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Christie orders flags to half-staff on 9/11
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Gov. Chris Christie has ordered flags at state government buildings lowered to half-staff on Sept. 11 in memory of those killed in the terrorist attacks. In his executive order, the Republican says almost 700 New Jerseyans were among the nearly 3,000 who perished 15 years ago. ...
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Salvation through soccer?
The Central African state of Chad is suffering through a steep economic decline and a grueling fight against terrorism.
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Ethnic groups' government influence and Internet access go hand in hand, study says
The Internet may be a great source of empowerment for the disenfranchised – if they’re allowed to have it. A new study that examined the Internet access of excluded ethnic groups within countries found that groups subjected to political exclusion were significantly less likely to have Internet...
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State data: Substantiated child abuse claims rose in 2015
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - New state data shows there were more than 4,200 substantiated child abuse claims last year, an increase of 863 from the year before.
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Gov. Brown on the more than 700 bills awaiting his signature: 'It's like a mini Phd in government structure and policy'
Essential Politics: California's top congressional races to watch, lawmakers back recall of judge in Stanford assault case Sept. 7, 2016, 2:13 p.m. Welcome to Essential Politics, our daily feed on California government and politics news. This year's legislative session is over after a very busy...
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In Colorado, moving forward on carbon and climate
Re: “On climate change order, Hickenlooper faces a perception problem,” Aug. 30 editorial. The Denver Post notes the awkward timing of a leaked draft from the governor’s office, then hits the climate nail on the head, citing the need to move from a fossil-fuel economy to one based on renewable energy. The carbon dilemma must be addressed, […]
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Nations to Challenge Venezuela's Authoritarian Regime
The U.S., Canada and Latin America’s leading nations have agreed to challenge Venezuela’s authoritarian regime.
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Nations urge Venezuela on elections; diplomacy still favored tool
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A group of 14 nations on Thursday urged Venezuela to hold elections and release political prisoners, in a joint statement that kept open the option of seeking to suspend the South American country from the Organization of American States.
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‘What a billion means’: art exhibit shows extent of fraud in Europe’s poorest nation (PHOTOS)
A Moldovan artist has created an exhibit to highlight the banking scandal that rocked the country in 2014 when $1 billion suddenly disappeared from three banks in the small Eastern European nation. Read Full Article at
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Watch live: California Sen. Kamala Harris gives first speech on Senate floor
Essential Politics: Brown plays down any chance of Trump punishing California, Schwarzenegger calls for national redistricting reform Feb. 16, 2017, 1:15 p.m. This is Essential Politics, our daily look at California political and government news. Here's what we're watching right now: Gov. Jerry...
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Hundreds march in Detroit against Trump policies
The march in southwest Detroit is part of a nationwide protest designed to show the importance of immigrants        
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Norway sees job prospects improving in oil and gas
Daniel J. GraeberFeb. 16 (UPI) -- The number of job vacancies in the Norwegian economy moved higher, with oil and gas prospects showing early signs of recovery, the government reported.
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A $300M makeover for crumbling N.J. Statehouse
"The Statehouse is literally falling apart," said Gov. Christie, who has announced extensive renovations. The executive section of the Statehouse, which hasn't been updated in 60 years, is rife with safety hazards.
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The Latest: Justices ask why states can't sue over ban
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The Latest on the travel ban imposed by President Donald Trump (all times local):
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Romania president: We are in a crisis
BUCHAREST, Romania — Romania's president told lawmakers Tuesday the country is in a "fully-fledged" political crisis, after hundreds of thousands demonstrated against a government measure that would weaken the country's anti-corruption drive.In an address to Parliament, President Klaus Iohannis, a critic of the two-month-old government, said the majority of Romanians now believed the country was going in the wrong direction.
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Abbott gets specific about which jobs are exempt from his hiring freeze
After receiving lots of questions about exactly which positions are included in Gov. Greg Abbott's hiring freeze announced during his State of the State Address, his office over the weekend sought to provide some clarity to the heads of state agencies.
