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These are the 5 craziest races on Earth
Wanna race? The answer, for centuries, has been an unequivocal “Yes.” The race has been a staple of athletic competition since the original Olympic Games in ancient Greece. Chariot races developed not long after, and even automobile races date back to 1896. In the nearly 3,000 years since the ancient Greeks, humans have come up...
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See the Ohio and U.S. State of the Climate overview for August
NOAA has released the August 2016 regional, statewide, and nationwide climate analysis.
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Spokane firefighter hurt in blaze taken to Seattle hospital
SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - Authorities say a 29-year-old Spokane firefighter who was burned while fighting a deadly apartment fire Wednesday has been transferred to a Seattle hospital's burn center. The Spokesman-Review reports ( ) Charles McKenzie was transferred to Harborview Medical Center Wednesday night with severe burns to his upper ...
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Atlanta’s second hottest summer with more to come

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Weekend road trip forecast: 7 cities within driving distance of Cleveland
Taking a road trip this weekend? Take a look at the weekend forecast for 7 cities within driving distance from Cleveland. CLEVELAND, Ohio - This weekend across the board it's looking like strong weather condition swings. How so? Most areas will see strong, widespread thunderstorms and hot temperatures for Saturday, but as the low pressure system and cold front pair push east they will leave behind sunny skies and much cooler temperatures for Sunday. As the cold front moves west to east (Saturday - Sunday) it will cause thunderstorms ahead of it where's there's plenty of moisture and will leave behind dry, sunny skies with cooler temperatures.Kelly Reardon,  Model forecast of temperatures from Saturday morning to Sunday night.Kelly Reardon,  Take a look at forecasts you might be road-tripping to. Cincinnati Cincinnati is going to see some strong weather changes this weekend. Saturday you can expect heavy rainfall nearly all day, with humidity, wind and temperatures reaching the low 80s. Sunday? Sunny skies, no rain and temperatures reaching the mid 70s. Columbus Columbus is following the same trend as Cincinnati this weekend: rain and strong winds on Saturday and clear by Sunday. Saturday's high temperature will hit the mid 80s while Sunday will cool down a bit, only reaching the mid 70s. Pittsburgh As the low pressure and cold front causing all of this rain pushes east, it will hit Pittsburgh Saturday night and may linger into Sunday morning. So, Saturday has only a 50 percent chance of rain and Sunday that rain may stick through leading to a 20 percent chance of rain for that day. Saturday is going to be stifling reaching 90 degrees, but Sunday will cool down to the mid 70s after the cold front passes. Chicago Chicago could follow the trend as the areas above, but rain chances are much more slight on Saturday, only 40 percent because of less coverage of the storms. But you can still expect some strong winds. Sunday, they drop to less than 10 percent. Temperatures will be in the mid 70s both days. Louisville Louisville is also going to be hit with the low pressure and cold front couplet. This will lead to an 80 percent chance of rain for Saturday and only 10 percent for Sunday since they will be pushed east by then. Saturday will heat up to the mid 80s while Sunday temperatures will be 80 degrees. Washington D.C. Washing D.C. is just far enough east so that the low pressure system and cold front will be partially dissipated and dry air will take over preventing thunderstorm formation. This means sunny skies this weekend with temperatures in the mid 90s Saturday dropping to the mid 80s for Sunday. Toronto It's going to be two opposite weather days this weekend in Toronto. Saturday is looking full of rain, humidity,and cool temperatures reaching 75 degrees. Sunday is going to be completely different with less than 10 percent chance of rain, sunny skies and temperatures reaching 72 degrees. The How A low-pressure system with a trailing cold front this weekend will push west to east, creating rain chances as the system moves through each of these areas. Low pressure and cold fronts create the perfect environment for thunderstorms to develop because they cause rising motion in the atmosphere. As air rises it becomes unstable as it cools to its dew point forming condensation and rain. Heavy moisture near the low pressure will help rain showers strengthen. Lots of rain, strong winds ahead for Northeast Ohio: Working for your weekend forecast Keep checking for twice daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have! Kelly Reardon is's meteorologist. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter @kreardon0818.
