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Kaepernick anthem protests spark controversy in NHL
Tampa Bay Lightning forward J.T. Brown has hit out at Team USA Coach John Tortorella over his comments about sports stars refusing to stand for the national anthem – a trend recently set by NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Read Full Article at
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Golden girl Susan Anton is still glowing and going strong
Singer-actress and Las Vegas resident Susan Anton, whose show-business career spans more than 40 years, headlines at Cabaret Jazz in The Smith Center for the Performing Arts this Friday and Saturday and turns 66 next month.
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Ask Amy: Friend becomes possessive regarding friend’s romance
If I mention spending time with anyone other than her, she gets upset. Every time I try telling her something positive about my boyfriend, she doesn't want to hear it. Of course, she's all there if I want to complain about something he did.
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Boulder-based Wild Goose Canning ties up with Meheen Manufacturing
Pasco, Wash.-based Meheen Manufacturing and Boulder-based Wild Goose Canning have joined in an equal partnership, bringing a large customer base and a larger global reach for their machinery used to bottle and can beverages.
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DPS urges Texans to watch for supicious behavior on 9-11 anniversary
Texas' top public safety official is urging residents to keep a watchful eye for suspicious behavior as the 15th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks approaches.
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Alphabet drones to deliver Chipotle burritos
Lucky students and employees on the Virginia Tech campus will get Chipotle delivered by drone.         
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UM’s Rashan Gary a star but tries to be ‘normal’
Gary easily was Michigan’s most recognizable name in the freshman recruiting class. The five-star lineman was the nation’s No. 1 recruit.        
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Hillary Clinton explains why she adopted ‘aloof’ persona
WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton said she takes responsibility for coming across as “aloof,” but explains she had to adopt a cool persona decades ago to “protect” herself. “I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions,” Clinton said in an interview for Humans of New York released Thursday. “And that’s a hard...
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Clinton talks about being 'walled off' to 'Humans of New York'
The piece was published the day after Clinton was criticized by the RNC chair for not smiling during the NBC Commander-in-Chief Forum.       
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Clinton says perception she is aloof is born of 'hard path' as a professional woman
"I don’t view myself as cold or unemotional. ... But if that sometimes is the perception I create, then I can’t blame people for thinking that.”
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Free beer and other perks for Denver Broncos fans at Mile High Stadium and Colorado locations
As the new NFL season kicks off Thursday, a few technology companies are cashing in on Colorado's enthusiasm for the Denver Broncos, last season's Super Bowl champs.
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Actress Pamela Adlon on New FX Series ‘Better Things,’ Sundance Movie ‘First Girl I Loved’
Pamela Adlon — who got her start on shows that included “The Facts of Life,” and went on to voice Bobby Hill in “King of the Hill” — is co-creator (with Louis C.K.) and star of the FX series “Better Things,” which debuts Sept. 8. She can also be seen — or heard — this... Read more »
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The best women’s fight in UFC history will never happen
Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino vs. Ronda Rousey is quickly becoming the Pacquiao-Mayweather of the MMA world: the superfight everyone wants, but probably won’t get while the fighters are in their primes. The problem with setting up a Cyborg-Rousey fight is weight. For years, Rousey dominated the UFC’s 135-pound women’s bantamweight division while Justino destroyed everyone in her...
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Women buying firearms creates concealed carry fashion market
Scottsdale company makes holsters, clothing designed for women.
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Unsung app aims to curb hunger, food waste
As Jason King parked outside St. Vincent de Paul Church on Saturday morning, he was immediately greeted by some familiar faces, and quickly began doling out bologna sandwiches, bananas and bottles of water from the back of his car.For some, the meal would be the only food they get this weekend....
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Molded by Baltimore upbringing, Kansas safety Fish Smithson gives back 'as much as I can'
Need does not discriminate. Fish Smithson knows that painful lesson all too well. From his childhood in East Baltimore to his days playing safety for the University of Kansas football team, Smithson has witnessed the plight of men, women and children facing hardship. And while the faces and locations...
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Belong Tour inspires women from all walks of life
The Belong Tour is for all women. The event, featuring speakers like  Patsy Clairmont, is scheduled for Sept. 23-24 at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland.
