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Supreme Court declines to outlaw Michigan straight-ticket voting
Eric DuVallWASHINGTON, Sept. 9 (UPI) -- The Supreme Court on Friday declined to hear a request by the state of Michigan to enforce a 2015 law that bans straight-ticket voting.
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Tie broken: Incumbent wins special election after tie vote
FARMINGTON, Mo. (AP) - An incumbent county commissioner in eastern Missouri is apparently staying in office after a special election necessitated by a tie vote. The Daily Journal newspaper in Park Hills, Missouri ( ) reports that incumbent St. Francois County District 1 Commissioner Gary Wilkinson defeated challenger Linda Black ...
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Supreme Court rejects Michigan ban on straight-ticket voting
Lower courts ruled the bill would discriminate against African American voters.
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Colombians would vote in favor of peace in plebiscite - poll
BOGOTA (Reuters) - Colombian voters will back a peace deal with Marxist FARC rebels in a plebiscite, according to an opinion poll released on Friday, in encouraging news for President Juan Manuel Santos, who wants the electorate to ratify the measure to end more than 50 years of war.
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New poll: Colorado voters favor minimum wage hike and presidential primary
Colorado voters support increasing the minimum wage to $12 an hour and recreating a presidential election primary, according to a new public opinion poll, but appear skeptical of a state-run universal health care system and an effort to make it harder to amend the constitution.
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Include Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in presidential debates
Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are likely to be excluded unless a strong public voice is raised to the Commission on Presidential Debates and mainstream media to have them included.
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This 224-page California voter guide is heftiest one ever, thanks to 17 ballot measures
In a season replete with clothing catalogs and campaign flyers, the biggest item stuffed in mailboxes this fall may be the Nov. 8 statewide voter guide, coming in at a record-setting 224 pages. The information booklet covers all 17 statewide ballot propositions, a document that election officials...
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Belarus: Will new elections yield new results?
Parliamentary elections to take place on September 11 in Belarus, Europe's "last dictatorship".
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Amid questions, Republican Winterton withdraws from Senate District 16 race
Donald Winteron, a Republican candidate for the District 16 Senate seat, has ended his campaign and withdrawn from the race.Secretary of State Bill Gardner said Thursday that because Winterton has not been domiciled in New Hampshire for at least the last seven years, he does not meet the qualificati...
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Ballot ruling to come Friday in Arizona's 5th District race
PHOENIX (AP) - A judge will decide Friday whether to allow hundreds of contested ballots to count in the hotly contested Republican primary in a Phoenix-area congressional district. Unofficial results from the Aug. 30 primary for the 5th Congressional District had state Senate President Andy Biggs leading former internet executive ...
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Results confirm winner of northern Alaska legislative race
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - A recount is likely after the results of a northern Alaska legislative race showed incumbent Rep. Benjamin Nageak lost by only four votes. The certified results released Tuesday show Dean Westlake won the House District 40 race with 819 votes, compared to Nageak's 815. A previous ...
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Q&A with Hong Kong's youngest legislator Nathan Law
Nathan Law Kwun-chung, a 23-year-old pro-independence candidate has just been elected to Hong Kong's legislature.
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Jeh Johnson says DHS effort is not a federal takeover of elections
Eric DuVallWASHINGTON, Sept. 8 (UPI) -- Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said efforts to help states secure their online election systems are not a federal takeover of elections.
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Could Russian hackers mess with the U.S. election results? It wouldn't be easy; here's why
The recent Russian hack into the Democratic National Committee’s computers and subsequent FBI warning that two states’ elections databases had been victims of cyberattacks are raising fears that a foreign power might penetrate U.S. systems and try to alter the outcome of November’s vote. Though...
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The top 3 races to watch in the Massachusetts state primary Thursday
It might be viewed as a warm-up vote ahead of the general election. But in Democrat-heavy Massachusetts, the state primary will likely be more determinant of who residents elect in November. Roughly 10 percent, if that, of the Bay State’s registered voters are expected to turn out for Thursday’s election (yes, it’s Thursday this year, not Tuesday, because of Labor […]
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Oklahoma superintendent vows to fight for $5K teacher raises
OWASSO, Okla. (AP) - Oklahoma State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister says the issue of teachers' salaries should have been addressed by the Legislature, rather than a ballot issue that seeks a tax increase to fund the pay bump. But speaking Wednesday in Owasso, Hofmeister said she'll keep fighting for a $5,000 ...