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Chances of very light, scattered showers today: Northeast Ohio weather forecast
Today Northeast Ohio will see a few light, very scattered showers throughout the day with hot temperatures. CLEVELAND, Ohio - Some moderate atmospheric moisture will trigger on and off light, scattered showers across Northeast Ohio today. Temperatures are still reaching high today at a scorching 90 degrees by 4 p.m. The average temperature for today is much cooler, only at 77 degrees, but we're still not close to the 94-degree record. Model forecast of temperatures today.Kelly Reardon,  Mostly cloudy and calm wind conditions are also in the forecast. Sunrise: 7 a.m. Sunset: 7:49 p.m. Pollen forecast: Pollen levels are expected to take a little dip today compared to how they've been the past couple of days, but are still at a medium-high level of 7.7. Lake conditions: The National Ocean Service is reporting west-southwest winds at 12 mph with waves less than 1 foot. This evening, they are forecasting south-southwest winds around 13 mph with waves still less than 1 foot. The How: A little bit of moist air (green) will help form light, scattered showers across Northeast Ohio today.Kelly Reardon,  High pressure over Ohio today will reduce rain chances, but with more atmospheric moisture to support storms there's a small chance of very scattered, short-lived storms across Northeast Ohio throughout the day today. Keep checking for twice daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have! Kelly Reardon is's meteorologist. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter @kreardon0818.
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Cleveland adds more schools to its heat closings list
Heat is shutting down a growing number of Cleveland school district schools today for the second straight day. CLEVELAND, Ohio - High temperatures today will keep at least 23 Cleveland schools from opening, the district announced early this morning, with the total continuing to increase. These closings come a day after the district closed 10 schools mid-day because of heat. The schools closed so far are: Bard High School Early College, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Eliot, Charles Mooney, Collinwood High School, Facing History New Tech High School, Garrett Morgan, Iowa-Maple, Louis Agassiz, McKinley, Michael R White, New Tech West High School, Newton D. Baker, O H Perry, Patrick Henry, Sunbeam, Tremont Montessori, Valley View Boys Leadership Academy, Walton, Whitney Young, Wilbur Wright, William Cullen Bryant and Willow. District spokesperson Roseann Canfora said temperatures in the schools were already high at 4 a.m., prompting the first 20 closures. More schools were added to the list as time went on. "The decision was made based upon samplings of INTERNAL temperatures taken between 4:00 and 4:30 am after building windows had been opened and fans running," she said. "Temperatures inside of several buildings were already in the high 80s." The National Weather Service urges extreme caution when the heat index - a combination of temperature and humidity - rises over 90.  Canfora said the early temperatures and humidity already put schools in the extreme caution stage. As temperatures rise, the schools would likely have a heat index the Weather Service classifies as dangerous. Click here for other schools in Northeast Ohio closed today because of heat. As of a year ago, the district had 20 schools that did not have air conditioning. At the time, Students of at least seven of those schools were scheduled to have air conditioning by the time the district's school construction project is finished in 2019, but 13 schools were still in limbo and may be left out. The buildings on the far left that are scheduled to be replaced will all have air conditioning. An additional school, Charles Eliot elementary, will go into the new Whitney Young schools. 20 Non air conditioned buildings in the district Buildings scheduled to be replaced under Issue 4 Buildings that may be replaced or renovated under Issue 4 Schools to be relocated to other buildings Schools to be refreshed Iowa Maple (Segment 9) Michael R White (By 2019) McKinley to be relocated into Wilbur Wright Ben Franklin Newton D Baker (By 2018) Tremont Montessori (By 2019) Charles Eliot to relocate to new K-8 building on Whitney Young site Brooklawn (has partial a/c) OH Perry (By 2017)     Carl Shuler (Bard) Sunbeam (By 2017)     Charles Mooney (has partial a/c) Valley View (By 2018)     Collinwood Whitney Young (By 2017)     Garrett Morgan       Louis Agassiz       Wilbur Wright       William C Bryant       Willow
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September heat wave could start today for Philadelphia

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Residents hail Boston's high temps
Hub-area residents were out and about yesterday, taking advantage of the unusually balmy weather that forecasters expect to continue today and last into tomorrow before more seasonable, chilly temperatures return and the Bay State goes back to typical frigid and windy February conditions.Yesterday’s highs of 48 degrees in Boston, 47 in Providence and 50 in Hartford, Conn., helped diminish the snowbanks that had been built up by a series of powerful snowstorms that dumped more than a foot of snow on cities and towns across Massachusetts in recent weeks.
