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Cam Newton keeps playing after three hits to head during Panthers-Broncos game
Carolina quarterback Cam Newton took three hits to the head from Denver Broncos defenders Thursday night, including one from safety Darian Stewart with 36 seconds left. Those watching on TV must have been thinking there was no way Newton could continue to play after a helmet-to-helmet hit like...
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Toronto Facetime: Amma Asante on Race, and ‘A United Kingdom’
London-born director Amma Asante, the daughter of Ghanaian immigrants, has tackled racism in all three of her features:  “A Way of Life” (2004), “Belle” (2013) and her third Toronto world premiere, the interracial relationship drama “A United Kingdom.” She talked to Variety about making the transition from child actor to helmer and her very personal... Read more »
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Broncos LB, ex-Cimarron-Memorial standout Brandon Marshall takes a knee during national anthem
Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, a college teammate of Colin Kaepernick, took to a knee during the playing of the national anthem before Denver’s season opener against Carolina.
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Sandy Springs landscapers robbed while working

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Seahawks plan ‘demonstration of unity’ for anthem during opener
The Seahawks have discussed a team-wide protest in the vein of Colin Kaepernick, but it seems they've decided on a demonstration of unity.
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Pair hospitalized after crashing moped while evading Las Vegas police
A man and woman are in the hospital after crashing a moped while evading Las Vegas police Thursday afternoon.
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Colorado man with ties to Nevada wanted in abduction case
A fugitive from Denver with known ties to Nevada is accused of abducting a man, holding him for ransom and physically assaulting him.
14 points by Las Vegas Review-Journal | English-language films Crime Arrest Imperial units United States customary units Las Vegas metropolitan area Thought Police
Survey: Most Americans say pastors should keep politics out of church
Most respondents say churches should have the right to be political, but should refrain       
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Clinton talks about being 'walled off' to 'Humans of New York'
The piece was published the day after Clinton was criticized by the RNC chair for not smiling during the NBC Commander-in-Chief Forum.       
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Man rides bike from Seattle to Florida then Boston thanking police officers

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Courtney Stodden ‘feeling a little lost’ after miscarriage
The 22-year-old model now says she regrets shaving her head after announcing her miscarriage.
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One Pennsylvania family's still fixing shoes
LEBANON, Pa. - Not too many businesses, no matter the type or area they serve, can say they've lasted for a century. And shoe repair shops have been seen as a "dying breed" for years.
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Donald Trump doesn't have much of an opinion on this new-fangled 'cyber' thing
And he doesn't offer much detail on how cyberwarfare can be deployed against the Islamic State.
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‘Just wrong’: Walmart & Coke remember 9/11 with controversial display (IMAGES)
Coca-Cola and Walmart chose to remember the victims of 9/11 with a display of the Twin Towers in front of the US flag made entirely from cans. Read Full Article at
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I did a reality show to prove to my friends my boyfriend is real
“Now I’m happy!” says Alla Fedoruk, looking deep in the eyes of her fiancé, Matt Ryan. Sounds like the epitome of romance, until you see the context: Fedoruk has just thrown a chair at Ryan, and the fiery passion blazing in her eyes is more contempt than courtship. While the moment may not make for...
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Homicide detectives investigating body of man found in east valley
Police were called about 2:20 p.m. to the body of a man found near the main entryway of Playa Vista Apartments at 3700 E. Bonanza Road, near Pecos Road.
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Rapinoe stymied in bid for second national anthem protest
BOYDS, Md. (AP) — The Washington Spirit prevented Seattle midfielder Megan Rapinoe from kneeling during the national anthem by altering its pregame ceremonies rather than "subject our fans and friends to the disrespect we feel such an act would represent."
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Aly Raisman told Ellen she wants to return for the Tokyo Olympics
Needham native and Olympic gymnastics champion Aly Raisman hopes to return in four years for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday. Raisman wants to take a year off (as she did after the 2012 London Games), and then continue training until 2020, she told Ellen. “That’s the goal,” the 22-year-old said. “I’m really excited. I […]
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Caught on video: Wisconsin freshman saves classmate’s life using Heimlich
A La Crosse high school teenager performed the maneuver during school lunch period.         
