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Tusk to ask EU states to help stop illegal migrants reaching Bulgaria
TALLINN (Reuters) - European Council President Donald Tusk will next week ask EU leaders to approve sending guards and equipment to Bulgaria to help protect its border against flows of illegal migrants from Turkey, following complaints from Sofia.
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Germany's Steinmeier sees Turkey decision on air base as signal for dialogue
BERLIN (Reuters) - German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Friday said he viewed Ankara's decision to allow German lawmakers to visit a Turkish air base as "political signal" of its willingness to resume dialogue with Berlin after significant strains.
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Dozens held as teachers protest suspensions in Turkey's southeast, union says
DIYARBAKIR (Reuters) - Turkish police detained dozens of people and used water cannon on Friday to disperse several hundred teachers demonstrating against their suspension from classrooms in the largely Kurdish city of Diyarbakir, union sources said and TV footage showed.
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EU seeks to soothe Turkey ties, but no breakthrough on visa deal
ANKARA (Reuters) - Two of the European Union's top officials sought to smooth fractious relations with Turkey on Friday, vowing deeper trade ties and continued cooperation on migration, but there was no immediate end to a deadlock over visa-free travel for Turks.
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Turkey hopeful on EU visa-free deal for citizens
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) - Turkey's foreign minister says he believes Turkey and the European Union can come to an agreement on granting visa-free travel for Turks. Turkey has threatened to scrap a key deal with the EU on stemming the flow of migrants heading from Turkey to Europe if visa ...
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Timing of solution on visa liberalisation up to Turkey: EU's Hahn
ANKARA (Reuters) - European Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn said on Friday he believed a solution to a dispute with Turkey over the pace of visa liberalisation was possible and the timing up to Ankara.
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NATO chief says welcomes Turkey's efforts against IS: NTV
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Friday he welcomed Turkey's efforts against Islamic State and that Ankara had a right to defend itself.
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Turkish air strikes destroy four targets in northern Syria: military
ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkish air strikes destroyed four stationary targets in northern Syria on Friday, the military said in a statement, as it continues attacks against militants in the region.
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Turkish coup, Muslim democracy and Western bad faith
Western democracies seeking to dominate the region have been the greatest impediment to accountability in Muslim world.
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Times reporter abducted and shot in Syria says his kidnapper now US-backed rebel
A Times reporter who was kidnapped and twice shot in the leg in Syria claims to have recognized his abductor on a recent Facebook video, which shows him in the ranks of a US-backed “moderate” opposition rebel group. Read Full Article at
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NATO chief says welcomes Turkey's efforts against Islamic State: NTV
ANKARA (Reuters) - NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Friday he welcomed Turkey's efforts against Islamic State and that Ankara had a right to defend itself.
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Turkey conducting 'largest ever' operations against PKK
At least 186 PKK fighters killed, military says, as thousands of teachers with alleged links to the group are suspended.
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Turkish leader calls for U.S.-Turkey 'joint operation' in Syria
A key political ally of Turkey’s president says defeating the Islamic State in Syria will require U.S. troops joining Turkish military forces on the ground inside the war-torn nation — a move that would require a significant shift in the Obama administration’s current policy. “I don’t ...
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German state curbs work with Islamic group with ties to Turkey
BERLIN (Reuters) - A German state has stopped working with the country's biggest Muslim association, which has strong links to Ankara, on a project to prevent radicalization due to a row over a comic that it said glorified martyrdom.
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Over 70 aid groups say U.N. allows Syria to manipulate relief
More than 70 humanitarian organizations are accusing the United Nations of allowing the Syrian government to manipulate relief efforts and deprive thousands in besieged areas of help. The aid groups working in Syria ...
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Germany to invest $65mn in Turkish Incirlik base – report
Turkey’s Incirlik military base, used to launch anti-terrorist missions in the region, will reportedly be revamped with the help of a €58 million ($65 million) investment from Germany. That’s despite Ankara recently banning German authorities from visiting the site. Read Full Article at
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Syrian government forces capture more areas in Aleppo
BEIRUT — Syrian government forces and their allies captured new ground on the edge of the contested northern city of Aleppo on Thursday, tightening the siege on rebel-held parts of the city, state media and an activist group said.The latest push came after pro-government troops recaptured several military academies over the weekend that they had lost in attacks by insurgents a month ago.
