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How the pain of 9/11 still stays with a generation
Dana Rose Garfin, University of California, Irvine As we reflect on the 15th anniversary of 9/11, consider: How has this event impacted those individuals who are too young to remember a world before?
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All they've known is war: Teaching 9/11 to children who weren't yet born
For Max Cohen, a ninth grader at Penncrest High School in Media, the Twin Towers have always been down. The nation has always been at war.
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Paris gas canister suspect linked to Islamic State
One of the seven people arrested in connection with gas canisters found in a car near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris allegedly pledged allegi...       
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After mass shooting, San Bernardino endures a surge in deadly violence
The sound of gunfire and sirens drew about a dozen people out of their homes on San Bernardino’s west side one recent Wednesday night. A beat-up Honda sat in the street — a small cross dangling from the rearview mirror, two bullet holes in the door. Rescue workers pulled Alejandro Herrera, 28,...
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On battling militant Islam, neither Trump nor Clinton has a clue: Kevin O'Brien
Everything about Islam's war on the West has evolved over the last 15 years, including our leaders' response. It's more timid. Veterans look on as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during NBC's "Commander in Chief Forum" Wednesday in New York.Evan Vucci/Associated Press  Militant Islam has been at war with the United States for more than three decades. We noticed 15 years ago Sunday. About half of us decided almost immediately not to take it seriously as a national security issue, but recognized it as a great domestic political issue. The other half tried to take it seriously, but didn't quite know how. The "compassionate conservative" who was going to turn Big Government to a new course that would truly benefit Americans got stuck being a wartime president instead. We needed to make sure terrorists couldn't crash airliners into tall buildings anymore. We needed to make sure our intelligence agencies understood that defeating our enemies in a real war mattered more than defeating one another in turf wars. And we needed to make clear to other nations that harboring terrorists would bring serious consequences. To an extent, we did those things, though we -- all too predictably --gave up on that last one. Too hard. Too expensive. Defending the nation had to be done circumspectly. Defeating our enemies was a delicate process. We chose very early in the game to downplay our enemies' religious motivation. We fought battles over theology with at least as much tenacity as we fought about U.S. policy, military strategy or national defense. In every war, armchair generals use fabulous powers of hindsight to say what the real commanders should have done. In this war, the current U.S. commander in chief -- the guy who bosses the real generals -- prefers the role of armchair professor of comparative religions, lecturing endlessly on who is or is not a genuine Muslim. The president has also taken to reminding us that Americans are more likely to die from slipping in their bathtubs than from terrorism. The next time a terrorist hollers "Allahu akbar!" and starts blazing away in a gun-free zone, I want to think someone's last thoughts will be, "Whoa! How far out of touch with the tenets of true Islam is this guy? And thank goodness I'm not standing in a bathtub right now." For a while, al-Qaida made Americans nervous about flying commercial or hanging around iconic U.S. locations. Now, "lone wolves" inspired by al-Qaida's successor in big-name terrorism, the Islamic State, make us queasy about leaving our houses. Even more than we were 15 years ago, we're living on the front line of this war. Our enemies have figured out that they don't have to finance and plan grandiose attacks when any radicalized dope can drive to the bar or his own office and find Americans in large groups who are squeamish about protecting themselves with guns. Meanwhile, cynical politicians use terrorist attacks to advocate more limits on law-abiding Americans' possession of guns. It doesn't get much more unserious than that. Nor is it likely to get any better during the next four years, no matter who wins November's presidential election. At NBC's "Commander in Chief Forum" Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump inspired no confidence that either is capable of a serious effort toward radical Islam's defeat. Clinton: "We have to defeat ISIS. That is my highest counterterrorism goal. And we've got to do it with air power. We've got to do it with much more support for the Arabs and the Kurds who will fight on the ground against ISIS. We have to squeeze them by continuing to support the Iraqi military. ... We are not putting ground troops into Iraq ever again. And we're not putting ground troops into Syria. We're going to defeat ISIS without committing American ground troops." If defeating ISIS is her highest counterterrorism goal, she's not paying attention. ISIS is