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I did a reality show to prove to my friends my boyfriend is real
“Now I’m happy!” says Alla Fedoruk, looking deep in the eyes of her fiancé, Matt Ryan. Sounds like the epitome of romance, until you see the context: Fedoruk has just thrown a chair at Ryan, and the fiery passion blazing in her eyes is more contempt than courtship. While the moment may not make for...
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Pakistan: Women trained in motorcycling for mobility
Provincial project aims to boost female empowerment and independence by training women to ride and defy taboo.
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How to cut costs without cutting out the things you love
You can live on a budget and have your latte, too — or cake or vacation or whatever else adds joy to your life. In fact, frugal living can help you afford what you want. Here are some frugal living tips to help you cut costs without cutting out everything you love.
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise in $8.8 billion software spin-off
HPE will merge non-core software assets with the United Kingdom's Micro Focus         
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Pamela Adlon's 'Better Things' makes the best out of everyday moments
Louis C.K. may have put his own sitcom on hold, but he is still having a good effect on television comedy, not only by example but as a producer. His Pig Newton production company is home to Zach Galifianakis' "Baskets" (FX), Tig Notaro's upcoming "One Mississippi" (Amazon) and, premiering Thursday...
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Dizzion gets $6.4M to invest in its desktops-in-the-cloud business
Dizzion attracts more funding as its business to put computers in the cloud grows.
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10 feelings everyone waiting for admissions decisions is feeling right now
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GHBA Remodelers Council: Make home presentable for sale
If your roof is bad or your air conditioning system isn't working properly, potential buyers may assume the rest of the house needs work as well. Pay attention to what other houses for sale in your area are offering. First impressions matter. The smell of new carpet and new paint can have a positive psychological effect on your prospective buyer. Repair any weathered or damaged wood, point-up mortar joints if brick and remove all obsolete cables, screws, hooks, etc. If your yard is boring or barren, consider a simple patio deck, add a few inexpensive plants or update existing landscaping. Return function to spaces that you may have changed such as a bedroom becoming a crafts room - turn it back into a bedroom.
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Comcast pushes tested-in-Detroit security cams nationwide
Comcast, which helped installed cameras at Detroit businesses to monitor crime, is offering the service nationwide.        
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Letter: A nation under siege
A nation under siegeI am frightened for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.I am also frightened for the recipients of Meals on Wheels, those who receive help with housing and medical needs, children whose support programs will be cut, young families who need family planning and for...
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Baltimore YouthWorks program to offer 8,000 summer jobs to young people
Baltimore Mayor Catherine E. Pugh announced Monday the launch of this year's YouthWorks, an annual city program that provides 8,000 summer jobs to young people in the city.The five-week program, which had more than 14,000 applications from youths aged 14 to 21, is supported by public grants, private...
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NC State’s Mark Gottfried hopes for final flurry before his exit
North Carolina State coach Mark Gottfried knows he's out of a job at the end of the season. He's just hoping to help his Wolfpack put together a final flurry.
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Dictators get started by suppressing media: McCain blasts Trump’s war on press
Republican Senator John McCain has stoked controversy over his criticism of President Donald Trump’s hostile handling of the media, warning “That’s how dictators get started.” Read Full Article at
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Syria ceasefire opens door to talks -- UN
The UN's envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, says the latest ceasefire in the war-ravaged country is holding better than previous ones and that the pause in fighting should pave the way for talks toward a political solution.
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McCain slams Trump over continued media attacks
Sen. John McCain slammed President Donald Trump's attacks on the media this week by noting dictators "get started by suppressing free press."
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John McCain stands up for the press
Arizona Sen. John McCain said President Trump is wrong to tweet the press is an “enemy of the American people” — a label a “dictator” might use. “If you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and at many times adversarial press,” McCain told Meet The Press’s Chuck...
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Why CEO Carolyn Cassin says women are key to Detroit's resurgence
Cassin, who leads the Michigan Women's Foundation, says women lead about 80% of households in the city.        