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South Korea to make sure smartphones stop exploding
Samsung a few weeks ago explained that two distinct battery issues caused the numerous Galaxy Note 7 fires last year that prompted Samsung to recall and then discontinue the phablet. Samsung conceded that other factors may have favored the explosions, including its desire to cram a larger battery in a thinner phone and the lack...
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Letter: Withdraw Edelblut nomination
Withdraw Edelblut nominationAn open letter to Gov. Sununu: I respectfully request that you withdraw your nomination of Frank Edelblut for commissioner of education.I hope that you agree with me that the education of our children is one of the most important functions of government and that therefore...
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Cuomo praises subway riders for removing hate graffiti on train
Gov. Cuomo hailed the straphangers who joined forces Saturday to wipe off anti-Semitic graffiti found all over a Manhattan 1 train.
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Michigan leads effort to shift workers away from pensions
LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan lawmakers appear ready to take another whack at public employee benefits as the state struggles under the weight of pension and health care obligations.
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33% of Americans see Russia as ‘unfriendly,’ 22% as ‘enemy’ – poll
The perception of Russia in the US appears to be close to that of the Cold War era, according to a recent YouGov poll. A third of respondents said they viewed the Russian Federation as “unfriendly,” while a fifth regard it as an “enemy.” Read Full Article at
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Putin on E. Ukraine flare-up: Kiev trying to extort US, EU cash by playing the victim
The Kiev government provoked the latest escalation of violence in east Ukraine as it needs money from its Western partners, which is easier to achieve when a nation pretends to be a victim and facing aggression, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. Read Full Article at
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Lawmakers draft plans to keep Illinois paychecks flowing
The Republican and Democratic measures would approach the payments differently.
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Florida's unemployment rate ticked upward in October
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Florida's unemployment rate is going up slightly. State officials on Friday announced the state's jobless rate was 4.8 percent in October. That's a slight increase over the September rate, although it's lower than the national jobless rate of 4.9 percent. The unemployment rate has hovered around ...
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Cybersecurity experts offer advice for incoming Trump administration
The UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity gave five major recommendations.       
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Some Turkish Officers Seeking Asylum in Allied Countries, NATO Says
The head of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization said that some Turkish officers serving in NATO posts have asked for asylum in allied countries.
25 points by The Wall Street Journal | Norway Jens Stoltenberg NATO Government Organization Sovereign state Kjell Magne Bondevik
Despite recovery Florida won't have much extra money in 2017
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Florida will have very little extra money to spend in the coming year, meaning that top legislators and Gov. Rick Scott may have slash the state budget to meet some of their promises. The annual forecast released Tuesday shows that despite the state's gradual economic recovery ...
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Latest: State appeals order to make Flint water deliveries
LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The Latest on lead in Flint, Michigan, (all times local):
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1.5 million without power on island
Puerto Rico has gone dark.
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South Sudanese Violence Engulfs Aid Workers, Pushes Nation Closer to the Brink
The international community in South Sudan is nearing an hour of reckoning: how to aid a nation it helped create without calling out those responsible for sending it toward its demise.
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Military force alone against ISIS will just push it to Africa or Asia – MPs
The success of airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq and Syria may be undermined unless military force is coupled with political progress in the region, a committee of MPs has warned. Read Full Article at
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Community walk Saturday will raise money for suicide, 7th-leading cause of death in Colorado
The "out of the darkness" community walk is from 10 a.m.-noon at Coors Field.
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Cease-fire begins in war-torn Syria; President Assad visits Damascus suburb
A cease-fire brokered by the U.S. and Russia in civil-war-torn Syria began at sunset Monday, though fighting between government and opposition forces was reported early in the day. The cease-fire, announced Saturday by U.S. and Russian officials, was backed by the government of Syrian President...
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Tentative Syria truce to begin after surge in killing
Ceasefire to come into force at sundown after more than 100 people killed in an upswing in violence over the weekend.
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Gov. Nathan Deal, state of Georgia, bank a record $2 billion

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