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Dakota pipeline protesters call for peace on judgment day
Daniel J. GraeberFORT YATES, N.D., Sept. 9 (UPI) -- With a court decision looming, and the National Guard on hand, a tribe protesting an oil pipeline from North Dakota said it was calling for peace.
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West Point investigating prayer led by coaches after football game
The U.S. Military Academy is launching an inquiry into a prayer led by coaches following Army's opening-day victory over Temple last week. Video of the post-game invocation was pulled offline on Monday after West Point officials received a complaint from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Mikey Weinstein, who heads the ...
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Sweetgrass again being harvested on Corps of Engineers tract
ST. STEPHEN, S.C. (AP) - Basket weavers are showing students the centuries-old tradition of harvesting sweetgrass in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Weavers are harvesting on a tract owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers near St. Stephen in Berkeley County on Wednesday. It's the third year in a row ...
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Man rescued from backcountry near Aspen after 40-foot fall
A man was rescued from the backcountry near Aspen after falling about 40 feet while climbing a mountain peak, authorities say.
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Team USA hockey coach: If players sit through the national anthem, they'll stay seated
When asked about 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his much discussed protest, John Tortorella didn’t mince words.
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2 soldiers’ injuries cited in Bergdahl arguments
The motion lays out how prosecutors plan to tie the injuries into arguments that Bergdahl is guilty of misbehavior        
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Fight for Iraqi city of Mosul may begin 'soon': U.S. military official
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The coalition fighting Islamic State will have to begin the fight for Mosul soon to meet Iraq's aim of freeing the city by the end of the year, a U.S. military official said on Thursday, but he declined to say if the offensive would begin in a month.
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Some families of fallen soldiers shorted on benefits
John M. Donnelly, Roll Call Every year, dozens of families who lose a breadwinner killed in the line of military duty receive hundreds of dollars less in their monthly checks than others.
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At Carlisle Indian school cemetery, a battle over a lost Alaskan child
CARLISLE, Pa. - Mary Kininnook died three days after her 14th birthday, weak and struggling to breathe, in a hospital bed at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School.
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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton tout generals’ endorsements
The Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns on Tuesday are announcing the support of retired senior military officers they say validate their respective candidate’s bona fides to be commander in chief.
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Clinton and Trump Each Lay Claim to Military Brass
Endorsements by retired military officers have become a regular part of the presidential campaign. But some military experts say they are overrated.
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Trump’s new plan: Stop defense cuts & military draw-down
Donald Trump is looking to end defense spending cuts and allocate even more funds in the more than $600 billion US military budget, his campaign says. The tycoon wants to bolster the Army with new ships, planes and submarines. Read Full Article at
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UN profoundly concerned by ‘hundreds of casualties’ in suspected coalition airstrikes in Mosul
The UN has urged all parties to the anti-terrorist operation in Mosul to refrain from “indiscriminate use of firepower” after reports by eyewitnesses said over a hundred civilians were either killed or buried under rubble in an alleged coalition bombing raid. Read Full Article at
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Army vet awarded Bronze Star for bravery in Vietnam battle
MURRIETA, Calif. (AP) — An Army veteran was awarded the Bronze Star this week for his heroism in a Vietnam War battle that left more than 50 fellow U.S. soldiers dead and close to 200 injured.
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Iraqi forces to deploy new tactics in Mosul, civilians flee city
MOSUL/ERBIL, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi forces are to deploy new tactics in a fresh push against Islamic State in Mosul, military officials said on Friday, after advances slowed in the campaign to drive the militants out of their last stronghold in the country.
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US troops to stay in Iraq after fight against ISIS ends – Defense Dept. officials
American troops will apparently remain in Iraq even when the fight against Islamic State has ended, according to Pentagon officials, including US Defense Secretary James Mattis, who said that keeping soldiers on the ground is in America’s “national interest.” Read Full Article at
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Pentagon asks for $30bn to address readiness, Russia and ISIS
The Pentagon is asking Congress for an extra $30 billion for 2017, mostly to address pressing readiness issues and the fight against Islamic State – yet Russia and President Trump’s budget proposal dominated the Senate appropriations hearing. Read Full Article at
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Defense Secretary James Mattis says US air forces heavily involved in Mosul operation
ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — U.S. special forces are operating near the front lines in the battle to retake western Mosul from Islamic State, but Defense Secretary James N. Mattis said Sunday during a visit to Arab allies here that there has been no change to rules of engagement regarding U.S. forces’ role in the Iraqi operation since President Donald Trump took office.
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Defense Secretary James Mattis says U.S. air forces heavily involved in Mosul operation
Trump attacks the media at campaign rally a month into his term Feb. 18, 2017, 3:43 p.m. A look at President Trump's administration and the rest of Washington: Trump: Media is a " big part of the problem" Trump says he wants to bring back coal. This soon-to-be closed Arizona plant could be his...