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Record-breaking temperatures Saturday draw Chicagoans outdoors
The 70-degree temperature Saturday didn’t merely beat the previous record for warmest Feb. 18, it shattered the 1981 record of 62 degrees - without even breaking a sweat. The same couldn’t be said for Chicagoans. Across the city, the sporty ran, biked and rollerbladed while shopping fanatics flooded...
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It's February, and Detroit was warmer than Los Angeles today
Southeast Michigan basks in temperatures that beat out much of the Southwest for warmth.        
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It's February, and Detroit got warmer than Los Angeles today
Southeast Michigan basks in temperatures that beat out much of the Southwest for warmth.        
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Michigan angling to break warm record
Detroit is set to reach 63 degrees on Saturday — one degree above the temp reached the same day in 1976        
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Sunny in Denver Friday before warm weekend
Although temperatures will drop from record-warmth levels it will still be above normal in Denver for this time of the year.
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Is winter of 2016-17 toast, or just on snow break?
With a boost from warm nights, this almost certainly will end up among the 10 warmest.
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Up-and-down weather confuses insects: Here's how to deal with them
Some insects enter dormancy during the winter, but you might see them walking around when temperatures swing. Here's how to deal with the bugs. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- This winter has been a roller coaster of weather, and the up-and-down temperatures are messing with the dormancy habits of bugs. Some spend the cold season either in the nooks and crannies of homes or in logs and trees outside. But, when temperatures climb, these species can end up outside when the temperatures drop.  That's why you might see insects like stink bugs crawling around when you might not expect them.  How do bugs stay alive in the winter? Some insects, like dragonflies, migrate. Bees cluster around the queen for warmth when it drops below 50 degrees. Others go into a period of rest where they don't reproduce or eat. It's not so much a state of hibernation as a state of dormancy, said Martin Calabrese, a naturalist for the Cleveland Metroparks.  Temperatures in December were close to average for Cleveland, and slightly warmer than average in January. A warmer winter, like last one, can lead to population increases, which means more food for other species, Calabrese said. Is it just insects? In Brecksville, the Metroparks saw an early emergence of dozens of Jefferson salamanders a few weeks ago. It was a warm, wet night, which mimicked the spring weather that normally prompt the salamanders to head to the nearest pond, Calabrese said.  This can lead to some deaths, but might not affect the population greatly in the long term.  Which insects might you be seeing in your home? Stink bugs for one, Calabrese said. Ladybugs, mosquitoes or ants might also be in your home. They can get in through small entry points in homes and can hide in spaces in walls and the ceiling. When bugs feel warm temperatures, that's when they can start moving around and looking for food. Not all of them will be tricked, Calabrese said. Bees can leave the winter cluster when they start feeling the temperatures rising. However, that can lead to some bees dying because they don't return before the cold sets back in. How do you deal with it? Check out the places in your home where pests might be hiding, especially if your home is older.  Know what insects you're looking at before crushing them. For example, stinkbugs release an odor when disturbed. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up and then empty the bag immediately.  Read more: Cleveland's had crazy temperature swings so far this winter: Why?
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Brits are freezing their bits to make sex more pleasurable
The secret to a hot sex life is ice cold. A frigid new fad is prompting Brits to literally freeze their tails off — in order to boost their libido and improve skin condition down under. The “Love Mist” at the Ainscow Spa in Manchester uses a liquid nitrogen tank to blast genitals with -160...