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Kraft ends run for Baltimore Circuit judge
Outgoing City Councilman James B. Kraft announced Tuesday withdrew as a candidate for Baltimore Circuit Court judge.He was facing a slate of sitting judges — Shannon E. Avery, Audrey J.S. Carrion, Michael A. DiPietro, Karen Chaya Friedman, Wanda Keyes Heard and Cynthia H. Jones — for one of six...
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Senate District 16 candidate Winterton claimed domicile in Florida for ‘tax purposes’
Donald Winterton may be facing challenges to his qualifications for candidacy in Senate District 16, but his name will be on the ballot no matter what comes of the allegations.The ballots were printed 30 days before the primary so they could be distributed to absentee voters. But questions of Winter...
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CTU to take new strike authorization vote — but hasn’t set date
The governing arm of the Chicago Teachers Union decided Wednesday night to ask members to take a second strike authorization vote.
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Primaries offer a glimpse into Nov.’s charter school vote
Key races in today’s largely low-profile primary election contests may serve as harbingers for the massive and expensive battle looming in November over lifting the charter school cap.Groups including the pro-charter Democrats for Edu­cation Reform and the anti-­charter Mass. Teacher Association have poured thousands of dollars into what are normally inexpensive legislative races that will be decided on a primary day expected to draw low turnout.
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Celebrities push for voter registration in Detroit
The Rev. Jesse Jackson and actor Sean Astin visited the city Wednesday to encourage voter participation        
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Kamala Harris still favored by wide margin in U.S. Senate race, according to new poll
Essential Politics: California's top congressional races to watch, lawmakers back recall of judge in Stanford assault case Sept. 7, 2016, 1:18 p.m. Welcome to Essential Politics, our daily feed on California government and politics news. This year's legislative session is over after a very busy...
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GOP, Dems battle over North Carolina early voting rules
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - The swing state of North Carolina could be pushed in a Republican or Democratic direction when the GOP-led State Board of Elections meets Thursday to finalize early voting plans for a third of the state's counties. Voting rights activists are watching closely and preparing to return ...
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A+ Schools encourages voters to pay attention to Pittsburgh school board races
On average, roughly a third of all registered Democrats in Pittsburgh turned out for the 2015 primary. But according to A+ Schools, only 20 percent of all registered Democrats voted for school board in the same election.
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Why members of Congress aren't very worried about Trump taking them out
Big talk from an unpopular president who barely won his own election.
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Boscawen glad it held voting in the snow to avoid legal storm
In the wake of uncertainty over the validity of some towns’ postponed ballot voting, Boscawen moderator Charlie Niebling said he’s glad he stuck to the original voting schedule despite the inclement weather.“Had we not,” he said, “we’d be in the eye of the storm, so to speak, of the controversy over...
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Wilmot passes $1.4 million budget, holds onto garage site
The town of Wilmot will hold on to the old town garage for another year.An article that would have given the select board the authority to sell the land located at 7 Pedrick Road in Wilmot was unanimously defeated at town meeting Thursday night. The article was not recommended by the select board.Se...
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Letter: A cynical solution
A cynical solutionWith no honest rationale, Senate Bill 3 would make it harder for new voters to participate in our elections. College students would be the largest group affected.SB 3 changes the form used by anyone registering to vote on election day or within the 30 days leading up to it. It take...
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Plaintiffs ask judges to trash Texas congressional districts
SAN ANTONIO (AP) - The plaintiffs challenging the congressional district lines imposed by the Texas Legislature in 2011 have asked federal judges to trash that district plan and order a new district plan. In a 16-page brief filed Thursday in San Antonio, attorneys for the plaintiffs asked for quick court ...
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Republicans call for investigation of 197th special election

-1 points by The Philadelphia Inquirer | Voting Election Democracy Elections Voting system Fraud Political corruption Ballot stuffing
Controversial 197th District special election heading to federal court?

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Trump embraces legacy of Andrew Jackson
NEW YORK (AP) — It was an ugly, highly personal presidential election.
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Political Road Map: California campaign spending broke records in 2016 — expect more of the same in 2018
Baseball fans are cheering the arrival of spring training, the first chance to see what’s in store for the long season ahead. And there’s another big-money enterprise limbering up: California statewide political campaigns. Candidates and ballot measure supporters alike know that a strong message...
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Hundreds of Texans may have voted improperly
AUSTIN, Texas — Texas election officials have acknowledged that hundreds of people were allowed to bypass the state’s toughest-in-the-nation voter ID law and improperly cast ballots in the November presidential election by signing a sworn statement instead of showing a photo ID.
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Letter: Guilty as charged
Guilty as chargedI confess. I did it. On Nov. 8, 2016, I drove to every one of New Hampshire’s 259 cities, towns and unincorporated places and voted for Clinton 11 times in each, giving her a state lead of more than 2,700 votes over Mr. Tangerine Man. It was challenging, but I managed. In Eaton (pop...