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Iraqi forces launch push to take western Mosul from IS
BAGHDAD (AP) - Iraqi forces have launched the push for Mosul's militant-held western half just over four months after the operation to retake the city from the Islamic State group officially began. The fight for Iraq's second largest city - roughly split by the Tigris River into an eastern and ...
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Iraq launches offensive to recapture western Mosul from Islamic State
Iraqi forces early morning Sunday began a large-scale offensive to seize the western side of Mosul, Islamic State's de-facto capital in Iraq. It was the second phase of the campaign liberate the city from Islamic State. An earlier offensive had taken the eastern half of the city late January. As...
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Petraeus no longer a candidate to replace Flynn
Retired general and former CIA chief David Petraeus is no longer a candidate to be President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, thwarted by differences over who controls staffing decisions within the White House’s National Security Council. Petraeus did not make the cut of those invited to Florida for an interview with the president this weekend,...
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Trump team denies considering mobilising National Guard
White House dismisses AP report of draft memo calling for many troops to help crack down on undocumented immigrants.
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U.S. troops deploy in Bulgaria as Mattis meets NATO in Brussels
SOFIA (Reuters) - U.S. troops deployed in Bulgaria on Wednesday and armored vehicles and heavy equipment are to arrive by the end of the week under a planned NATO operation to support its Eastern European allies, the Bulgarian defense ministry said.
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Tribe tries again to block Dakota Access pipeline
Daniel J. GraeberFeb. 15 (UPI) -- The tribe at the center of the debate over the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline said it was again challenging the White House on the issue.
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'Choose life, not death' reform center tells Iraqi teenage militants
DOHUK, Iraq (Reuters) - Wearing funky beads, Laith Abbas comes across as just another Iraqi teenager trying to look cool, until he describes how he clutched an AK-47 assault rifle at checkpoints along with other Islamic State militants who terrorized Mosul.
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60,000 ISIS fighters killed, US says
The US Special Operations head said Tuesday that the US and its allies had eliminated more than 60,000 ISIS fighters.
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Trump's comments put Bergdahl case on uncertain ground
FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) — President Donald Trump's fiery criticism of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has put the desertion case against the soldier on uncertain ground as a judge considers whether he can still get a fair trial for walking…
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Wounded warrior recalls the day Ilitch changed his life
Kentucky Little Caesars franchise given to veteran celebrates 10 years        
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National Security Council staffer tapped to replace Michael Flynn
The man slated to take over for ousted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was his right-hand man.
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Army ranger charged with assault for shooting fellow soldier
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - An Army ranger from the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state has been charged with shooting a fellow soldier, who remains in critical condition. The Olympian reports ( that Spc. Thomas Patrick Popek was arraigned in court Monday on an assault charge. The 23-year-old victim from ...
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Trump moves spark Iraqi anger, calls against future alliance
Reverberations from President Donald Trump's travel ban and other stances are threatening to undermine future U.S.-Iraqi security cooperation, rattling a key alliance that over the past two years has slowly beaten back the Islamic State group.
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German firm refuses key component for US grenade launcher over 1868 international law
A German arms producer has refused to deliver key components for a new US grenade launcher, citing an 1868 convention prohibiting grenades being fired straight at a person. The German company is now facing penalties. Read Full Article at
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Suicide bomber kills seven, wounds 20 in Afghan provincial capital: official
LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan (Reuters) - A suicide bomber killed seven people and wounded 20 others outside a bank in the capital city of Afghanistan's Helmand province on Saturday, the governor's office said on Saturday.
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Mysterious case of the missing drone: Army aircraft disappears from Arizona, found in Colorado
A short-range Army drone vanished during a training flight in southern Arizona, only to reappear nine days ‒ and 600 miles (965 km) ‒ later in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. The $1.5 million military equipment was stuck in a tree. Read Full Article at
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Army denies all claims for damage caused by runaway blimp
The U.S. Army is denying 35 claims for more than $1.5 million in damage caused when a blimp broke loose in Maryland and came to rest in the Pennsylvania countryside in 2015. Army Spokesman Dov Schwartz said in a statement Friday that the Army had determined that no government employees ...
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Separated Iraqi families hold emotional reunions in liberated eastern Mosul
U.N. said about 30,000 returned to Mosul since Iraqi forces launched October offensive.       
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Thousands More Troops Needed in Afghanistan, U.S. General Says
A few thousand more troops are needed to help end the stalemate in Afghanistan and Russian meddling is complicating the counterterrorism fight, U.S. Army Gen. John Nicholson told a Senate panel.
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Army general used government credit card at strip club: IG report
A former three-star U.S. Army general and aide to Defense Secretary Ash Carter was demoted and will retire as a one-star general after an investigation revealed he used a government credit card to pay bar tabs at strip clubs in Rome and Seoul. The move against Maj. General Ronald Lewis, who was formerly a three-star...