getting the current headlines, but it's based on the same principles as the Taliban in Afghanistan, Boko Haram in Africa, Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines, the Chechens in and near Russia, a number of Islamic militias in Indonesia, al-Qaida and its several offshoots, etc. A coherent counterterrorism strategy would accept the religious, worldwide nature of the enemy and the ideological nature of the war against Western civilization, and use the knowledge to the United States' advantage, rather than minimizing the conflict or pretending it's about something else. And if Clinton won't use U.S. ground troops to achieve her "highest counterterrorism goal," what would she use them for? Donald Trump: "I've always said, shouldn't be there, but if we're going to get out, take the oil. If we would have taken the oil, you wouldn't have ISIS, because ISIS formed with the power and the wealth of that oil. ... I would be very, very cautious. I think I'd be a lot slower. She has a happy trigger. You look, she votes for the wars, she goes in Libya." Cautious. Slow. Completely out of touch with the ideological underpinnings and the financing of terrorist organizations. She would act by proxy. He might not act at all. Oh, well. A serious prosecution of the war against radical Islam has waited this long. Now we'll see what difference four more years makes. O'Brien is The Plain Dealer's deputy editorial page editor.
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30 to 40 ISIS suspects at large in Europe, officials say
European security officials estimate that 30 to 40 suspected ISIS terrorists who helped support the November 13 Paris terror attacks are still at large, CNN has learned.
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Paris suspect linked to Islamic State
One of the seven people arrested in connection with gas canisters found in a car near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris allegedly pledged allegi...       
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Brothers planning ‘IS-inspired bomb attack’ arrested by London terrorist police
A suspected Islamic State-inspired bomb attack has reportedly been uncovered by London’s counter-terrorism officers in what has been described as the most “significant” terrorist plot against the capital in two years. Read Full Article at
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U.S., Russia Talks Continue for Syria Cease-Fire Accord
Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are pressing ahead with talks on a nationwide cease-fire agreement in Syria that would include closer military cooperation against terrorist groups.
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Turkey conducting 'largest ever' operations against PKK
At least 186 PKK fighters killed, military says, as thousands of teachers with alleged links to the group are suspended.
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RT EXCLUSIVE: Crew dodges ISIS suicide car bomb attack on Libyan battlefield (DRAMATIC VIDEO)
New intense battle footage from Libya shows an RT crew caught in the midst of heavy fighting between government forces and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants as the journalists venture to report, risking their lives from the frontline in Sirte. Read Full Article at
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LAPD and L.A. County sheriff unveil phone app for reporting terrorist activity
Los Angeles-area residents who witness potential terrorist activity can now report the details to law enforcement using their smartphones. On Thursday, the LAPD and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department unveiled a new phone app called iWATCHLA that makes filing a report as simple as a few...
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Turkish leader calls for U.S.-Turkey 'joint operation' in Syria
A key political ally of Turkey’s president says defeating the Islamic State in Syria will require U.S. troops joining Turkish military forces on the ground inside the war-torn nation — a move that would require a significant shift in the Obama administration’s current policy. “I don’t ...
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The 9/11 legacy: Airport security still largely a matter of faith
WASHINGTON — Year after year, more Americans attempt to board planes with concealed firearms in their carry-ons. They also come with hidden swords, hatchets, sharpened ninja stars and even gunpowder.Invariably, the response from passengers when officers from the Transportation Security Administration seize the weapons is: Oops, I forgot I had it.“It’s always astonishing to me that people can forget they have a weapon in their carry-on,” said TSA Administrator Peter V. Neffenger. “I’m not sure why people continue to do this.”
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Texas mattress store makes fun of 9/11 with 'Twin Tower Sale'
This did not go over well.
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UK's 'most hated man' jailed for ISIS support
Notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who led a flag-burning demonstration outside the US embassy on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and voiced support for jihad, has been jailed for inviting support for ISIS.