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Miggy unplugged: Cabrera addresses Ilitch's death, more
Tigers slugger discusses range of topics, including strife in his homeland of Venezuela as well as his boxing regimen.        
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Kim Cattrall headed home to Liverpool to make 'Witness for the Prosecution'
Karen ButlerFeb. 18 (UPI) -- Kim Cattrall says she signed on to star in "The Witness for the Prosecution" because she loved the complicated character of Emily French.
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Celtics fall at end to Bulls
CHICAGO — Marcus Smart heard Jimmy Butler’s voice first, not referee Zach Zarba’s whistle.“When Jimmy shot the ball I heard him scream, ‘No foul?’ ” said Smart while slumped in front of his locker last night as teammates filed out to begin the All-Star break. “As soon as he said that the whistle blew and I looked. And I saw him raise his hand up with the foul. And I just couldn’t believe it. But he made the call, so you have to live with it.”
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What Donald Trump's handshake might tell us about him
The psychology of handshakes, explained.
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Director Denis Villeneuve embraces the unknown with 'Arrival'
“At one point in my life I had to choose between mathematics and cinema,” says “Arrival” director Denis Villeneuve, who sees a similarity in the two disciplines: problem-solving. “There’s pleasure in the complexity. When I’m talking to my editor, I start to draw equations, trying to understand...
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Wings' Nyquist suspended 6 games for high stick
Nyquist thrust his stick directly into the face of the Wild’s Jared Spurgeon in the first period Sunday.        
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‘Jackie’ Composer Mica Levi Joins Select Club of Female Scoring Oscar Nominees
British experimental-pop musician Mica Levi, composer of “Jackie,” is only the fourth woman in Oscar history to be nominated for an original film score. “Jackie” director Pablo Larrain liked her first score for 2013’s “Under the Skin,” and sought her out to bring what he called “a feminine sensibility” to his portrait of JFK’s widow... Read more »
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Should I tell my boss I’m an Uber driver by night?
I had the most embarrassing experience. I work as a marketing manager by day and lately have been making extra money as an Uber driver by night. I didn’t tell anyone at work because I don’t want anyone to think less of me or assume that I am not committed to my job and career....
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Clippers' Jamal Crawford provides huge boost off bench vs. Hornets
He started to dance with the basketball again, the joy of playing returning to the face of Clippers supersub Jamal Crawford. He led the Clippers in scoring with 22 points off the bench against Charlotte, but it was the way Crawford performed that was most telling. It was like he was a magician...
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Chief Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin says new 'SNL' episode will be 'big'
Meanwhile, his brother Billy "jokes" about impersonating Eric Trump.         
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Keith Urban took four months to call Nicole Kidman
Maybe he played hard to get.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Reports Saying He Wants to ‘Smash’ Trump in the Face Are ‘Fake News’
By the end of the workday on Tuesday, Arnold Schwarzenegger says that he was getting calls from Europe, from those wondering if he was about to head back East to physically take on President Donald Trump. That was after multiple outlets picked up an excerpt of a Men’s Journal interview in which Schwarzenegger explained the... Read more »
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Coachella reps haven’t spoken to Beyoncé since her pregnancy news
It's Bey or bust for Coachella organizers — for now, at least.
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Our obsession with robots keeps getting creepier
LONDON — Inspired by his belief that human beings are essentially terrified of robots, Ben Russell set about charting the evolution of automatons for an exhibition he hopes will force people to think about how androids and other robotic forms can enhance their lives. Robots, says Russell, have been with us for centuries — as...
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Don Sweeney defends firing Claude Julien on Pats' parade day
From the outside it looks like a whale of a media dump.Bruins general manager Don Sweeney fired coach Claude Julien this morning, and scheduled a press conference for 11:30 a.m. — smack in the middle of the Patriots' championship parade. Sweeney opened by defending the timing of the move.