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Ford to invest $200 million in new wind tunnel
Ford's new wind tunnel facility can simulate wind speeds of up to 200 mph and temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees        
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Pakistan: Can a three-day conference really save Mohenjodaro?
Researchers, archaeologists and journalists were present in numbers at this ancient site in Pakistan. But are talks and discussions what the 4,000-year-old site really needs?
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Houston's high heat shatters temperature records
Thermometers reached 86 degrees at George Bush Intercontinental Airport and 83 degrees at William P. Hobby Airport. Evening temperatures on Friday at both locations also broke records for warmth, said Nikki Hathaway, a meteorologist with the weather service.
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One-day difference: Cleveland swings from 16 degrees Friday to mid-40s Saturday
Cleveland's latest crazy weather has caused a massive temperature hike in two days -- 16 degrees Friday to 50 on Saturday. CLEVELAND, Ohio - We're on another roller coaster ride of weather in Cleveland this weekend. Thursday night, a strong cold front dipped temperatures through Friday to a low of 16 degrees. One day later, today's high is expected to reach in the low to mid 40s because of both a warm front and southerly flow. As warm as this may sound, this still doesn't come close to the record of 73 degrees set back in 1932. Warm up ahead for Saturday, Sunday, cool down by Monday: Northeast Ohio weather forecast Feb. 10-13 Ohio is so flat, anytime there is strong southerly flow, this can drag in warm, moist air all the way from the Gulf of Mexico. This southern air is being exacerbated by the incoming warm front. Cleveland had snow this week, thanks to a blast of Arctic air and a low pressure system. Today, with warm weather and rain in the forecast, the scene switched from winter white to sodden brown. This is actually a continuing pattern, as Cleveland has seen many extreme temperature fluctuations this winter: Cleveland's had crazy temperature swings this winter: Why? Keep checking for daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have! Kelly Reardon is's meteorologist. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter @kreardon0818.
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Forecast: New Mexico's weather returning to winter's bluster
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Out with New Mexico's recent dryness and unseasonably warm temperatures and in with blustery, colder and wetter. That's the word from the National Weather Service's Albuquerque office, which says New Mexico can expect widespread precipitation, strong winds and cold temperatures into Tuesday. Forecasters say the change ...
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Warm weather records continue to fall this winter

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Composting creates ‘black gold’ that is valuable addition to gardens
Q: Recently you recommended applying compost to lawns. I am confused if you mean steer manure. How often do you recommend doing this? When should I do my first application? My lawn is approximately 1,000 square feet. How much compost should I buy?
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'Catastrophic' bushfire warning in Australia
Firefighters warn that Australia's New South Wales region faces "catastrophic" fire conditions Sunday as strong winds push hot air across a region already parched by a heat wave.
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Aussies ‘melting’ as record-breaking summer heatwave continues
A heat wave has struck eastern and central Australia in what is officially Sydney’s hottest summer on record, with temperatures soaring to 46 degrees Celsius (116F) in parts. The inferno is set to continue into next week before a brief respite. Read Full Article at
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Brutal heat bears down on Australia
Australians urged to cut back on energy use during the dangerous heatwave
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Past and present dangers of Erta Ale lava lake
Ethiopia's Erta Ale volcano, locally known as 'the gateway to hell', is not the most obvious tourist destination.
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When and how to start seeds for your Colorado garden
It's not that complicated to start seeds for your Colorado garden. Here's everything you need to know, from getting started to planting.
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Evergreen Lake Plunge fundraiser canceled by warm spell
The upcoming Evergreen Lake Plunge has been canceled because of unseasonably warm weather.
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Baltimore area schools delayed Thursday after temps drop, snow falls
Overnight temperatures dropped following a spring-like Wednesday afternoon, leaving many commuters in the Baltimore area to face a snowy ride Thursday morning. Snow was falling across the region early Thursday, prompting school systems across the Baltimore region to delay openings. Schools in Carroll,...