-2 points by Concord Monitor | Voting Democracy Voting system Election Poll Elections Bill Clinton Voter turnout
Letter: Election workers deserve our thanks
Election workers deserve our thanksI am appalled and disheartened at those, including our own governor, who are impugning our state nationwide with baseless allegations of substantial voter fraud. We the people of New Hampshire are proud of our state and proud of each citizen who participates in our...
-2 points by Concord Monitor | Election Voting Elections Democracy Voting system Voter turnout New Hampshire Plurality voting system
Hot Topic: Readers react to Trump’s claim and election-related legislation
Last week, President Donald Trump suggested that he and former senator Kelly Ayotte lost in New Hampshire on Nov. 8 due to widespread voter fraud. Here is what some of our readers had to say about Trump’s claim.Guilty as chargedI confess. I did it. On Nov. 8, 2016, I drove to every one of New Hampsh...
8 points by Concord Monitor | New Hampshire Democracy Elections Election Voting Fraud Voting system Voter turnout
My Turn: Why N.H. voter laws must be revisited
For approximately 12 years, there have been many questions regarding possible voter fraud in New Hampshire. During the last three years, Granite State Taxpayers has been very active in attempting to get answers from the attorney general’s office, with no result. In 2012, approximately 1,770 cards we...
1 points by Concord Monitor | Voting New Hampshire Democracy Election Poll Voter registration Voting system New England
Some Nevada cities could go all-mail for municipal elections
The U.S. Postal Service may be getting more business in election season. Major cities in Southern Nevada could conduct municipal elections entirely by mail-in ballots if Senate Bill 93 becomes law.
13 points by Las Vegas Review-Journal | Nevada Elections Las Vegas metropolitan area Election General election Clark County Nevada Las Vegas Nevada Voting system
NYC transit workers ratify new MTA contract increasing raises
The city’s transit workers voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to approve their union’s latest contract with the MTA.
227 points by Daily News | Commuter rail Rail transport New York City Subway Voting system Public transport Voting Rapid transit Transport Workers Union of America
Who's running for Cleveland City Council? One incumbent faces host of challengers
All seats on Cleveland City Council are up for election in 2017. Incumbents in several of those seats are unopposed at this point. Others, though, may face races with several candidates opposing them. CLEVELAND, Ohio - A member of Cleveland City Council for nearly four decades already faces seven potential challengers for re-election with more than four months to go until the filing deadline.  Cleveland Councilman Ken JohnsonCity of Cleveland Cleveland's Ward 4 Councilman Kenneth Johnson, who took office in 1980, has taken out nominating petitions to get on the ballot for re-election.   And a rule of thumb for local elections is that incumbent officeholders often don't face many challengers for re-election.  But that's not the case for Johnson. Among the challengers who have taken out nominating petitions are community and labor activists and some real estate professionals.   All 17 seats on Cleveland City Council are up for election this year. Candidates have until June 29 to file nominating petitions with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections if they want to appear on the Sept. 12 municipal primary. The top two vote-getters for each race advance from the primary move to the Nov. 8 general election. If there are only two in a given race, then they go straight to the November ballot, bypassing the primary. Here's a look at potential candidates who have pulled petitions, along with some biographical information on candidates for whom it was available. will update this list periodically as the filing deadline nears. Incumbents are noted with an asterisk.  Ward 1  Terrell H. Pruitt*: Member of council since 2008. Major in the Ohio Army National Guard, served two tours of duty in Afghanistan.  Kimberly F. Brown: Former social worker and radio personality who ran for mayor in 2009. Runs an advocacy and marketing group called Doveside Promotions LLC.  Keith Smith   Ward 2   Carol Ford: Nursing home worker. Member of the Raise Up Cleveland petition committee that sought to raise the minimum wage in the city.  Robert Owens: Has pulled nominating petitions for the Ward 2 seat on City Council. He also has pulled candidate petitions for the mayoral race.  Ward 3  Kerry McCormack*: Appointed to City Council in April to replace resigning Councilman Joe Cimperman. Previously was director of community affairs for Ohio City Inc.  Ward 4  Kenneth L. Johnson Sr*: Member of City Council for nearly four decades. Chairs the Municipal Services and Properties Committee and is a member of the Transportation Committee.  Monroe Bynum Jr: CEO of his own company, the IYI Network.   LaShorn K. Caldwell: Housing manager for the Union Miles Development Corp.   Julie Donaldson: Real estate agent.   