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Baby manatee, mother rescued after being stranded by Hurricane Hermine

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Funding parks and wildlife — without raising the cost of hunting and fishing licenses (2 letters)
Colorado Parks and Wildlife needs an updated method of funding. The 100-year-old model that this agency still follows is not only antiquated but is also very unfair.
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LETTER: Story glorified the killing of animals
I was very disappointed by what I read
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LETTER: Thanks for recent Review-Journal story that showed hunting in a positive light
Those who are totally disconnected with the real issues of wildlife conservation do not realize that hound hunting for mountain lion is a necessity in the balance of nature.
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Moose hunt continues to be curtailed: Just 51 permits may be issued this year
Only 51 people will be allowed to hunt a moose in New Hampshire next fall, just 7 percent of the number who could participate a decade ago, as the iconic mammal continues to struggle with disease and parasites.The number of permits was approved by the Fish and Game Commission at its February meeting...
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LETTER: Recent commentary in favor of zoos was grossly misleading
The examples of zoos helping species through breeding and reintroduction are not “countless,” as American Humane asserts. Quite the opposite — of 167 attempts to reintroduce captive-bred animals to the wild, fewer than 10 percent have succeeded.
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Denver man fined $11,000 for poaching trophy elk
A Denver man has been fined $11,000 for illegally killing a trophy elk.
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Trinidad man gets three years in prison for running illegal hunting outfitter business
A Trinidad man has been sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to charges that he ran an illegal hunting outfitter business called Colorado Elk Adventures, Colorado wildlife officials say.
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How origami might actually help save elephants
The Wildlife Conservation Society wanted to show just how big the elephant poaching problem is. Video provided by Newsy         
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Wildlife officers investigate after illegal elk killings
ELLENSBURG, Wash. (AP) - State wildlife officers are investigating after five elk were found shot and killed north of Ellensburg. The Daily Record in Ellensburg reports ( ) that four elk calves and one cow were killed and their carcasses left to rot on Nov. 6 between Schnebly and Coleman ...
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Wild turkey restoration a conservation success story
The return of the wild turkey is a great example of the power of public and private wildlife management, officials say.        
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Chainsaws in hand, some de-horn rhinos to stop poaching
Eager to stop wildlife poaching, some are taking the drastic step of de-horning rhinos before the illegal hunters do        
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