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A-League match postponed because of expected hot conditions
SYDNEY (AP) - Football Federation Australia is placing a lot of faith in the weather bureau, moving two days before the scheduled kick off to postpone a weekend match because of forecast hot temperatures. The FFA on Thursday said the A-League match late Saturday afternoon at Newcastle, north of Sydney, ...
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New perovskite material can convert heat, movement and sunlight into electricity
Brooks HaysFeb. 7 (UPI) -- In a newly published study, researchers detailed the ability of KBNNO, a type of perovskite, to convert heat, kinetic energy and sunlight into electricity.
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Dog abandoned in Connecticut park slips off leash and waits for help
Someone left this sweetheart tied to a pole in a cold Connecticut park — and when he slipped off of his leash, he did what only a “good boy” would do.“Even with him being so scared, he just sat there next to his collar and leash and didn’t move, it was extremely sad,” says officer Nikki Stancarone from the West Haven Animal Shelter, who picked up the abandoned pup on Monday. “He is a boxer mix, approximately 2 years old. The temperature was in the low 30’s, he was shaking from being scared and cold.”
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Winter storm leaves black ice on the roads; closes schools
SEATTLE (AP) - The Seattle area on Tuesday was still dealing with the effects of a major winter storm that covered the region with several inches to several feet of snow. Overnight cold temperatures left black ice on some roadways, causing most school districts to call for another snow day ...
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Why is Northeast Ohio getting thunderstorms in February?
Meteorologist Kelly Reardon explains how Northeast Ohio is getting thunderstorms in February. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Northeast Ohio has been experiencing plenty of rain, with some thunderstorms, since early this morning, and they're not expected to slow down anytime through the rest of the day. But, thunderstorms in February? It's definitely not a common occurrence, so let's look at how this is happening. First, for thunderstorms in the winter in general, you of course need warm temperatures, otherwise we'd be experiencing snow. Today, not only did a passing warm front ramp up temperatures, but very strong southerly flow is dragging in that warm, moist air from the Gulf. Ohio is so flat, that almost any day winds are out of the south, that warm southern air invades the region. Temperatures might reach so warm, in fact, that Cleveland could reach the 60-degree high temperature record set back in 1925. Right now the high is forecasted to reach just 58 degrees, but we're close enough to where a tied record is possible. The second most important ingredient in thunderstorms is a source of instability. That warm front is easily one source, as this pushes the colder air ahead up into the atmosphere. As the air moves upward, it cools to its dew point, forming condensation, plenty of rain, and this in turn increases its instability. But the warm front isn't the only lifting source in the atmosphere, a low pressure system is also doing the same -- so it's basically a double whammy for instability, allowing rain showers to grow strong enough to produce lightning. This happened not too long ago, back in mid-January, with a similar atmospheric setup: strong southerly flow and a passing low pressure system. Why are winter thunderstorms so rare? And why is Cleveland getting them in January? What do you think of this weather? Do you prefer the warmth with some rain, or would you rather the cold and snow? Today's forecast: Possible high temperature record, lots of rain Keep checking for daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have! Kelly Reardon is's meteorologist. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter @kreardon0818.
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Snow, plunging temps in forecast for Thursday
On Thursday, the temperature is expected to plunge 30 degrees and forecasters say a wintry mix that could yield a wet and slick morning commute.
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Dense fog, record high temp possible in Detroit
Metro Detroiters will commute Tuesday morning in dense fog, but might end it with a record high temperature        
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Typical Detroit forecast: Shorts weather Tuesday, ice cold Wednesday
Good news, metro Detroit: Tuesday's forecast calls for a high of 52 degrees. Bad news: It'll drop to 32 on Wednesday        
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Severe storms drench southern Australia
Adelaide records a month’s worth of rain in one day as heavy downpours sweep through Melbourne.