Cecil Ekechukwu  Michael McDaniel Sr: Advocate with the American Postal Workers Union.   Rowland Mitchell   Gail Sparks: Director and founder of GOA Realty in Cleveland.   Ward 5  Phyllis Cleveland*: Member of City Council since 2006, majority leader.  Ward 6  Mamie J. Mitchell*: Member of City Council since 2008. Vice chair of the Health and Human Services Committee.  Lavitta Murray: Self employed, Murray is studying at Cleveland State's Marshal College of Law.   David B. Roney: Physical director for the city's pools. Develops and coordinates aquatic programs.  Dylan L. Sellers: Management professional who has worked with nonprofit organizations.  Ward 7  TJ Dow*:  A lawyer. Member of City Council since 2008.   Robert L. Heflin III   Basheer Jones: Community activist   Demar L. Sheffey: Public defender  Ward 8  Michael D. Polensek*: Longest serving member of City Council in Cleveland history. Took office in 1978.   Donald Boyd   Brian A. Friedman: Executive director of Northeast Shores Development Corp.   Ward 9  Kevin Conwell*: Member of City Council sine 2001. Vice chair of council's Safety Committee.  Guy Coleman Jr.  Ward 10   Annamaria Cora: Retired from the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department.   Rico Dancy   Ed Hudson-Bey  Ward 11  Dona Brady*: Member of City Council since 1999. Vice chair of the Utilities Committee.  Gilder E. Malone  Ward 12  Anthony Brancatelli*: Member of City Council since 2005. Chairs the Cuyahoga County Land Bank.  Ward 13  Kevin Kelley*: Member of City Council since 2006. He became president of council in 2014.  Ward 14  Brian Cummins*: Member of City Council since 2010. Chairs council's Health and Human Services Committee.  Omar Medina: Pastor  Ward 15  Matt Zone*: Member of City Council since 2002. Chairs council's Safety Committee.  Ward 16  Brian Kazy*: Member of City Council since 2015. Former Cuyahoga County probation officer.  Ward 17  Martin J. Keane*: Member of City Council since 2008. Chairs council's Transportation Committee.  Clinton E. Preslan: Lawyer
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Purge outdated voter rolls? NYC tried it, with bad results
NEW YORK (AP) — Whether or not you believe that voting fraud is a problem in the U.S., one thing is certain: Tidying up outdated voter rolls is sometimes easier said than done. Just ask election officials in the nation's…
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3 things to watch for on Legislative Session Day 9 — VIDEO
It’s Valentine’s Day, but don’t expect everything to be roses on Day 9 of the 2017 Legislative Session.
8 points by Las Vegas Review-Journal | Tax Legislatures English-language films Property tax Voting system Minority leader United States Senate
N.H.’s election laws thrust into spotlight after repeated voter fraud allegations
As a debate over New Hampshire election laws intensifies in the Legislature, the state’s voting practices are being thrust into the national spotlight.New Hampshire’s political elite have defended the voting process while slamming new claims of widespread voter fraud in the Granite State by Stephen...
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Romania: Parliament approves anti-corruption referendum
Politicians back a vote on anti-corruption reforms after weeks of angry protests at attempts to sideline graft laws.
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The White House tells media to ask Kris Kobach to prove there's voter fraud. They do. He doesn't.
In three appearances, Kobach offers no proof of wide-scale voter fraud.
5774 points by The Washington Post | Voting Democracy Election Voting system Plurality voting system Voter turnout Poll Democratic mundialization
Trump aide Stephen Miller pushes false story of vote fraud
WASHINGTON — Presidential adviser Stephen Miller peddled discredited theories about voter fraud during a round of TV appearances Sunday that won praise from his boss but brought no new evidence to light.
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Green-card holder sentenced after illegally voting in Texas
Allen ConeFeb. 12 (UPI) -- A U.S. resident was sentenced to eight years in prison and faces eventual deportation after she illegally voted in the 2012 and 2014 elections in Texas.
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Katy Burns: Republicans and ballot boogeymen
Whew! We found out just a few days ago that we’ll have one less crazy proposed voting law for our legislators to worry about in the days ahead.The measure in question – or perhaps I should say no longer in question – is whether New Hampshire should abandon election day voting registration, a cause...
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FEC commissioner calls on Trump to produce evidence to back up ‘atonishing’ claim of voter fraud in NH
Federal Election Commissioner Ellen Weintraub is calling on President Donald Trump to provide evidence to back up his recent claim that he and former U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte lost the election in New Hampshire due to voter fraud.During a meeting with Ayotte and senators, the president claimed he and...
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