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Alabama teen found not guilty of terrorism charge
An Alabama teen has been found not guilty after he was accused of trying to aid terrorists. reports that Peyton Pruitt of St. Clair County was found not guilty Thursday by reason of mental defect. His lawyers say ...
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CNN’s 9/11 Documentary Footage Gets Updates 15 Years Later
Fifteen years on, a generation of Americans who have no firsthand memories of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks are starting to come of age. That realization weighed on the filmmakers behind “9/11” as they prepared the 15th anniversary edition of the extraordinary documentary that features the only video footage shot inside the World Trade... Read more »
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Bangladesh averts risk of being blacklisted by FATF as a terror-financing country
Bangladesh's actions against money laundering and terrorism financing have been recognised as of 'international standards' in an evaluation by the Asia/Pacific Group On Money Laundering (APG).
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Who does Islamic State want to see elected? Clinton and Trump point to each other
Campaign 2016 updates: Gary Johnson wonders what Aleppo is Sept. 8, 2016, 1:03 p.m. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaign in swing states after their town hall on military issues. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is widely mocked after asking, "What is Aleppo?"Voters are finding it harder than...
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ISIS upping efforts to smuggle terrorists into Britain - reports
Islamic State is increasing its efforts to smuggle terrorists into Britain to launch attacks on civilians, according to new intelligence gathered following last year’s Paris massacre. Read Full Article at
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Ex-DHS Sec.: Terror attacks in U.S. ‘will probably happen again'
Tom Ridge said Americans just need to chill out about terror attacks because they “will probably happen again here.”
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Guantanamo Bay becoming too costly for U.S. taxpayers: President Obama
President Obama said Thursday he hopes to show Americans that the Guantanamo Bay detention center is too expensive for taxpayers as he continues to move detainees out of the prison. At a news conference in Laos, Mr. Obama said he hasn't given up on closing Gitmo before he leaves office ...
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Turkey suspends 11,000 teachers for suspected PKK links
More than 11,000 Turkish education staff suspended as Turkey conducts largest-ever operation against Kurdish fighters.
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Clinton: ISIS is 'rooting for Trump'
Hillary Clinton told an Israeli news channel Wednesday that ISIS is "rooting for Donald Trump," citing an article by a former head of the US National Counterterrorism Center.
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Police thwart suspected ISIS terror plot in London
British authorities broke up a plot by ISIS to unleash a terror strike in London when they nabbed two men – and cops searched several other addresses as part of the probe, officials said. The two London residents – 19 and 20 years old – were held by Scotland Yard after the early morning raid,...
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French president calls for an 'Islam of France'
French President Francois Hollande called for the creation of "an Islam of France" and the removal of foreign-trained extremist imams in a key speech Thursday on the challenges radical Islam poses to democracy.
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Yemen ‘war crime’ footage emerges day after Theresa May defends Britain’s Saudi arms deals
Just a day after Prime Minister Theresa May defended UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia, cell phone footage has emerged apparently showing a college in Yemen being bombed by Saudi jets. Read Full Article at
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Overnight assault on charity in Kabul has ended, Afghan officials say
KABUL, Afghanistan — The overnight militant assault on the offices of a humanitarian organization in the Afghan capital was declared over by security officials Tuesday, after police special forces hunted the gunmen holed up in the compound for nearly 11 hours.
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New leader named for Philadelphia FBI office
The FBI's Philadelphia office has a new chief. The agency said Michael Harpster, an FBI veteran of nearly two decades, has been appointed as special agent in charge of the Philadelphia division.
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British spooks delete 1,000 extremist videos weekly – still can’t keep up with propagandists
Extremist material is spreading online at such a fast rate, UK security services are unable to keep up, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has admitted. Read Full Article at
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Trump will ask generals to submit plan against ISIS
At a rally in Greenville, N.C., Sept. 6, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that as president he would give his top generals 30 days to present him with a plan to defeat the Islamic State terrorist group.
