philadelphia public school students
Ringing giant bells and declaring optimism, School Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. and Mayor Kenney formally opened the 2016-17 school year for 130,000 Philadelphia students Wednesday.
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Judge, Citing Inequality, Orders Connecticut to Overhaul Its School System
In a decision that could fundamentally reshape public education in the state, a judge on Wednesday ordered changes in everything from how schools are financed to how teachers are paid and evaluated.
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Primaries offer a glimpse into Nov.’s charter school vote
Key races in today’s largely low-profile primary election contests may serve as harbingers for the massive and expensive battle looming in November over lifting the charter school cap.Groups including the pro-charter Democrats for Edu­cation Reform and the anti-­charter Mass. Teacher Association have poured thousands of dollars into what are normally inexpensive legislative races that will be decided on a primary day expected to draw low turnout.
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