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Researcher maps hidden graveyards of slaves
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Debbie Martin has spent the past six months slogging through overgrown wooded areas near sugar cane fields in West Baton Rouge Parish - something her parents warned her against as a child. "We were always told, 'Stay out of the woods because there are cemeteries ...
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Letter: Forgotten taxpayers in Bow
Forgotten taxpayers​A friend of mine attended the Bow town and school budget meeting, and she came away very upset. She felt that her interests were not even presented and that the meeting revolved around only those people interested in the school.​Those school people who attended had only one thing...
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Susan Koerber: Embrace all who want to play
It has been a long while since I have found myself able to write clear and coherent thoughts about the chaotic and contentious times we are experiencing. The voice that has been persistent, however, is that of one of my mentors, Vivian Paley, a retired kindergarten teacher in Chicago. One of my favo...
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Pisces Soul Lessons by Holiday Mathis
If you're a stellar student, you want the best teacher. Experience is the best teacher by far. It's also the slowest. And the cost may be a concern, too, because tuition isn't merely extracted in dollars. Still, for the courageous student who sincerely desires to master the lesson, the passage of the sun into Pisces begins the school of the soul.
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Support piling up for retiree hit with ticket
The Southie 76-year-old cited for failing to shovel her walk said she’s received a huge outpouring of support in her attempt to appeal the $200 fine — and one person even offered to pay the ticket if city officials fail to answer her pleas.“Isn’t that amazing? But I wouldn’t do that,” Lorraine Walsh said of the offer to pick up the tab. “I’m amazed how many people are rooting for me. In other words, they’re telling me they’re all for speaking out.”
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Penn hikes costs 3.9 percent

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'Day Without Immigrants' protest: Latest updates
Restaurants, stores and other businesses in Philadelphia and other cities are closing for a "Day Without Immigrants" protest.
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Can Democrats unite?
The divisions in the Democratic party were on display at the state party's convention in Detroit.        
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More students turn to GoFundMe to raise money for college costs
College isn't cheap, and more students are turning to GoFundMe online fundraising campaigns to raise money for college costs. In Illinois, about $2.6 million has been raised since 2014 from nearly 5,300 campaigns to assist with tuition, housing and other higher education expenses, according to ...
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Tourism official calls Trump’s foreign policy a challenge for international tourism promotion
Despite President Donald Trump’s attempted travel ban, local tourism officials are courting new airlines and promoting a welcoming message to international travelers at the Routes America 2017 conference underway at Aria in Las Vegas.
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Tom Brady: 'I'd like to play until my mid-40s'
Tom Brady isn't thinking twice about playing football into his 40s.In Part 2 of Brady's interview with Sports Illustrated's Peter King, the Patriots quarterback, fresh off winning his fifth Super Bowl in his last game as a 39-year-old, reiterated his desire to play for a number of years.
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Sikh temples open doors to dam evacuees
Members of the Northern California Sikh community gave Lake Oroville evacuees what they needed most over the past few days: a place to stay.
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Unable to pass own spending plan, Rauner to weigh in on Senate version during Wednesday budget speech
After staying away from a controversial Senate budget blueprint for the last month, Gov. Bruce Rauner on Wednesday is expected to nod toward the stalled framework as a potential way forward to break state government's unprecedented stalemate. The Republican governor offered a preview of his third...
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5-year-old boy visits twin brother’s grave in heartbreaking photo: The inspiring story behind the tragedy
It’s an image to melt the hardest of hearts.Leaning back on the grave of his twin brother, Willis, 5-year-old Walker Myrick bows his head and silently relays the details of his exciting first day of kindergarten in Greenhill, Alabama.It is a moment of pure, spontaneous affection and something his mom, Brooke Myrick, captured on her iPhone because she knew it was “really special” to her 9-year-old son.
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14 ways to recover from awkward dating moments
From spilling wine to running into an ex, Metro Detroit relationship experts share advice to save you from embarrassment        
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Ask Amy: Security system reveals neighbor’s habit
Dear Amy: My husband and I recently installed a security system with cameras. One of the cameras captures a view of the driveway and street in front of our house, as well as a partial view of my neighbor’s driveway. My neighbor is a single mom with a teenage son. One day my husband was […]
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