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Cupid's Undie Run is a wild goosebump chase (photos)
More than 600 barely dressed participants ran, walked and pranced through downtown Cleveland for charity Saturday in the 5th annual Cupid's Undie Run. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cold temperatures again didn't discourage more than 600 barely dressed participants from running, walking and prancing through downtown Cleveland for charity Saturday in the 5th annual Cupid's Undie Run. The event -- a "brief" fun run -- raises money for the Children's Tumor Foundation to fight neurofibromatosis, a debilitating genetic disorder. It's timed to Valentine's Day, which provided the theme and colors for much of the skimpy attire. The race started with a two-hour warmup party at the House of Blues, headed east on Euclid Avenue to East Ninth Street, then south to Prospect Avenue and west to East Fourth Street and the House of Blues for another warmup. Cupid's Undie Run has grown to 47 cities internationally and raised $11 million for the Children's Tumor Foundation since it started.
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Black ice, fog, a little snow will make commute tough, but hang in there, the sun will come out this afternoon
An icy commute with freezing rain, scattered snow and black ice on the roads is expected Friday morning in the Denver metro area.
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The future of winter: Warmth aside, snow remains in forecast rest of the century
Winters have trended warmer, snowstorms bigger.
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Sea ice at record lows at poles
For what appears to be the first time since scientists began keeping track, sea ice in the Arctic and the Antarctic are at record lows this time of year.
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Cleveland sees 74 degree day in November
Temperatures reached 74 degrees in Cleveland Friday afternoon -- less than a week before Thanksgiving. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland broke a 62-year-old heat record Friday -- and kept going, right up to 74 degrees, less than a week before Thanksgiving. The summery day smashed a 71-degree high temperature, set in 1954, at 2:51 p.m., according to the National Weather Service. The record was tied in 2008. Clevelanders broke out their flip flops, hiked in shorts and reveled in the sunshine. Akron also broke the record high of 70 degrees, with temperatures reaching 73 in the afternoon. But don't think your sandals are here to stay. Temperatures are expected to plummet on Saturday and Sunday. Cleveland could see its first snowfall this weekend. Read more here.  Keep checking for twice daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have!
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Cleveland breaks record high of 71 degrees on Nov. 18
Cleveland broke its record of 71 degrees on November 18 around midday, and is set to break the record today. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland broke its record high of 71 degrees Friday, so you might be a little toasty if you broke out the fall boots and scarves. Temperatures broke the record by reaching 72 degrees at 12:19 p.m. according to the National Weather Service. On top of that, there's very low cloud cover and it feels like about 77 degrees, according to Weather Underground.  The 71 degree record was set 1954. It was tied in 2015. Highs for today could reach 74 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Akron's record high is 70, the current temperature is 68 degrees.    Wondering why temperatures are so high? Check out the how from meteorologist Kelly Reardon. Why Cleveland is breaking its temperature record: Cleveland weather forecast This won't last for long. Cleveland might see its first snowfall this weekend. Read more here.  Keep checking for twice daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don't forget to submit any weather questions you may have!
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Donald Trump's life, by the numbers
Born in a cooler-than-normal June. Won the nomination in a hotter-than-normal May.
10 points by The Washington Post | Temperature Carbon dioxide Global warming Donald Trump Miss Universe Barack Obama Trump Tower The Apprentice
Yellowstone visitor suffers fatal fall into boiling-hot acidic geyser
A man who was dissolved in a scorching-hot acidic geyser while visiting Yellowstone National Park during the summer had been trying to find a place to bathe when he accidentally fell into the spring. Read Full Article at
1020 points by Russia Today | Yellowstone National Park Temperature National Park Service Celsius Absolute zero Fahrenheit Boiling point Thermodynamic temperature
In Colorado, summer to winter in one day
After the lingering summer, winter weather arrives and will spread across North America.
94 points by Al Jazeera English | North America Canada Temperature Warm front North Provinces and territories of Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Thermodynamics
2016 on track to eclipse 2015 as the hottest year ever
While last month merely tied for the world’s third warmest October in history, 2016 looks like it will be the hottest year on record, federal meteorologists said Thursday.
4 points by Las Vegas Review-Journal | Arctic Ocean Global warming Arctic shrinkage Climate change Temperature 20th century El Niño-Southern Oscillation 21st century