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‘He ran to ambulance, it exploded’: RT exposes ISIS’ evil tactics in Libya (EXCLUSIVE)
Islamic State’s brainwashing machine has been in full swing in Sirte, turning people into unscrupulous suicide bombers and targeting civilian infrastructure such as hospitals with armored car bombs, RT’s William Whiteman reports from the city. Read Full Article at
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Rosie O’Donnell delivers encouraging update on daughter after ‘overdose’
Earlier this week that Chelsea was taken to Long Island hospital after overdosing on drugs.
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Suspected Aleppo chlorine attack chokes dozens: rescue workers, monitors
BEIRUT (Reuters) - A suspected chlorine gas attack on an opposition-held neighborhood in the Syrian city of Aleppo caused dozens of cases of suffocation on Tuesday, rescue workers and a monitoring group said.
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Paris attack suspect invokes silence for 3rd time with judge
The only surviving suspect in last November's attack on Paris refused to speak to a judge Thursday for a third time, in frustration at 24-hour video surveillance of his prison cell. Salah Abdeslam's lawyer, Frank Berton, said the judge repeatedly asked questions to no avail on Thursday. Berton...
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Paris attack suspect invokes silence for 3rd time
Salah Abdeslam is the only person suspected of directly participating in the attacks that killed 130 people        
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Blast hits Pakistan's Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Sufi shrine
At least 72 dead, including children and women, as ISIL claims attack at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine in Sindh province.
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French Police Detain Four Suspected of Plotting Terror Attack
Police detained four people in southern France for allegedly planning an assault using the same explosive used by suicide bombers in the Brussels and Paris terror attacks.
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Nigeria troops save woman suicide bomber, kill another
Nigerian troops on Tuesday saved the life of a young woman strapped with explosives and killed another suicide bomber        
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At least 30 dead in suicide attack at Iraqi wedding
FALLUJAH, Iraq — At least 30 people were killed in a suicide attack in the Iraqi city of Fallujah on Thursday, witnesses and security sources said.
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Rail experts discuss ways to prevent suicides
The woman, 39, walked around the Northbrook train station in great distress for hours before she stepped in front of an Amtrak train Sept. 9. That was what witnesses said later, according to Illinois Commerce Commission rail safety expert Chip Pew. Could she be alive if she had been given some...
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World briefs: Islamic State suspects held in Turkey 
ANKARA, Turkey — Police Monday detained two suspected Islamic State group would-be suicide bombers near the border with Syria, Turkey’s state-run news agency reported.
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Car bombs kill 11 in Baghdad
ISIS is claiming responsibility for dual car bombings in Baghdad on Friday.
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Grievances in Rajshahi University journalism teacher Akter Jahan Joly’s ‘suicide note’
Associate Professor Akter Jahan Joly of mass communication and journalism at Rajshahi University has been found dead inside her teacher quarters room.
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Police find ‘suicide note’ in dead Rajshahi University teacher’s room
Police have discovered a ‘suicide note’ in the room of Akter Jahan Joly in the teacher quarters after finding the associate professor of mass communication and journalism department dead there.
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