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Band of authors with military bent to sell books to benefit Veterans Village
Seventeen authors will be on hand to sign their works on Sunday at the Leatherneck Club in Las Vegas.
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Orbital ATK to complete development of new tank ammo
Richard TomkinsFeb. 9 (UPI) -- The U.S. Army has contracted Orbital ATK to complete development of the next-generation 120mm multipurpose round for Abrams tanks.
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U.S. Army tanks reach Latvia Russia calls NATO moves a threat
Andrew V. PestanoFeb. 9 (UPI) -- The U.S. Army deployed 225 soldiers, 15 M1A2 Abrams tanks and six BFVs to Latvia as part of NATO's Operation Atlantic Resolve in response to Russian aggression.
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‘Last stand’: Protests erupt as Standing Rock Tribe vows court challenge to DAPL easement
In cities nationwide, Dakota Access Pipeline protesters are treating their cause with more urgency than ever since the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe vowed to fight President Donald Trump’s executive memorandum expediting construction. Read Full Article at
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U.S.-led coalition focuses on training a post-ISIL police force in Iraq
The coalition is training 3,000 officers for security once militants are pushed out.       
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Philippines: US military can build barracks in local camps
MANILA, Philippines (AP) - The Philippine defense chief says President Rodrigo Duterte has given the go-ahead for U.S. military construction of barracks in designated local camps where American forces are allowed to temporarily station under a 2014 defense pact. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said Tuesday that Duterte told him the ...
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Editorials from around Pennsylvania
Editorials from around Pennsylvania: ___ AMERICA'S 'DETACHED MEN': OUR NATIONAL PANDEMIC, Sept. 5 Another Labor Day passed, the presidential election shifts into high gear. Two months from Thursday, the nation will elect a new president, either Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton. And while the candidates hurl epithets laced ...
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Judge weighs Chicago veteran's request to avoid deportation to Mexico
A Chicago immigration judge said Monday she will issue a written ruling within weeks on whether Miguel Perez Jr., a decorated war veteran with a green card, must return to his native Mexico after serving time in a state prison for a felony drug conviction.Immigration Judge Robin Rosche is weighing...
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Proposed cluster-home development in Brecksville waits for federal approval
A plan by Petros Homes to build 59 stand-alone cluster houses at Snowville and Brecksville roads will have to wait for federal approval. The developer needs a wetland permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers before it can move forward with its subdivision, named The Village. BRECKSVILLE, Ohio - A plan by a Broadview Heights developer to build 59 stand-alone cluster houses at Snowville and Brecksville roads will have to wait for federal approval. Petros Homes needs a wetlands permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers before it can move forward with its subdivision - named The Village - which would stand on 25 acres off the north side of Snowville, just east of Brecksville Road. To receive the permit, Petros must identify all federally protected wetlands on the 25 acres and show how it would preserve the wetlands or recreate them elsewhere. Company officials said they are waiting for the U.S. Army Corps to approve its wetlands plan. On Jan. 26, the Brecksville Planning Commission gave Petros permission to start clearing and landscaping the heavily wooded 25 acres but only after receiving the federal wetlands permit. After clearing and landscaping the site, Petros will have to return to the commission and City Council for subdivision approval. The firm must also give the city an arborist report - listing the species of trees on the 25 acres and identifying which must be preserved - and obtain land easements from the city and Cuyahoga County. Petros introduced its plan in March. However, the firm needed a rezoning because the proposed site was zoned for half-acre lots and would have fit just 35 homes. Cluster development with 59 homes planned for Snowville Road in Brecksville Petros wanted to make the 25 acres a multifamily district that would accommodate up to eight houses an acre. Voters approved the rezoning in November. Mayor Jerry Hruby supported the rezoning. He said the city for years has recognized a need for empty-nester housing for aging residents wanting to downsize. Until now, Brecksville residents seeking smaller homes and yards have had to leave the city. Gary Naim, president of Petros Homes, said the new development would target residents age 55-75. It would have one single-street entrance off Snowville. The homes would measure between 2,000-3,000 square feet and would cost between $300,000-$400,000. About three or four houses would sit on each acre, and the lots would measure at least 8,125 square feet. Buyers would choose from among five or six basic floor plans, perhaps with some customization options. The homes would come with a two-car garage. A homeowners' association would plow snow and cut lawns. 
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Iraqi forces wage psychological war with jihadist corpses
MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) - The flyblown corpses of Islamic State militants have been rotting along a main street in north Mosul for two weeks, a health risk for passersby. Suicide bombers' belts beside the fighters can still explode, killing anyone nearby.
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Travel ban drives wedge between Iraqi soldiers and Americans
BAGHDAD — Capt. Ahmed Adnan al-Musawe had survived another day battling Islamic State fighters in Mosul last weekend when he heard startling news: The new American president had temporarily barred Iraqis from entering the United States and wanted tougher vetting.
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