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Tebow agrees to $100,000 bonus to sign with Mets
NEW YORK – Having flopped with the New York Jets, Tim Tebow will try to revive his career as an outfielder with the Mets.Four years removed from his last regular-season snap as an NFL quarterback, the 29-year-old agreed Thursday to a minor league contract with the Mets that includes a $100,000 signi...
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Don’t want to be a joke, Tim Tebow? Prove it on the field
Buried within Tim Tebow’s signing with the Mets, underneath enough secret agendas to fill the House of Representatives, lays the simplest reality: It’s on Tebow now. He wants his baseball career to be more than another entertaining chapter in his polarizing narrative? He can make that happen in the most concrete way: By defying expectations...
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Hey, Tim Tebow-to-Mets haters: Chill out, nobody died here
It is part of the Tim Tebow canon that cynicism will shadow him and stalk him, wherever he goes, whatever he says, whatever the year, whatever the subject, whatever the sport. That says more about a cynical time and a skeptical society than it does about Tebow. In a world of hashtags, the wide-eyed, gosh-darn-golly-gee-willikers...
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I had a front-row seat last time Tim Tebow circus blew into town
It was only appropriate that the moment Hurricane Tebow really hit with the Jets came in a rainstorm. Reporters covering the Jets were waiting to interview players on one of the first days of the 2012 training camp at SUNY-Cortland when Tim Tebow, who had been on the team for three months, nearly broke the...
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Mets are the pushovers Tim Tebow was looking for
Is this the reason the Mets and Tim Tebow were a match? Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd reported that Tebow chose to sign a minor-league contract with the Mets on Thursday morning only because the front office agreed to let him miss a couple of days a week to uphold his other blossoming career: college football broadcasting...
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Tim Tebow signs with Mets, with weekends off for ESPN
In the end, Tim Tebow will hit, or he won’t. He will sell lots of jerseys. No one will remember that he did not participate in a glorified practice session on the fourth Saturday of September. But, for as loudly and Tebow and his agent have proclaimed that his burgeoning baseball career is no publicity...
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Mets explain why Tim Tebow signing isn’t a stunt
ATLANTA — Tebow Time for the Mets begins in 10 days. What Tim Tebow can be on a baseball diamond is unclear, but the former Jets and Heisman Trophy winning quarterback will begin finding out Sept. 18 when he reports to the Mets’ instructional league in Port St. Lucie, Fla. The 29-year-old Tebow signed a...
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What to know about Tim Tebow and the Florida Instructional League
The former Jets quarterback is headed to Port St. Lucie — three hours southeast of Gainesville, where he won the Heisman Trophy in 2007 at the University of Florida — as the Mets’ newest free agent.
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New York Mets sign Tebow to minor-league contract
Former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets.
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Tim Tebow signs minor league contract with N.Y. Mets
The Mets announced Thursday the former quarterback will take part in the Instructional League in Port St. Lucie, Florida        
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Colorado’s mountain town shopping is even appealing to non-shoppers
My wife, Dianne, on the other hand loves to browse small town shops. Turn her loose on a mountain town Main Street and she darts around like a dog in a fire hydrant factory, sniffing out stores to explore. Obediently leashed along, I’ve discovered a myriad of creative peddlers proffering interesting products.
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Lamar Jackson still will probably win the Heisman, but Louisville’s playoff hopes are shot
It was all set up so nicely for Louisville entering Thursday night’s road showdown against Houston. The Cardinals were at No. 5 in the College Football Playoff poll and at least one of the teams in front of them – either Ohio State or Michigan, who play each other the Saturday after Thanksgiving –...
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Tim Tebow Comforts Man Who Collapses After Game
After his Arizona Fall League debut, Tebow spent time with a man who appeared to have a seizure while waiting for his autograph.
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Tebow hits home run as normalcy sets in at Mets camp
The throng of fans and media were far less at Mets camp for Tebow.         
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Here's how Tim Tebow's first day with Mets went
Tim Tebow arrives for his first day of instructional league as a Met at 8:30 a.m.
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Same number, new sport: Tebow works out at Mets camp
PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Tim Tebow arrived at the New York Mets' minor league clubhouse Monday morning, finding an orange-and-blue jersey with No. 15 on the back swaying in his locker.He was asked if that worked."Heck, yeah," Tebow replied.
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Tim Tebow’s first day as Met: the frenzy, explanations and denials
PORT ST. LUCIE — Most of the prospects looked young, real young, like, “You’re going to get asked for ID if you try to buy apple cider” young. But one stood out Monday. He was the one with the upper body that seemed to require its own zip code. He was the one who heard...
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Tim Tebow arrives at Mets camp, immediately draws a crowd
Tebow arrives at Mets' instructional league, his football-to-baseball quest beginning in earnest
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