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Bronx terrorism suspect can only see evidence for an hour a week
Sajmir Alimehmeti — who used ISIS videos to "get motivated" during workouts — has a liking for beheading videos.
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Chechen special ops center to invite US instructors, train Chinese commandos
Russia’s state-of-the-art Special Forces training center based in Chechnya will invite US and other international instructors to help counter-terrorism units from China, the UAE, Kazakhstan, and Belarus sharpen their shooting and hostage rescue skills. Read Full Article at
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Exclusive: The ISIS files revealed

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RT visits sites of ISIS executions in area freshly liberated by pro-govt Libyan fighters (EXCLUSIVE)
Reporting from the front line, RT’s William Whiteman tracked signs left by Islamic State’s long grip on the city of Sirte in Libya. A mosque from a propaganda video and a shore where a mass execution occurred now serve as eerie reminders of atrocities. Read Full Article at
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ISIS planned more attacks across Europe after Paris massacre of November 2015 – CNN
The scale of the November 2015 attacks in France could have been much worse, as Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists had planned more attacks in Europe, CNN reported, citing thousands of pages of newly-obtained European intelligence. Read Full Article at
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Charged with supporting ISIS, Bronx man gets one weekly hour to review case against him
Sajmir Alimehmeti, a 22-year-old Bronx man, is accused of attempting to provide material support to ISIS and making a false statement in his passport application. Despite these serious charges, he only has one hour a week to review the evidence against him. Read Full Article at
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Police say investigations into Babul Aktar’s wife taking right direction
Police claim their investigation into the murder of the decorated officer Babul Aktar’s wife Mahmuda Aktar Mitu is going ‘in the right direction’.
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Police release 6 people arrested in Westminster attack investigation
Six people arrested in the investigation into the terrorist attack in Westminster, London have been released from custody, Scotland Yard confirmed. Four others continue to be questioned. Read Full Article at
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Lille shooting: 3 injured as gunman opens fire near metro station in northern France
Three people, including a minor, have been injured in the city of Lille after a gunman opened fire near the central Porte d’Arras metro station. Police are not considering the incident to be terror-related, local media reports. Read Full Article at
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'No miracles' in Geneva talks as Syria fighting rages
A fifth round of UN-backed Syria talks is under way in Geneva amid low expectations as violence on the ground escalates.
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When does a crime become an act of 'terrorism'?
The attack on the UK parliament has been called 'terrorism'. Who decides whether a crime is a 'terror' act?
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Middle-aged London attacker was criminal who wasn't seen as threat
BIRMINGHAM, England (Reuters) - Before he killed four people in Britain's deadliest attack since the 2005 London bombings, Khalid Masood was considered by intelligence officers to be a criminal who posed little serious threat.
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Who was London terror attacker Khalid Masood?
Masood, 52, is the man responsible for the London terrorist attack that killed 3, wounded 40.         
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U.K. Police Make Further Arrests as More Attack Details Emerge
Police said they had made two “significant” arrests overnight in connection with Wednesday’s terror attack in London, the U.K. capital’s deadliest in more than a decade.
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World briefs: Hundreds of migrants feared dead
The bodies of five people were found near two capsized dinghies off the coast of Libya on Thursday, and the aid organization that recovered the bodies said it feared that more than 200 migrants may have drowned.
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2 more arrested in London, 1 more dies as police piece together attack
UK police are combing through “massive amounts of computer data” and more than 2,500 items seized in searches across the country as they look for clues about why a British-born man became radicalized and launched a deadly attack on Parliament
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London attacker was cheerful, joking on eve of rampage
Long before his short stints in jail turned into years behind bars, Khalid Masood was known as Adrian Elms, with a reputation for drinking and an unpredictable temper. At least twice he was convicted of violent crimes, well before he stabbed a police officer to death Wednesday with a motion one...
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British police release image of Westminster terrorist attacker Khalid Masood
Police have released an image of Westminster attacker Khalid Masood. Read Full Article at
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