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Don Sweeney defends timing of Claude Julien firing, presser during Pats parade
From the outside it looks like a whale of a media dump.Bruins general manager Don Sweeney fired coach Claude Julien this morning, and scheduled a press conference for 11:30 a.m. - smack in the middle of the Patriots' championship parade. Sweeney opened by defending the timing of the move.
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Just me and the iron: Using weightlifting as meditation
When I think of meditation, I picture an image of serenity - a wide-open room, a person sitting cross-legged on a mat, eyes closed and mind relaxed. Meditation, to me, conjures up peacefulness, calmness, quietness and stillness. Which is why the sight of bulging biceps, dripping sweat and a barbell...
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Russia blocks Brazzers to ‘protect human psyche’ – what could they mean? (POLL)
The porn site ‘Brazzers’ is now blocked in Russia over judicial concerns that its ‘adult’ content could be “detrimental to the human psyche”. Read Full Article at
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Meet the mother of pigeons
Some New Yorkers think of pigeons as “rats with wings.” Artist Tina Piña Trachtenburg, who calls herself Mother Pigeon, sees the common city scavenger in a much different light. “To me, pigeons are little beds of flowers as I walk around the city,” Trachtenburg told The Post. “So much cooler than human beings,” the eccentric...
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What Kevin Hayes’ return means to these two Rangers rookies
Unless Kevin Hayes encounters a setback while skating in the morning, No. 13 will return to the Rangers’ lineup for Tuesday’s match at the Garden against the Ducks. Hayes has been sidelined for the last five games with the presumed left knee injury he sustained in Detroit on Jan. 22. “Hopefully I’m in game shape...
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Patriots' comeback earns Vernon Hills man a date with tennis star Genie Bouchard
Poor Genie Bouchard. After betting a Vernon Hills man that she'd date him if the Patriots pulled off a comeback in the Super Bowl, the Canadian tennis star looked shell-shocked in a photo she tweeted Monday after they indeed rallied. New England erased a 28-3 deficit and beat the Falcons in overtime,...
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'Breaking Bad'-inspired cannibal dies in prison after eating cop
The cannibal got canned.
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Ariz.'s newest roadside oddity looks like it fell from space
Artist used a cement mixer to create a space capsule.       
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How to close the educational achievement gap in the US
An initiative is closing the gap between African American students and their peers by recognising collectivist culture.
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Letter: Patriots and politics
Patriots and politicsI thought we were a nation of people who celebrated, among other things, freedom of speech and freedom of association. Apparently some of us believe otherwise. Why else would people endeavor to control our thoughts, speech and associations through the venue of public shaming?Som...
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Mitch Albom: Lady Liberty has her say about The Wall
Mitch Albom suggests maybe the U.S. laws need more fixing than the borders.        
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Adopt a pet
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Mike Pence Booed at ‘Hamilton’ Performance
Vice-president elect Mike Pence went to see the hip-hop musical “Hamilton” on Broadway Friday night, and the performance was disrupted when the audience wouldn’t stop booing him. Here's Pence getting booed as he gets to his seats at Hamilton — David K (@dkipke12) November 19, 2016 Upon arrival at the Richard Rodgers Theater, he... Read more »
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One swab from the surface of your smartphone can tell scientists all about your lifestyle
Just how dirty is the typical smartphone? Dirty enough that a sample swab from the surface of a phone can accurately predict people's lifestyle choices, all the way down to how much beer they drink, a new study suggests.
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Fast-casual sandwich shop RegionAle opens in Ellicott City next week
An Ellicott City native is opening a fast-casual sandwich shop in his hometown. Kevin Curley is will open RegionAle, a restaurant centered on classic American sandwiches and beer, on Monday.  The shop at 5705 Richards Valley Road will serve classic sandwiches from across the country, including...
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Arizona grandma invites wrong teen to Thanksgiving dinner
A gratuitous granny just snatched the heart — and tummy — of a teen she never met.
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