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Turkey's government says under popular pressure to drop EU talks
BLED, Slovenia (Reuters) - Turkey's government is under "huge pressure" from its people to abandon its decades-old drive to join the European Union because they see it applying double standards toward their country, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Tuesday.
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8 things you should know about Aleppo, including what it is
Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson had some trouble recognizing the name of a major Syrian city on Thursday. “What is Aleppo?” he asked in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” (In his defense, he claimed that he thought it was an acronym.) We’re here to help.  1. What is Aleppo? ...
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At least five killed in explosion in Syria's Jarablus: Turkish security sources
ISTANBUL (Reuters) - At least five people were killed and 12 wounded in an Islamic State attack in the Syrian border town of Jarablus, Turkish security and hospital sources said on Thursday, only a day after civilians started returning to their homes in the town.
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Mosul Offensive to Begin in Coming Weeks, General Says
Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, the new commander of the U.S.-led military coalition against Islamic State, says fight to retake the jihadist-held city will be long and difficult.
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French helicopters to rescue 110 stuck in cable car at over 3,000 meters
PARIS (Reuters) - Helicopters are being sent to rescue 110 people stuck at over 3,000 meters altitude in a cable car that links France and Italy near Europe's highest mountain, the Mont Blanc, police said.
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‘What Is Aleppo?’ Gary Johnson Asked. Let Us Explain.
An American presidential candidate asked what Aleppo is on national television. Some of the basics about what’s going on there.
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Turkey suspends 11,000 teachers for suspected PKK links
More than 11,000 Turkish education staff suspended as Turkey conducts largest-ever operation against Kurdish fighters.
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Iraq gears up for late-year push to retake Mosul from Islamic State
QAYYARA AIRBASE, Iraq (Reuters) - The U.S.-led war on Islamic State has depleted the group's funds, leadership and foreign fighters, but the biggest battle yet is expected later this year in Iraq's northern city of Mosul, where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared his "caliphate" two years ago.
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Turkish military says takes control of four settlements in Syria operation
ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey's military said on Thursday it had taken control of four residential areas in northern Syria as it presses an offensive to sweep Islamic State out of a patch of border territory and prevent Kurdish militia fighters gaining ground in their wake.
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Ankara seizes Deutsche Welle footage containing interview with Turkish minister
The Turkish government has seized a Deutsche Welle tape containing an interview with its youth and sports minister. The German media outlet has called the move a “blatant violation of press freedom.” Read Full Article at
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Turkey expels 73 more personnel from armed forces
ISTANBUL (AP) - Turkey says it has expelled 73 more personnel from its armed forces as part of an ongoing effort to rid the military of what it says are followers of the alleged mastermind of the failed July 15 coup. The Turkish Ministry of Defense said on its official ...
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EU grants 348 million euros in aid for Syrian refugees in Turkey
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union on Thursday announced it was contracting 348 million euros ($393 mln) to the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) for humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey, part of the bloc's migration cooperation with Ankara.
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World briefs: U.S. not involved in coup conspiracy, Turkey says
ANKARA, Turkey — Despite dark conspiracy theories in Turkey linking the U.S. government to the military coup attempt July 15, Turkish leaders see no signs of American complicity with the plotters, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said Tuesday.
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Fight for key cities imminent
Expelling the Islamic State group from the last territory it controlled along the Syrian-Turkish border has effectively cut the militants’ supply lines from the outside world. That could affect their ability to protect their last bastions — the cities of Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq.The area und...
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Syrian Kurds, allies to approve federal plan despite Turkey
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian Kurdish groups and their allies will approve a constitution for a new system of government in northern Syria next month, a top Kurdish politician said, defying a Turkish incursion aimed at curbing Kurdish influence in the area.
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Islamic State’s loss border area with Turkey sharply harms group
Expelling the Islamic State group from the last territory it controlled along the Syrian-Turkish border has effectively cut the militants' supply lines from the outside world.
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Tables Turn for Media in Turkish Press Crackdown
Western leaders and press freedom groups accuse Turkey of an unprecedented crackdown on free speech. But after years of hurling inflammatory accusations, journalists are having a harder time finding sympathy.
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Ancient Karkemish sees modern war on Turkey-Syria border
The tourist gate and ticket house are ready at the ancient city of Karkemish, where Turkish troops crossed last month into Syria and ousted Islamic State militants from the border. Despite Syria's civil war, archaeologists on the Turkish side of border-straddling Karkemish unearthed sculptures, mosaics and other artifacts in relative ...
