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30 to 40 ISIS suspects at large in Europe, officials say
European security officials estimate that 30 to 40 suspected ISIS terrorists who helped support the November 13 Paris terror attacks are still at large, CNN has learned.
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Turkish coup, Muslim democracy and Western bad faith
Western democracies seeking to dominate the region have been the greatest impediment to accountability in Muslim world.
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‘Pure hypocrisy’: Activists in Canada protest Russian Paralympic team ban (PHOTO)
Dozens of people joined a rally in front of the World Anti-Doping Agency offices in Montreal, Canada, in support of the Russian disabled athletes banned from Rio Paralympic Games which started Wednesday Read Full Article at
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‘Disruption of World Cup in Russia is new goal of Western media’ – Russian FM spokeswoman
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says Russia should expect a new wave of negative news in the Western media as the country prepares to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Read Full Article at
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Russia to clear entire Soviet debt by year-end
Moscow will pay off the balance of the debt inherited from the Soviet Union this year, Izvestia daily reports, quoting sources in the Russian Ministry of Finance. Read Full Article at
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'Wars not diminishing': How Putin's iconic 2007 Munich speech sounds today
On February 10, 2007, Vladimir Putin delivered his keynote speech at the Munich Security Conference, challenging the post-Cold War establishment. RT looks back a decade to see how accurate his ideas were. Read Full Article at
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IDFA 2016: Race, Rights, New Global Reality on Agenda
AMSTERDAM – This year started so promisingly for international film festivals, with Sundance, Berlin and Cannes all delivering strong, diverse lineups that presented an optimistic vision for the first five months of 2016. After the double whammy of the U.K.’s Brexit vote in June and America’s recent controversial decision to elect reality TV star Donald... Read more »
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Duterte offers refugees a home in the Philippines
"Send them to us. We will accept them," the president says at a time many Western nations are closing their borders.
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Less than third of Russians concerned over isolation from West, poll shows
The share of Russians who said they were concerned about the growing isolation between their country and the West has fallen below one-third, but at the same time the majority of citizens want better relations with foreign nations. Read Full Article at
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Discovery Italy, Asia Acquire ISIS-Themed Docu ‘Terror Studios’
PARIS– Discovery Networks Italy and Asia have acquired Alexis Marant’s investigative documentary “Terror Studios” from Paris-based Newen Distribution. Produced by documentary vet producer Jean-Marie Michel at Capa Presse, “Terror Studios” examines how the Islamic State uses storytelling technics and imageries from Western culture, including Hollywood productions, to create a style of propaganda that resonates with... Read more »
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Libyan Forces Loyal to Eastern Government Attack Key Oil Ports
Forces opposed to Libya’s internationally backed unity government launched an attack on three ports on the central coast, claiming control over key oil-exporting facilities.
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