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‘Defeating ISIS No.1 US goal’: Tillerson at coalition summit
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is hosting a meeting of the 68-member US-led coalition against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). The Washington, DC summit is the first meeting of the full coalition since December 2014. Read Full Article at
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Iran says holds eight foreigners planning attacks
DUBAI (Reuters) - Iranian security forces have arrested eight hardline Sunni Islamists suspected of planning attacks to disrupt celebrations for Iran's Islamic revolution in the past week, Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said on Saturday.
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Iran's Supreme Leader says Trump exposes 'America's real face'
Iran’s Supreme Leader said President Trump’s tumultuous first weeks in office exposes “America’s real face.”
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Iranian woman to be blinded in ‘eye-for-an-eye’ retribution punishment – report
An Iranian woman is to be blinded in one eye as punishment for an acid attack that left her victim without sight, the country’s Supreme Court has ruled, local Tasnim agency has reported, as cited by Reuters. Read Full Article at
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Battle for Aleppo escalates, U.N. sees 'bleak moment'
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian rebels fought fiercely with pro-government forces as they tried to advance into opposition-held areas of eastern Aleppo on Friday and warplanes kept up their bombardment of the area in a renewed bid by Damascus to retake the entire city.
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Iraqi army says it reached center of key town south of Mosul
TIKRIT, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraq's military backed by air strikes from a U.S.-led coalition on Thursday seized the center of Shirqat, a northern town seen as a stepping stone in the campaign to recapture Mosul from Islamic State.
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What Happens After ISIS Falls?
Islamic State’s self-declared caliphate is shrinking, but its demise is likely to bring new problems: fresh regional clashes, a revived al Qaeda and more terrorism in the West.
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