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Syria activists: Warplanes dropped chlorine bombs in Aleppo
Syrian activists and rescue workers in the rebel-held part of the contested city of Aleppo said that government warplanes dropped suspected chlorine bombs Tuesday on a crowded neighborhood, injuring dozens. The report could not be independently verified and it was not clear how it was determined...
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Italy breaks up ring smuggling Syrian refugees to Western Europe
ROME (Reuters) - Italian police said on Tuesday they had broken up a criminal network that smuggled mostly Syrian refugees across the Balkans to Western Europe.
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Turkey ready to join U.S. in capturing Syrian city from Islamic State: Erdogan
ISTANBUL (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama floated the idea of joint action with Turkey to capture the Syrian city of Raqqa from Islamic State, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said in remarks published on Wednesday.
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Aleppo bombed as U.S. and Russia plan Syria talks
An airstrike near in Syria killed at least 10 civilians as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov agreed to meet this week for extended discussions on ending the civil war.
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Terry George on His Armenian Genocide Romance and Why Hollywood’s Blockbuster Obsession Hurts Movies
Terry George earned critical raves with 2004’s “Hotel Rawanda,” an unflinching portrait  of courage in the face of human cruelty that nabbed Oscar nominations for its script and for stars Don Cheadle and Sophie Okonedo. Now, the Irish screenwriter and director is shining a light on another dark chapter in history with “The Promise.” The... Read more »
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Turkey approves German lawmakers' trip to Incirlik air base: German MP
BERLIN (Reuters) - The Turkish government has agreed that German lawmakers can visit 250 German soldiers stationed at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey in October, a senior German Social Democrat lawmaker said on Thursday, confirming a report on Spiegel Online.
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Turkey jails businessmen, orders military officers detained: media report
ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkey jailed 16 businessmen pending trial on Thursday and issued arrest warrants for dozens of military officers over alleged links to the U.S.-based cleric blamed by Ankara for July's attempted coup, Turkish media said.
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Turkeys are attacking people in Foxborough
It looks like turkeys in Foxborough are getting advance revenge for Thanksgiving. The town’s animal control officer, Sue Thibedeau, said she’s received several reports of wild turkeys going on the attack against humans in the past few weeks. This has been the first summer that she’s received repeated reports of turkey attacks, and she thinks the issue […]
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Gazprom gets permits for Turkish gas pipeline
Daniel J. GraeberMOSCOW, Sept. 8 (UPI) -- Russian energy company Gazprom said it received the first permits from the Turkish government to start implementing a new natural gas pipeline project.
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Turkish Official Says U.S. Was Not Complicit in Coup Plot
In an interview on Tuesday with The New York Times Editorial Board, Turkey’s deputy prime minister said “we don’t see any evidence” of American involvement.
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Syrian rebel wants 'safe zone', says it needs deal with Russia
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Turkey-backed Syrian rebels would like to see a "safe zone" set up in areas of the border they are capturing from Islamic State, but this would need an agreement between the United States, Turkey and Russia, a rebel commander said on Tuesday.
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Fleeing Syria as a refugee is tough. Now imagine doing it in a wheelchair
Strapped onto either side of a horse, 30-year-old Alan Mohammad and his 28-year-old sister Gyan crossed craggy mountains from Iraq into Turkey.
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Tokyo shaken by magnitude 4.9 earthquake; no tsunami warning
TOKYO (Reuters) - An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.9 shook buildings in Tokyo on Wednesday, but no tsunami warning was issued and there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.
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Sanaa Lathan Joins Dylan O’Brien, Michael Keaton in ‘American Assassin’
Sanaa Lathan has come on board CBS Films-Lionsgate’s “American Assassin” to portray CIA Deputy director Irene Kennedy. She joins Dylan O’Brien, Michael Keaton and Taylor Kitsch. “Kill the Messenger” helmer Michael Cuesta will direct the thriller from a screenplay by Stephen Schiff. Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Nick Wechsler are producing the film. Based on Vince... Read more »
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Venice Film Review: ‘King of the Belgians’
A delightful, surprisingly respectful mockumentary that takes gentle aim at the incongruities of monarchy, Belgium, and the Balkans.
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